YouTube Easiest Way To Make Money From Home

Make Money From Youtube
Once the person enters the web world; he sees so many options by which he/she can earn online. There are at least a dozen ways from where a person can earn money. These include blogging money, YouTube earning, eBook revenues, Freelance sites like oDesk and so on. But if we were to choose the best 2 options for this; YouTube monetization and blogging will certainly get picked. And out of this blogging money is lucrative and charming to most of the people.

Why Not Use YouTube Earning as First Online Money Option?

It becomes a real dilemma when a person chooses to make online earning as his primary source of income. Most of them take blogging as primary option and go for it. May be this trend is chosen because they are lured by high CPC values of Keywords in blogging. Then why not YouTube? Won’t it be an easy option to earn money online and sometime YouTube can make you more than what blogging would do for you. And this really holds true in the first phase of your strides in online earning world. So, let’s check the potential and benefits of YouTube monetization over earning from blogs.

1) No domain and hosting money:

The biggest edge starting on YouTube is; you need not to buy any domain or hosting. Yet you can make your online presence by the virtue of the channel name. For example Harsh has his channel here. The channel is kind of separate section on YouTube where user will see all the uploads and activity done by uploader. If user uploader has enabled his setting visitors can see his interactions too. Now isn’t it really cool to get your content hosted by site which is among world’s top 5 sites and whose servers are present at so many locations of the world. In nutshell, Youtube will be your home money making method with Zero investment.

2) It is possible to earn very first day on YouTube:

The beautiful most thing with YouTube earning is you can earn from your video content on very first day itself.  You can simply make a YouTube account and upload a video (This can be any video which does not violate YouTube or AdSense terms and conditions). This can be your trip video; or how you made masala dosa in the morning. People have uploaded a variety of videos and found success from nowhere. When Charlie’s father uploaded this video; he would have never thought this video will make him millions. Now Charlie Bit My Finger is a brand and not just a video. And this video made that much amount of money; which would be all life target of an above average blogger!

3) AdSense Approval via YouTube is easy too:

Most Indian and other South Asian people wait for at least 6 months and more to get their Adsense account approved. But do you know you if you apply AdSense via YouTube or Blogger it becomes relatively easy. Thought this AdSense will be CONTENT HOST type. But you can always add your blog or website to this account; once you think you fulfill all criteria to get an approved site.

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Big and ready-made platform of audience on YouTube Earning:

Once you upload your video; it can be available to billions of visitors of YouTube and if your video is catchy and something sensational it can certainly get you fame; and you make money from Youtube videos. People have rocketed their YouTube views in a matter of day or two and earned some hundred $$$. So; why not pick the camera and shoot something now. Also there are variety of softwares available which let you record your screen; so you can do video tutorials easily by it.

How to make money on Youtube?

With your Youtube channel you can earn money by various ways. I will quickly share some of the easiest and popular ways to make money on Youtube.

Google AdSense:

You can monetize your Youtube channel with AdSense. AdSense shows contextual ads on your Youtube channel, and you earn money when viewer click on the ad. This is by far the most easiest way that other Youtubers are making money. There are many artist who are earning over $2000 every day from their Youtube videos. <Source>

Sponsored video:

This works great when you have an established and popular channel. You can get sponsors for your videos., who would pay you to show their name or quick ad at the initial or at the end of the video. Many of them also use native advertising to market their product, and it’s indeed one great way to make huge money from Youtube.

Affilate marketing:

This is what let you earn a huge amount in short-time. All you need to do is pick the right product, create a video around it and put the link in the description. You earn per sale, and usually the payout is nice. You can learn more about Affiliate marketing in this post.

In a nutshell; YouTube can be a supportive platform for your online earning when you are building your blog and earn or even without a blog. And once your blog is all set to go; you can put the video tutorials of your blog posts on YouTube to earn some extra bug. It can also benefit you by getting visitors who are not using Google as primary search engine and your site is beyond their reach till now.

YouTube supports almost all the format of videos and you can post videos in so many different categories. It can be your trip to goa or the hotel you stayed at Mumbai. You can also make tutorials on WordPress, hosting and other blogging or technical stuff. People also do the reviews of gadgets on YouTube to get benefited from YouTube earning. Feel free to ask any question or suggestion in the comment box.

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Hi Folks; this is Naeem Malik. I am a Pharma Graduate (somehow pulled to Blogging by interest.) I love to read blogs and if I feel I have something to write I certainly give a try. I am from the beautiful Indian state Gujarat. I know four languages Hindi, English, Gujarati and Urdu. Let's read something interesting now... :)


COMMENTs ( 39 )

  1. shariff says

    hi friends ,

    i want to make some money from youtube .can you please guide me in doing this.
    means what should i do
    how to upload videos
    please reply me with step by step procedures

    i will be thankful to you

  2. Biswaranjan sahu says

    If any one upload a movie song/movie in YouTube. Is it legal /illegal.
    Is uploader get money for it…

  3. Srikanth says

    Hi sir,I want to make a video with my kids.I want to Put title as “charlie bit my finger again”.
    Is there any problem if i use that title?

  4. vikram singh says

    hey bro. once i searched you tube for movie named Holiday released in 2014. i found that there are so many videos available uploaded by individuals other then the film making company. then i thought ki how other people can monetize by using someones other video. i downloaded the movie and uploaded same in my channel. but i cant monetize it. they ask for permission proof from the company. what can be done. can i monetize this movie by some trick or not. please help me out.

    • says

      Most of such videos will be taken down by Youtube in no-time. These people are not monetizing these videos by AdSense, rather you would notice they redirect traffic to free movies download & similar sites.

    • Sagar Patil says

      Vikram you can’t monetize these kind of videos, some times film making company(copyright owners) allow users to upload they dont delete videos instead of that they shows ads on it and earning goes to them copyrighted owners not that uploader or users. thats why you saw ads on that copyrighted videos.

  5. uday says

    hi naeem, i already create google adsense account, can i upload movies and comedy bits and dialogues, and tv programs. its legal only or ilegal.

  6. Jagmeet says

    I am looking forward to start a channel. Can you suggest a website for royalty free music or any software for music production. Thanks.

  7. NIKHIL GOYAL says

    Can u please tell me that what type of videos can we upload on youtube.I want to upload videos like a review of smartphone, games walkthrough and about how to use different software. Will these videos ban my AdSense account?

  8. Waji says

    I want to review books on youtube, so do i need to have the permission from the publisher/author or can i do it voluntarily

  9. Linda says

    I am convinced now that I have to make a youtube video. I keep hearing that and I just don’t want to look cheesy, but I really want to make money on line. Thanks for the great content.

  10. Kundan Raj Bhattarai says

    Hi all. I am making from YouTube too. Based on my experience there is a huge potential to earn money from YouTube. The simple formula is to upload as much as quality videos. In this way you will have more chances to have your videos viewed. Only 10 -15% of your videos will related with your audience and will have more views unless you have millions of subscribers or have a successful channel like that of Piewdiepie or a music video channel such as Vevo. So upload more quality videos which are in demand and get chance to earn more money.

  11. Gaurav says

    Ok sir, thanx a lot sir, sir more question that how can i add my website logo in a video. Sir please i am requesting you to add this step too in your upcoming youtube post

  12. Gaurav says

    Thats intresting, but i have 2 question
    1 – the song in the video will be my song or i can take any song from anywhere?
    2- how can optimize my video like a blog post?
    Please tell me i am waiting sir.

    • Naeem says


      1) You can’t anyone else’s video or audio in your video.
      2) YouTube optimization is just done the way a blog post SEO is to be done. Will try to write an article on it soon.


  13. Craig Ronaldson says

    I would definitely have to agree that YouTube is a great way to make money.

    Whether it be promoting a company, or simply making funny videos like vitaly or stevo or edbassmaster.

    It is a great way to get your message in front of a large audience, or get famous for comedy or music.

    Keep up the great work!

  14. says

    I had recently started a you tube channel as a subsidiary for my website. But when i tried to activate Monetization, It showing not enabled. All other indicators like copy right violation, content etc are in green. Do i need apply via mail for activating my adsense account. Please let me know, if there is any other option

    • Naeem says

      Susan Do you already have an AdSense account. If you have one follow these steps:

      Go to YouTube Setting after login in YouTube.
      Click on View Additional Feature (This will land you on Copyright and other things info; what you spoke of.)
      There will be Monetization option. Click on Enable monetization.
      Then click on HOW WILL I BE PAID.
      Follow next step which is linking your channel with AdSense.

      If you don’t have an AdSense account you will see an option of Applying for one; when you click HOW WILL I BE PAID.

      Hope This Helps…!

  15. Naeem says

    Thanks Chamal,

    No you can make different channels for different Category. Just go to YouTube setting and there will be an option to create a new channel.

    Regarding your south Asian query; of course they can do. For that matter I am also a proud Indian.

  16. says

    Hi Naeem good post. I thought that we can upload only in an one category. Thanks for informing. Another thing, Can south Asian people monetize their videos in YouTube ?

  17. Sourya Kharb says

    Really great article on Youtube Earning Naeem
    Can you suggest me any Video tool that can help to make a better video

    • Naeem says

      Thanks Sourya.

      ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a great tool which can help you in recording screen of your laptop as well as sound of the speaker or mic. It’s cool piece of software to record tutorials.

      • Sourya Kharb says

        Thanks for your reply
        But actually i want a software for youtube video editing like inserting effects,other video’s parts,audio and many other things like some professional youtuber :D

        • Naeem says

          There are so many softwares available for that. I am not going to name any in particular, but if you are looking for most basic and FREE try WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER. (There are some effects in it.)

          You can try using video cutter thing to cut the parts of the video and all. For sound recording and editing AUDACITY is one more free software. This area is vast and self learning will help you a lot. So you can start and develop gradually..!

          Best Of Luck.

  18. Ankit Bansal says

    I started publishing videos on youtube some time back, but i am unable to get more number of views. The maximum i got for one of the videos was around 12K. So thats my dilemma. How to get more views ?

    • Naeem says

      Ankit what type of videos you uploaded? I mean were they technical and high CPC keywords. There are ways you can promote your YouTube channel but no one can guarantee you the virality or even popularity.

      If your video got 12,000 views it is a good thing; provided it was monetized and with high CPC keyword. On an average once you have 1K YouTube views you can get around 1$ in ad revenue for non SEO videos too. (This is general thoughts taken from people in blogs and my own experience; you can even get 10$).

      Best way is to focus one category and upload videos only of that category so your subscriber base increases and you can grab more views in short time. This is possible because your subscriber gets a notification as you finish uploading video; or when he is opening YouTube.

      Best of luck.

    • Naeem says


      Sorry for being off-topic.
      I’ve been to your site; and have one suggestion. Better if you remove OUR SPONSORS sign on your site above AdSense Ad. They might not like it. (See AdSense terms and condition). You can find it here on SML in one of Harsh’s post.

  19. Abhishek Pathak says

    Hi Naeem, As you saying that we not have to wait for 6 month for adsence account .Then what is the minimum videos are required to publish before applying for adsence account via YouTube

    • Naeem says


      You can apply only with one video itself. AdSense will provide you Hosted Account which can only be used on GOOGLE PARTNER sites like blogger and YouTube.

      But once you feel your blog/site is ready for AdSense you can surely give URL and upgrade your AdSense to full.

      • Benz Lover says

        Hi Naeem, sorry if I’m asking a personal question. Could you please confirm the average amount of money you’re earing now from this you tube and blogs uploads?

        Just a motivation factor to us.

    • Naeem says


      The CPC thing in YouTube is same as Bloggin. More videos views and popularity your channel has; CPC will be higher.

      Also it depends upon what are you offering in video content; FUNNY INDIAN VIDEO has to be of less CPC than HOW TO TRACK WEBSITE STAT.

  20. bhaveek patel says

    Naeem, I have been using youtube for last couple of months but no success as such. Can you advice me where am I going wrong. Also can you share some stuff on making a video go viral.??


    • Naeem says

      Hi Bhaveek,

      Try to have videos which are either attracting a huge crowd or pulling more money. So in a way it balances the things off; if we speak about monetary benefits here.

      Videos which are doing good on YouTube include funny videos, tutorials, iPhone tips, technology troubleshooting, Pranks, freebies etc.

      There are many ways you can promote your video (for that matter no one can guarantee you about virality of the video unless you have thousands of subscribers) including sharing it on SNS; embedding on your popular site. You can also message people who run related Facebook page to put your video link there.

      Once your video gets head start; it will be automatically displayed as suggested by YouTube; making it to stride gradually…!