5 Best Uptime Monitoring Tools & Services (2024)

uptime monitoring tools
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ToolsMain FeaturesPricing
UptimeRobot– Checks site every minute (pro) & 5-min (free plan)
– Receive a notification when the site is down
– Get alerts via email, SMS, voice call, Slack, & more…
– Android/iOS app to stay updated
Free (Basic Plan)
Pro plan starting $7/month
BlogVault– Checks your site at regular intervals
– Get notified instantly
– Performance Monitoring
– Visual Regression Testing
– Slack Integration
Free (Basic Plan)
Pro Plan starting $89/year
Jetpack– Checks site every 5 minutes (different locations)
– Receive notifications by email when the site is down
– Once the site is back online, see the total downtime
Free with Jetpack plugin
ManageWP– Every minute the system checks your website
– Re-confirms before they notify you
– Receive notifications when the site goes back up
– Three notification options; Email, SMS, or Slack.

Don’t you want to get notified when your website is down? Either by SMS or call or Email?

I believe it’s an important thing every website owner should do. I will talk more about it but first…

Website downtime is always painful for us and especially for us as bloggers; we lose revenue every time our site goes down. Needless to say, it’s also bad for search engine optimization. There are many possible reasons for site downtime; one of the most prominent is using underpowered Web servers.

It doesn’t matter for what reason your website is down, we need to ensure that our website stays up. The first & foremost thing is to get notified when the website goes down.

How would you know if your site is down in the middle of the night? Maybe it was a 2-hour downtime & you would never know about it because there is no mechanism for you to monitor this.

The point is – in today’s internet economy, where websites are directly linked to revenues; & you can’t afford to ignore the website’s downtime.  Now, that we have talked enough about the problem, let’s talk about the solutions. Yes! There are solutions that you can use to monitor your website uptime and get

Yes! There are website uptime monitoring services that notify us via various means when our site goes down. Some of them are free & for premium services like SMS or call notifications, you need to pay a small amount.

So, let’s directly see all these services which notify us when our site goes down.

Best Tools To Monitor Website Uptime:

1. UptimeRobot

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UptimeRobot is the most popular website monitoring service in 2024. The interface is pretty easy to use & one can start with a free plan which let you monitor up to 50 sites. You can get notified via email & many more options including Slack, Hipchat, Pushbullet & many more.

Website downtime alert options
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In the above screenshot, you can see what their dashboard looks like. The above screenshot is for ShoutMeLoud monitoring & you can set up various other monitoring such as Ping, Port & Keyword monitoring. Though as a website owner, I usually set up HTTP monitoring. For those who need SMS notification for web server downtime, you can get their pro plan which is only $4.5/month.

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With a simple yet professional way of working, UptimeRobot, which came into existence in January 2012, has created an impact on the website monitoring market. One of the best features of the UptimeRobot is, that you can also set up Web server monitoring for the password-protected site. Here are some features listed to make you understand it better.

  • UptimeRobot is easy and efficient to use.
  • All the basic information is listed on the homepage and without any fancy decor; the website is clean and easy to navigate.
  • It can monitor 50 websites at a time.
  • It checks the downtime every 5 minutes, and hence within 5 minutes or less, users will be notified in case of any downtime. It uses several check methods like; it asks for website headers and status codes (200 (OK), 404 (Not Found), etc.) and logs the data into files for further analysis.
  • Once the site is up it again logs the information including the duration of downtime.
  • It monitors HTTP (port 80), Keyword checking (if certain keywords reside in the documents of your website), Ping (the service will ping your web address and if your web address fails to respond you will be notified), and TCP ports (for example 3306 to determine if MySQL is down).
  • Users are notified by instant SMS, RSS, Twitter, and email alerts or push notifications for iPad and iPhone when a site goes offline.
  • The registration process is very simple. It asks users to provide their name, email, and password. Then after verification through Email, you are ready to go.
  • A Twitter message notification option has also been added.
  • UptimeRobot has been specialized for website monitoring; hence, it is more efficient and dedicated to website uptime than other general website monitoring services.
  • The potential area of improvement – It covers only three geographic locations (within the US) from where it checks the uptime of the monitors.

2. BlogVault Website Uptime monitoring for WordPress

BlogVault Website Uptime monitoring
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Blogvault is an enterprise-grade WordPress management solution. It offers a ton of features such as automated backup, manage WordPress updates, WordPress firewall, and also uptime monitoring. If you have never heard of this app before, do check out my Blog vault review to learn everything about them.

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Overall, if you are running multiple WordPress websites, Blogvault could be a one-stop solution for your website management and monitoring needs. Along with Uptime/downtime monitoring, it also offers performance monitoring. BlogVault tracks the Core Web Vitals score of your site. It shows you detailed information about the performance of your website. You can further see changes happening to the performance of your site over time in response to changes that you make on your site.

3. Jetpack website monitor

This is a great free solution for all WordPress site owners. You can install a free plugin called Jetpack & activate its module called monitor. It notifies you via email when the site goes down. The only downside of an email notification is, that you won’t be checking your email every second. Though as a free solution

Jetpack website monitor
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Though, as a free solution, this is pretty good. At least you would be updated with your website status. And, if your site is facing frequent downtime, you would know it’s time to optimize your site or change your hosting. Here is a video guide on configuring the Jetpack WordPress plugin.

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4. ManageWP Website Uptime Monitor

Uptime Monitor
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40% of the websites in the world are powered by the WordPress platform. Here at ShoutMeLoud, 1 out of 3 has a WordPress site/blog.  If you are one of those 3, the ManageWP service is for you. This service is free to use (Have premium add-ons if you like) & it sends you a real-time notification when your website goes down & when it backs up.

The configuration is pretty easy & all you need to do is add your site at the ManageWP dashboard. After that, you will get a notification in terms of downtime & uptime event.

Website downtime notification
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Well! You must be thinking why I haven’t included several other popular services like Pingdom, Apex Ping, Site24X7, Code Guard, downforeveryoneorjustme (which is also good if you are simply looking to know if a website is up or down), etc. then I would say, these are only my suggestions and I was thinking about only two things “Free” and “website uptime”.

You may sign up for all or just sign up for 1-2 Web services mentioned above to monitor Website uptime. If you are using WordPress, you can use Jetpack or BlogVault to monitor website uptime.

Do let me know which Web services you use for monitoring website uptime.

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