WordPress Host Migration Weird Character problem [Solved]

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WordPress Host Migration Weird Character problem [Solved]

I migrated my blog from shared hosting environment to KnownHost VPS some time back and everything went fine until I realize that many characters are encoded into different latter. Shoutmeloud moved to Knownhost VPS>

Common problem was I was seeing lots of characters are replaced with  and ’ . I wish I can share how do you feel when you see your baby blog acting weird .

So I started looking for problem and realize that the issue is with database character encoding. You can find more information about this character encoding here.

So I was left with few options like start the process once again and take care of mysql dump encoding or run some queries in mysql to replace those weird-looking codes.

But before I get my hand dirty with mysql, I tweeted about the problem and thanks to Reshadat who had similar problem. He informed me about a plugin which can be used to simple search and replace such characters.

Search and replace is a wordpress plugin which will let you search and replace any character anywhere in your blog database.

Plugin is simple to use and you can quickly replace those weird-looking characters with normal one. Here is the screenshot of plugin

search-replace-wordpress-plugin Download plugin

I’m sure this plugin will help you a lot when you will find your self into similar wordpress issue.

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  1. Joseph P. McClelland, III says

    Thanks so much. I moved from Godaddy hosting to Hostgator last night. This morning I saw millions of  characters. I have 300 plus post and pages, so I was freaked. Used plugin and it completely worked. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Brett says

    Glad I came across this post. It was a simple solution that worked for me after others failed. I tried commenting out the wp-config lines:
    define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8′);
    define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);
    … but my  characters were replaced by the diamond question mark symbol. I tired the search & replace but it didn’t find the diamond symbol. Then I restored the wp-config lines (restoring the  characters) , backed up the database (just in case), ran the S&R plugin on the  character, and the blog was good again.

  3. Bill Nad says

    Wow, that was a real change. I went through a few of my blogs and between the  and the ’ characters I had literally thousands of references in all of them. Should be interesting to see if the rankings for my posts increase by having more relevent posts instead of so much junk characters

  4. Simrandeep Singh says

    I always wonder when I see such characters on some of blogs but I was not aware why these characters were showing. Thanks Harsh for sharing this plugin with us :)

  5. Siddharth says

    Thanks a lot Harsh..
    am on way to move my blog to a diff host.
    I had the same prob with special chararters like “// , “/
    and all , and in that stage i had only 10 posts , so i did manually..
    Glad that this will help me in future :)

  6. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Thanks for these tips harsh. I am into pro blogging now. For sure one day in the future i will implement this wordpress plugin in my blog.

  7. University Eight says

    Wow! No wonder why there are so many good blogs with these weird characters! I hope all of them find out about this plugin.
    It looks really bad inside a post.

    • says

      This plugin is really a life saver, though the major problem happens because of diff. encoding into database while transfer. But if you figure out all characters which are affected after migration, this plugin will be of great help.
      Thanks for your comment.

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