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Siteground review
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Review Summary:

Siteground is an affordable quality hosting with various hosting packages. Their USP is excellent customer support & hosting quality.

How tough it is to find the right hosting company for yourself? For me, it was a tough call. As I had limited money and don’t wanted to try and test my hard earned money on webhosting based on somebody else hunch. I started blogging in 2012, and when I planned for running my first self hosted blog, I started looking for a reliable hosting for my upcoming WordPress blog.

I narrowed down my selection to Bluehost, Siteground, ASmallOrange. I completely removed Hostgator and Godaddy from my final list, as they got real bad reviews from many professional bloggers. Later on, I decided to Ditch Bluehost, as it was an EIG owned hosting company.

Finally I opted for Siteground hosting and it’s been almost 28 months for me, that I’m with them. Here I’m sharing my experience and review of Siteground hosting, and it will share all the pros and cons of this hosting and let you decide if you should trust Siteground or not.

Siteground Hosting Review

Siteground Hosting Review: What’s good & Bad?

The right way to select a hosting is by seeing the features that hosting offers. More over, it’s also important to see if the hosting supports your platform or not. In my case, I use WordPress, and I’m sharing this review of Siteground as WordPress user.

Siteground offers cPanel which is popular webhosting dashboard. If you have used hosting before, chances are you must have used cPanel hosting. What makes Siteground different from other hosting are:


Siteground offers Supercacher which is their in-house technology. This caching mechanism adds several layer of caching, and your blog will load faster than before. No other shared hosting offers such technology at this moment, and at the price of $7.95/month it’s a perfect buy.

Customer support:

Siteground customer response

I shifted from my old hosting is because of lack of good customer support. At times I had to wait for about 5-6 hours to get a response to my ticket, and almost 24 hours to get my issues resolved (Depending upon the issue type). On Siteground, I got all my tickets reply within 6 minutes maximum, and they resolved the issue as fast as they can.

Free Domain for life:

Free Domain with Siteground

There are many hosting which offers free domain, but Siteground is only hosting which offers free domain for life. As long as your are hosting with them, your primary domain is free. That means, an extra saving of $12/year.

Free Website migration:

siteground free migration

Unlike other hosting which charges you from  $49-$99, Siteground offers free Website migration. If you are migrating from your existing hosting to Siteground, you can take advantage of their free website migration. As soon as you login to your Siteground dashboard for the first time, you will see a screen like above, and you can add your request to migrate your site for free. The migration would take about 5 hours to finish, and your job is to change the domain name-server.

Apart from above great features which I got with Siteground, they have following features:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • One click WordPress installation
  • Tech Support people are also WordPress experts, which will resolve your hosting + WordPress issues quickly.
  • Security at every level

Check out more features here

Plans & pricing of Siteground –  Compared with others

As we know one price doesn’t fit all, similarly Siteground offers 3 different hosting plans to select from under shared hosting category. Apart from Shared hosting, they also have Cloud hosting, Dedicated servers, and reseller hosting. For a new WordPress blog, shared hosting is powerful enough to handle your website.

Siteground pricing review

All of the Siteground shared hosting comes with features such as:

  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Free Domain name
  • Free Website Transfer
  • cPanel and SSH access
  • Free Website backup

Though their features changes from when you move from smaller plan to higher plan. I’m on GrowBig plan which let me host multiple Website and let me use their Supercacher technology. To simplify the plan selection, I have listed down the plan which you should choose.

  • Startup: This plan is suitable for those who need to have only one site. A business blog or for a personal blog. Price is $3.95/month which is the cheapest in hosting industry.
  • Growbig: This plan is suitable for a blogger like me and you, who need more power and features. Here you can host multiple website and get access to their Supercacher technology. This plan also offers 1 year free SSL certificate.
  • GoGeek: This plan is recommended for those webmasters who need staging feature, and want to be on shared hosting with less websites on the server. I would suggest you this plan when you require Git or staging feature.

My recommendation for you is to get 2 or 3 year hosting package of Growbig plan. Below link will get you 60% discount. Remember, hosting discount is applicable only on first invoice, this is why buying hosting for 2-3 year will save a lot of money for you in future.

Get Siteground shared hosting (60% discount)

Accessibility and uptime of Siteground Hosting

I wouldn’t say this is the best of all webhosting providers, but I can definitely say that this is the best I have laid my hands on. The site has been uptime and accessible always and it has never went down, as far as I remember. The only problem I have once faced was for a nightly update of their servers and there was a downtime for a mere few minutes.

The servers are always live, and you could choose your server locations for all the plans as per the requirements of your website demand. You could choose them to be at Chicago for more West users, Amsterdam for more Europe users and Singapore for a more Asia based traffic.

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The good accessibility and uptime feature is backed up by a very strong technical team that has your back covered for the worst-case scenario.

What’s good?

  • Free Domain name for life
  • Instant customer support (Live Chat or Ticket)
  • Free Website Backup & migration
  • Low pricing
  • Supercacher technology

What’s bad?

  • Data storage is limited (20GB, 30GB). (Usually a normal WordPress blog doesn’t require more than 2-3 GB disk space).
  • Nothing else I can think of.

Is Siteground Worth your money?

I have tried to be fair and true with this review. And if all of this still sound like I’m promoting my heart out that’s just because of the love I have for Siteround people who work and keep my site live. The technical support is arguably one of the best things Siteground has to offer, and that makes everything easier from pre-sales to resolving technical issues.. I am a satisfied and happy Siteground customer and would like you to check them out if you ever plan on starting up or shifting base.

Get Siteground hosting (60% discount in the link)

Are you an existing Siteground user like me? I would love to know your review and feedback about their hosting quality. If you find this Siteground review useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.

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Siteground is an affordable quality hosting with various hosting packages. Their USP is excellent customer support & hosting quality.
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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Rajendra Reddy says

    I am also fed up with hostgator service, their service has been changed a lot not planning to switch to siteground. but their GrowBig plans also says that 25,000 Visits Monthly only, but I get about 50000 visits in a month. is it okay if I go for this plan ?

    what if i wanted to upgrade to GoGeek or another plan, in less than a year but where I have purchased for more than 2 years

    • says

      That 25000 monthly traffic is not exactly the limit. You can host your site with 50K traffic on Growbig plan. I’m hosting 5 sites right now ( & 4 more), and they get more than 50K/monthly traffic. One important thing you need to keep in mind is, enable Supercacher caching technology of Siteground, else you will definitely hit their resource limit warning.

  2. hajar says

    Do you also have your domain name with them? This comes with the Plan but I hear many people talk about having a separate domain company for security reasons etc. What would you advice me? Thank you!