3 WordPress Backup Plugins For Automatic Backup Of WordPress

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3 WordPress Backup Plugins For Automatic Backup Of WordPress

One of the best tip which you will get to keep your WordPress blog secure is by keep taking WordPress backup. There are many WordPress backup plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory, but very few of them allow complete backup. When we talk about complete backup, it means taking backup of plugin, themes, backup wp-content folder. More over, it’s always recommend to automatic backup WordPress to make sure, you have most recent version of backup of your blog.

Why backing up your WordPress blog is important?

Most of the bloggers make mistake by not backing up their blog and regret it later. If you are one of those who haven’t yet configured a backup system for your blog and relying on backup offered by your hosting company, you are making a big mistake.

Understand that WordPress is a software and it runs on PHP any MySQL and all the files are stored on your web hosting company.  No matter what, when anything is related to computer and Webhosting, it can crash any day. Your server or Website might be hacked by a hacker or someone can login and delete your complete WordPress directory. In the end you will be left with nothing, but feeling sorry about never taking your WordPress blog backup. All of their hard work would be gone in a jiffy.

One important rule here, your backup files should be stored on a remote and reliable place. It should not be stored on the same server where your blog is hosted.

Ironically, it is actually quite easy to automate backup of WordPress blogs. I will discuss 3 methods here that let you do scheduled automatic backups of your complete WordPress website. This includes WordPress database, and all the related files, including theme files, plugins, and images.

Important files to backup in WordPress:

Though, you can configure complete WordPress full backup of your Wp installation, but technically we need just one file and one complete folder as backup.

  • Database backup
  • WP-content folder backup

In WP-content folder, you can exclude those themes which you are not using and specially exclude WordPress DB backup directory if you are keeping backup of too many old database or using some other method to take WordPress database backup. Also, you should timely optimise your database file to lower down the backup size.

3 Ways to take Automatic WordPress backup:

1) VaultPress

VaultPress WordPres backup

VaultPress is what I use on my blog and this is by far the highly recommended and easiest solution. VaultPress is a solution by Automattic (Parent company by WordPress) and it cost only $5/blog. This solution is perfect for those who need to take backup of 1-2 blog and if you need to take backup of multiple blogs, I would recommend look for other solution which doesn’t cost you so much as recurring monthly fees. Else, for a single blog this is a perfect solution and it let you restore your our blog from backup. Highly recommended

2) Automatic WordPress Backup Plugin

Automatic WordPress Backup Plugin

Automatic WordPress Backup Plugin is one of the easiest method to completely backup your WordPress website. It will create a zipped backup of your WordPress website, and will upload it to Amazon S3. This will be a completed automated regular backup without your involvement at all. You can schedule backup per your convenience. Amazon S3 is pretty cheap nowadays – around $0.1 per GB. This means that if you decide to do a weekly backup of your blog, and the blog is less than 250MB zipped, then you will just spend $0.1 per month for automating backup of your WordPress. You can download the plugin here.

2) Setup your Own Backup Solution for Free

The methods mentioned above are really the easiest and best ways to backup your WordPress website. However, there are ways to setup your own backup solution. It would be a bit lengthy to setup, but would still be completely automated.

Step 1: Install a plugin to automatically backup WordPress DB

There are many plugins available that can backup WordPress database on a regular basis, and can email the backup to you. My favorite one is WP-DB-Backup. Start with installing one of these plugins. You can setup the backup schedule, and provide your email address on which you will receive the backup. Now your WordPress database backup part is complete. You still need to backup other WordPress files.

Step 2: Backup WordPress Files

To automatically backup WordPress files on a scheduled basis, you need to use a FTP client that can automatically connect to your website, and download the files. There are many free FTP clients that can do that.

All these methods do a comprehensive WordPress backup. If you use any other method, do share those in comments.


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    1. garry says

      in the third method is it necessary to do both for complete wordpress backup
      i mean to say is there any diffrence between wp data base and wordpress files

      • says

        Yes, you need to take back up of Database and WP-content folder to make it a complete backup. Though one can easily set database backup daily (Depending upon how often he updates his blog), and wp-conctent folder 2-3 times in a week (Subjective to update frequency of the blog).

    2. says

      Hi , I have installed wp db back up plugin at http://www.techriff.com. But It’s showing to set the file permission to 777 or a+w. But while I am doing so via FTP , Simply It’s showing command not understood. The same thing is shown by Google xml sitemap plugin.

      Can you jus help me and explain me why such kind of problem occurs. The plugin was goin well for some days. After a couple of days, such kind of problems I found.

    3. Raj says

      I am using WP-DB_Backup and I am with that till today, but today I found that it causes heavy load and impact on page load time.. so looking for the alternatives.. which one do u suggest..?

    4. Saurabh Mukhekar says

      HI, I used i Drive backup plugin as it uses Cron Job internally,It affect on my HG baby plan ,number of process increase very drastically and then HG disable my account. When I removed it ,I Come to normal mode.So I suggest you to check your Process state from Cpanel before trying this.

    5. Ishan says

      @Harry Sehgal: Backup would backup just your database. This leaves out all your template files, plugins, and images.

    6. Harry Sehgal says

      Is Using a DB-Backup Plugin is enough. I mean does that Database contains all things. I mean if I have to Change my Host Provider, then can I use this Backup to Upload it to my New Host Provider.

    7. Ajay | symplyfyd.com says

      this is going to be very helpful for newbies like me..you have explained everything in great detail..thnx a tonn…

    8. MazaKaro says

      How much secure this is? since we are saving our database content on 3rd party plugin server for example of iDrive.

    9. Sammy says

      Thanks for the great info, buddy. I think most blog owners only backup their databases and not the other plugins, themes and content files. I am also in the same league. Now I need to decide whether to go for idrive or manually download the content files to my hard drive.

      I am using DB-Manager now. I was using WP-DB_backup some time back but since I upgraded to WP3.0 it has stopped working and sending me weekly db backups to my email.

      So now with DB Manager I have regular backups to my gmail account in a separate folders as well as my hard drive.

      Want to do something similar for my content files.

    10. Robert says

      Cheers for that, ive been meaning to set up a back up solution for a while now, this got me to do it thanks! I went for IDrive and it was so quick and easy

    11. Digital Imagination says

      wow….nice article……now backup made very easy with this…..

      thanks to the writer….

    12. Mani Viswanathan says

      I use the WP DB backup plugin & do manual backups of the whole directory, store it in my HDD & External HDD too.

      I do it manually because I hv a relatively fast net speed..slow net users can go for host backups or as mentioned by ishan if ur blog is new then try iDrive

      • Ishan says

        Buddy – WP-DB Backup would backup just your database. This leaves out all your template files, plugins, and images.

    13. WP Content Plugins says

      I am also using WP DP Plugin. Hostgator also has some great feature for backing up wordpress blog in a few simple steps.

    14. arifnezami says

      I was a fan of WP-DB-Backup. But now I’m think to migrate to iDrive Backup. Thanks for the post.

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