Tips to Making Money Online by Website Flipping

Earlier I shared with you a brief introduction about Website Flipping, which is one of the good way to make huge money online. Generating income online requires dedication and consistency, without it you might fail to earn online and it is same with flipping websites. Flipping website is all about revamping a website and selling it online or you can even create a new website, make it popular and sell it off, thus you need to be updated and work with proper planning.


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Here are few tips which will help you to get success in Flipping websites

Selecting niche:

Flipping website is all about revamping an old or building the new website from scratch , it requires creativity as well as good knowledge thus before starting the process you must select a niche which is growing as well as you have good knowledge about it. Before selecting niche analyze the market that what is the growth of the niche, break-even point of the website and its approximate value for future clients.

You should do a proper keyword research, try to find the competition and have a proper game plan for promotion of blog. People like to buy website with traffic and page rank.

Traffic generation:

The main aim of all such websites is to generate targeted traffic. Thus before purchasing any website make sure that the website is generating  either organic traffic or through referrals. After purchasing a website you can use few SEO strategies to drive more traffic and do a makeover of website like proper navigation, attractive theme or layout to make website better because no one want to buy a website with less traffic or poor designing.

Facts and Figures:

Once you are done with makeover of the website it is important that you have all the facts and figures about the website like how much income website is getting or how much traffic is generated etc. While selling the websites it’s important that you give the proof to the client showing the income cheque or blog stats then only the client will get convinced to buy the website.

Be transparent:

If you want to gain profit from flipping websites then it is important that you work ethically. Always try to convince the client not fool him/her. Provide the right information about the websites like if websites don’t have advertisers or adsense the do let the client know about it in advance. The main way to attract clients is with mouth publicity thus make sure you keep the deal transparent with client and provide time to time service to your clients.

Get active on social networks:

Any online business need to be promoted and we are blessed with lots of social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Thus make use of such websites effectively, create an attractive and professional profile and avoid spamming. Social networking websites and mouth publicity are two best ways to promote your services.

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Flipping websites requires smartness and consistency to generate income. Thus start with proper planning and make sure that you get profit out of it.

If you have more strategies or tips for gaining profit through flipping websites then do share with us.

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  1. Mayank Gupta says

    Hi Whiztechy

    At wat price can one sell a personal finance blog with 150000 monthly pageviews, age of blog being 3 years with good follower/reader base (a rough estimate would solve my query)

  2. Suraj @SmartFatBlogger says

    Great post, man! I didn’t knew about website flipping, learnt a lot!
    I’ll try that’s for sure!

  3. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    Thanks Whiztechy for a detailed post on website flipping…I am new to this…I will try it for sure now… :)

  4. sreekumar says

    Pritam’s practical experience when revealed would provide more first hand information and a better lesson.

  5. Pritam @ Specky Geek says

    I have recently sold one of my blogs on Flippa. Payment under process. I would say that all mentioned tips are good, but there are lot more things to take care of. I will write an article about them soon after I get through the deal.

  6. Siddharth says

    Flipping is new term am hearing in.. but jus went thru and felt, the best way to earn than any other sources avail right now ;)

  7. Sagar Rai says

    Good information on flipping. I think flipping is real revenue making biz. But try to achieve best result only than you can flip your site easily otherwise no one will even plan bidding on your auction.

  8. Nick says

    When you are buying a blog or website use to check that the blog content is not scrapped or spinned and also pay attention to stats.Stats can be easily generated by online tools like and

  9. Nihar says

    Great post

    Thanks for sharing this. I agree there is lot of potential in this. But, needs to have time to first make the website a hit then sell it off.

  10. Balaji P M says

    I never tried the flipping of website, after i read this, i found that’s also waay like this :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Geet | HobbyPainting says

    It’s something new for me. Informative post. Please cover a post on best websites to register for flipping…

  12. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Whiz, I have read few articles before on website flipping. But Still I am not sure how to do it carefully. Thanks for writing a detailed article on how to do it. It seems this is the easy way to Make Money online. Will follow your tips for sure.

    • Nguyen Vuong says

      Your site is going fast and I think you can buy it now with more than 20k LOL:-P

      Try this first chance and rebuild your brand from the scratch, you will no more curious about flipping art buddy. :-P

  13. Nguyen Vuong says

    Common tips, I think, dear Whiztechy. I have been planning some project to sell them on Flippa. It is great if you can give us more detailed, I mean, your experience in making HUGE money by this way.

  14. Jojo Mathews says

    I’m also considering to sell few of my blogs & domains due to overload of time schedule .. Your tips are really nice… Thanks for sharing..

  15. Vivek Parmar says

    website flipping is the easiest way to make money. the only thing you have to work on is that it should be niche oriented and have pretty decent traffic so that it offers you lot of money in your pocket like techcrunch

  16. Devesh @ Technshare says

    Nice Post Whiztechy. These are great tips to mmo by website flipping.
    It can be a great source of income if done with proper planning.

    Having transparency is very important in flipping business.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Jasmine says

    I have not tried flipping websites before, but this certainly look like something we can explore… buying a website and selling it certainly sound like easier to do compared to creating a website from scratch and then need to bring it to a sell-able stage, right?

    Let’s make some money by flipping websites!