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I have been using Thesis theme for long and before Thesis 1.8.3 was released, I almost made up my mind to switch to some other Theme framework. I was looking from options to options and Genesis and Swift were two framework which caught my eyes. Out of these two WordPress theme frameworks, I selected Swift WordPress Theme. Though, thanks to Thesis update, I didn’t make a switch but after learning more about Swift, I had to share it with ShoutMeLoud readers. In this post, I will be sharing Swift Theme review which comes with two options : Free & Premium.

Swift WordPress Theme

Free Swift theme is one of the most downloaded free WordPress theme from WordPress repo and back in 2009, when I saw the feature of this theme, I was amazed and wondering why Satish Gandham is offering this theme for free. Glad, he made the right move by offering Swift premium Theme, which comes with some advanced feature. I tested premium version of Swift theme and based on my user experience, I will be sharing a review of the same.

Swift WordPress Theme review : HTML5 WordPress Theme

Let me get straight to the point, Swift is more like a user oriented theme. When SEO in 2012 is changing from hard core SEO to user engagement & behavior, Swift offers everything which a reader needs (Speed, architect, images for better CTR). Even if a reader lands on a 404 page, swift 404 page will make sure the the user will stay on the site and your bounce rate will decrease. Now, lets talk about Speed, we just posted about WordPress caching plugins, and on the very first line I mentioned about role of site loading time on SEO, and Swift does that perfectly. It’s one of the fastest loading WordPress theme, as it takes care of basic loading for example: Thumbnail is generated using WordPress core functions, all other social elements, ads are loaded after content.

Before I go more into depth of Swift theme review, let me tell you I’m not a designer. I use basic tools like Firebug, Color picker to make simple changes, else my team does it for me. None the less, I like playing with themes and to see a normal WordPress blog user like me and you can use and customize that theme or not. I remember, back in 2008 when I started blogging, Premium themes were too costly and we had very limited options. But now, we have an ample amount of choice and to pick the best out of them is not an easy task. When I have to find the perfect Premium WordPress theme, here are some options which I look for:

  • Support
  • Design options
  • Theme options
  • Ease of Customization
  • Theme Technology and so on

The very first feature, which amazed me about Swift, is it’s option panel. You have three options to select from for your Homepage layout, which includes normal blog and magazine style look. It comes with an inbuilt slider, which you can toggle on and off any time. Most of the part and element can be drag, drop and need a check-box to enable or disable.

Swift Layout options

When I think about my journey with WordPress, I find myself stuck with customization. I needed something concrete in terms of ease of customization and such theme which doesn’t take ages to load. What’s the benefit of using a Theme that is visually very appealing, but takes minute or more than 10 seconds to load.

Swift Theme loading time

One of the main reason of featuring Swift theme here is because of it’s loading time. Swift premium, is rated as one of the fastest loading WordPress theme and with all its inbuilt feature, you will be cutting down lots of plugins. (See above screenshot for Gtmetrix score of swift demo site).Now, if we look at the title of the post, I emphasize on Responsive WordPress theme, and with the great increase in readers from mobile and tablet browsers, we can’t deny the importance of having a responsive design. In simple word, you need not require to use any plugin to make your blog iPhone or iPad compatible, but with responsive design, your theme will be optimized automatically for mobile & tablet browser size. This is one big feature, which I have been missing in Thesis and there is no sign of getting this in Thesis 2.o. Pearson, I hope you are listening to this and we can expect a responsive design layout in future update. Here you can find more free responsive WordPress themes.

Notable features of Swift theme:

  • SEO advantages of HTML5
  • Responsive design
  • Fastest loading WordPress Theme
  • Adsense ready
  • Ad management from Theme option
  • Theme option Panel
  • Theme design option Panel
  • 7 Custom page templates
  • Google author markup ready Theme

Theme design option has pretty much everything that you will be needing to customize swift theme. Here are two screenshot of Swift design option and swift option panels, which explains it all:

Swift option Panel

Swift option Panel

And here is a screenshot of Swift design option panel. You can customize every part of your blog and under color options, you can use chrome addon like color picker and customize your site according to your need. Though, it may take little time for you to get accustomed with all options in swift option and design option panel, but once you do, you can quickly customize and design theme according to your need on swift framework.

Swift design option

I’m not going more into details here, as this theme offers everything we need. Though unlike Thesis, swift doesn’t offer inbuilt SEO options and I highly recommend to use WordPress SEO by Yoast, which is one of the best free SEO plugin and does everything you need to optimize your site for search engine.

Swift Pro VS Swift Basic:

Swift theme offers three theme purchase option : Free version, Personal license and developer license.  Basic version of Swift offers almost everything to get started but with premium swift you get more options like: 6 Page templates, 7 pre-defined widgets (Include subscription box), Support forum access, Shortcodes and many more.  Here is a chart showing the difference between and prices for Free and Premium Swift themes:

Swift Free Vs Swift Premium

Swift premium costs $57 but you can use coupon code “ShoutMeLoud” to get 33% off. This Swift discount coupon is valid for in-definite time. They offer 2CO and PayPal payment system. If you use 2CheckOut, make sure you use swift coupon on 2Co checkout page again to avail this discount.

For Swift theme renewal, you can use coupon code “SML_RENEW”, it will give you 10% off on Swift license renewal.

So, if you need a good WordPress theme with all advance feature including responsive theme design, Swift basic is one of the best choice at this moment.

Check out Swift WordPress theme : www.SwiftTheme.com

Over all, I find this WordPress theme worth spending upon, and if I may move away from Thesis, swift theme is going to be my best bet. Finally, we are also working on giving away ShoutMeLoud old design for free on Swift theme soon. :)

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  1. says

    Now Swift basic Theme is giving this problem…

    “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘file’ in /home/bloggerc/public_html/wp-content/themes/swift-basic/lib/plugins/dynamic-thumbnails.php on line 92”

  2. piyush says

    Hi, Harsh
    I want to buy some premium themes and plugins, however buying themes at many places requires paypal accounts and Indian Debit cards are not acceptable there. Can you please tell what are the payment options we Indian users have for doing these transactions.


  3. Shubham says

    hii, wow what a theme and the review as well. Now, its the time to buy one for my site……. Really nice theme…..

  4. Aqib Shahzad says

    Hi Harsh !!
    I am confused between choosing Genesis , Thesis Framework. Which one will be better for the blog covering multi niche topics ? Looking for your useful reply :)

  5. ben jamir says

    Hello Harsh !! i totally agree with your review of swift theme. I myself was using the free version, but I found it did not display in IE 8 and 9(win XP) especially the top navigation bar with menu. Since IE is a very popular browser, I had to change my theme.
    Im from India and If I wanted to pay in indian currency, for swift premium version, how to pay ? can you suggest ?

  6. Surendra Soni says

    So which would be best framwork among genesis,thesis,eleganttheme,swift in terms of speed,seo,interfaces,and mobile friendly or should i go for custom work for best result?
    Please help me.

  7. ithun says

    please tell me with what should i start ? i have thesis 1.8.2 ans swift free version. i can also buy if you suggest swift pro version ! im gonna start my new micro niche website. And im only concerned about SEO benefits of the themes

  8. says

    I am using the free swift basic. How come the responsive layout is not properly displaying on my iphone and ipad? I unchecked the responsive lay out option but still is showing that way.

  9. Sanjiv says

    Hi Harsh,

    I have just started using the basic version of the swift theme. There seems to be a problem loading the digg digg bar or the sharing bar plugin on the swift theme. Could you advise?
    Many thanks.

  10. Mayur says

    yeh, Swift is an awesome theme, i already using its free version on my one regional site.
    but now i think its move for premium version.
    Thanks Harsh for reviewing theme, please if you know any theme based on DJ, Music and Nightclub category, please tell me.

  11. aatif says

    I used swift and using genesis now . I must say that if you want speed swift is better than genesis as i experienced myself . Reason i using genesis is i love its child theme designs .

  12. saugat adhikari says

    Swift is indeed a great theme. I used these for 2 hours and switch to genesis due to some design issue. I think swift is another theme that everyone wants to try. Great review.

  13. Neeraj says

    Very nice and detailed review, I am using swift theme on my blog since one year and found this theme best in each and every sphere.

  14. Nikita Sharma says

    Swift is really cool. Now I am totally confused between genesis and swift. Now what to do?

  15. Deepak Singh says

    Arguably Swift is one of the best and fast loading theme and could be customized easily. Satish Gandham has coded swift theme very well. A noticeable thing about swift is proper use of HTML5 semantics. I didn’t know before that swift is a responsive WordPress theme.

  16. nick says

    Must say the swift theme is really swift. The features that the free theme is offering is making it the best free wordpress theme for the bloggers.

  17. rakesh kumar says

    Initially i was one of the few user of swift theme then later on shifted my concentration to customized theme. Now this help me me a lot to learn me wordpress a lot and happy inform you that my designed theme is able to defeat the page loading time both in Google page speed and Yslow. But for all other those are not able to design or not have time to customize can bet on this theme.

  18. Sahil says

    Nice detailed review.. Well I just checked the demo blog and it loads super fast. And the 404 page looks too “CLEAN” and very much resourceful, such that a user will never bounce off… Will buy the personal one for a year and try out on my other blogs..

  19. Utsav says

    Hello Harsh Please help me actually i am new to wordpress, so i need your help. i have just started my blog and i want a free wordpress theme for my blog so give me your suggestion…

  20. Ammar Ali says

    I must say thesis rocks but no doubt Swift is also best wordpress theme. But i like thesis most!!

  21. Sujth says

    Swift is a great theme. Before Thesis I was using Swift. Shifted to Thesis just for learning purpose.

  22. Jason M says

    Although this new framework looks interesting I think I’ll be sticking it out with Thesis for the moment. I finally was able to get everything up and running and I would hate to have to rebuild the site from scratch again!

    But I will definitely be taking a look at this for other sites in the future!

  23. David says

    Hi Harsh, nice post on the swift theme. This is the first time I have heard of it.
    Fast loading times are really important. But I do want my ads to load first – before the content. This is important when you have a high traffic adsense site.

    On the other hand, if you were doing the ‘normal’ blogging, I would definitely want the content to load both fast and first!

    Great post

    • says

      Thanks David for your comment & I agree when you are working on site which is adsense targeted. But the reason why ad should load later, if you are using any 3rd party ads like Tecnoratimedia or any 3rd party ad server. Sometime it takes time to load and so your content will be stuck and might not load.
      My suggestion, no matter what even if it’s MFA site…It’s wise to make the content load first as it will increase the user engagement and people will stay more on site.
      But, as we say it all depends on personal strategy.

  24. crazydude says

    Hello Harsh Please help me actually i am new to wordpress, so i need your help actually i want the blue bar which you have behind sub headings like behind (Check out Swift WordPress theme) That blue bar how can we install that in a theme please help….I saw these bars in other themes also,how can i add that too..Please answer as i asked on many blogs but not found any answer………………