3 Best Related Posts WordPress Plugin With Automatic Thumbnails

Automatic Related Posts Plugin

One of the simplest way you can decrease the bounce rate of your blog  is by helping your readers to  take an action after reading the post. In simple words, make your readers stick to your blog by giving them option to what to read next. Think of related posts as next course of action for your readers. When a reader is done reading your article, he needs something more to read and it works best when it’s related to your topic only.

One of the easiest way to achieve this is by adding a related post widget after your blog posts. There are many options available in WordPress plugin repo, and I have listed down best one from my experience. You can use any one of these and you can notice a considerable amount of decrease in your blog bounce rate.

More over most of these plugins have options to configure how your related posts should be shown. You can show them with or without thumbnails, and can also pick the related posts option from different design options.

WordPress plugins to show Automatic Related posts with thumbnail

There are third party services like Linkwithin which does this job pretty well and without requirement of coding knowledge, but it gives very less or negligible SEO value, as all your related posts are not directly linked. Here are few plugins, which you can use to show related posts with thumbnail after your blog posts and are SEO friendly too. These related posts improves your internal linking and improve your ranking.

ShareaHolic plugin: 


Preview of shareaholic related posts

Shareaholic was initially a social media sharing button plugin and recently they have revamped the plugin to add related post feature. Surprisingly their algorithm is quite accurate in suggesting related post which is relevant to the post itself. I have tested this plugin on ShoutMeLoud and it looks pretty awesome. To enable the feature, you need to download the free plugin from WordPress repo over here and go to Shareasholid plugin settings and enable the feature. You can show related posts with thumbnail below posts, pages, category and index page. Every option can be configured manually and you can also customise the look of related posts to match your blog design. You can also exclude certain posts, pages to be shown from related post. The exclusion feature also supports wildcard, so you can quickly remove any existing category or tag posts to be shown from related posts.

Shareaholic related posts settings

You can also use Shareaholic plugin to add social sharing button below post or floating buttons. More over, this is a good plugin when you need both the features of social sharing and related posts.

Zementa related posts

Zementa related post plugin

Another good plugin is related post by Zementa which lets you edit related posts. By default it will automatically show the related posts but you will also get an option to edit the related posts. You can edit the related content of your top performing posts to make it more relevant to the article. This way you can reduce the bounce rate. The plugin also offers various template for showing related posts with thumbnails, so you can select one which matches your blog design. You can download the free plugin from WordPress repo here.

Now, many premium WordPress themes come with in-built feature of showing related posts along with thumbnail, but when you are using free themes, such plugins are life saver. Optionally, if you are good with PHP and CSS, you can look for some resources and tutorials on Internet to code it yourself.

I’m stilling looking for one such related posts which works with custom post types and can be configured to show related posts from specific custom post type only. If you know of such plugin, let me know via comments. If you enjoyed reading this resource, do share with other WordPress bloggers.

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COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. says

    Hie Bro
    Hope you are doing good :)
    Is There any problem monetizing with Related post Sharholic along with Adsebse ?
    Please let me know ..

  2. says

    Hi Harish, I am a beginner. I find your site very helpful in setting up my new website. I used Shareaholic but it inserted spam posts in to my related post area. So I had to remove the plugin immediately. Shareaholic is not recommended at all.

  3. says

    In my theme there is Related Posts present. I dont need any plugin but if someone does not have it I will recommend ShareaHolic its attractive and easy to customize. Related Posts plugins help you to get more pageviews and reduce bounce rate.

  4. says

    Good stuff, Harsh.
    I was using nRelate and i can personally say it worked wonderfully. Sadly i had to disable it, but only because the website in question already had too many plugins installed, making its performance a bit sluggish.

    Enjoy your day.

  5. Shameem says

    Hi Harsh,

    Great share about WordPress plugin. I prefer nrleate plugin. Whats the right speed time we should have on our blog?

  6. Vishal Arora says

    Is there is any plugin to show post from other wordpress blog on same server. I mean show post from blog1 on blog2.

  7. Manish says

    I like nRelate. They provide many options you can choose which type of look you want. Also I like their feature in which a related post slide come out when we scroll down the page.

  8. Mayur Chettiar says

    Hey Harsh, i wanted to ask if i should allow content ads on my nRelate widget ? I know it helps you earn, but doesn’t it decrease bounce rate ?

  9. Stanley Day says

    Hi Harsh,

    I am using the nrelate flyout plugin and I have a good bounce rate but I would really like to understand how the plugin helps with internal linking.
    I only recently started learning to build websites and this blog is helping me immensely, so, thank you very much for having this most helpful website.

  10. Daniel Lee says

    Thanks for the great piece of code! Via the WordPress forum, I found some extra code to adapt it for showing multiple tags. However, I’m running into a problem I cannot fix: I’m using posts with several tags. The effect is that some posts are turning up twice in the results. I’ve checked the loop page on WordPress, but cannot get the code right. Do you have any idea on how I can fix this? You can see the code I’m using here:

  11. Rakesh Narang says

    Hey harsh, i agree with you, this is a heavy plugin so i think to reduce load time i would probably use YARRP. What say?

    — Rakesh

  12. says

    Seoux I was using it, but due to server load I have to remove it, since pulling lots of thumbnails, create lots of php calls. I will be moving to more powerful dedicated server and than I will use it.

  13. Extreme John says

    As always I find something else to help me out at Shout Me Out Loud, just installed Thesis and wasn’t happy with how YARPP was displaying along with my Twitter and Facebook share buttons.

    This looks much better, now I just need to figure out how to color it and I will be set. Thank you and RT

  14. Surender Sharma says

    Thumbnail in related posts is an awesome feature and it can reduce the page bounce rate.
    But I am struggling to get it done correctly on my blog.

  15. George Serradinho says

    I guess if you want the thumbnail then it’s ok, I doubt if this really makes any difference to the user having thumbnails. It’s just my opinion thogh :)

    • says

      George Thumbnail make it interesting and increase the CTR. Remember images speaks 100 words, same thing is here… I have seen the difference in my no. of page views after using this plugin.

  16. says

    Sourish I think that’s fair. If you are using link with in plugin, they also put the same link. I guess plugin author deserver a link back.. How does it make a difference? Specially when you getting better feature then link with in plugin and just one backlink like link with in?

  17. Shahab Khan says

    Thats the real benefit of this plugin. I didn’t noticed that.
    Anyway one more thing they also put their small link too after related posts… thats really irritating!

  18. Shahab Khan says

    I tried this plugin on my blog…but its not showing up the thumbnails. Don’t know why?
    Anyway i’ll try it once more

  19. techprism says

    Nice Thumbnail Related Posts Plugin but i want to ask that can these posts in vertical or in columns.Thanks ..

    • Sandip says

      As of now we have vertical and row format listing (when you want your own styling) and soon horizontal style listing will be added in next plugin update. So you will have complete freedom with styling part as well as full customization to suite your need.