How Being a Niche Blogger is More Profitable?

Most of bloggers who start blogging without any training, they often start with multi-topic niche blog. Where as, most of pro and popular Blogger you would see around, are into specific niche and they are called as niche blogger.  We have already talked why nicheless blog can’t compete with niche blogs and later we discussed on selecting niche of your blog.

Profitable Niche Blogging

If you want to get succeed in blogging field, then it’s a must for you to have a niche blog. There are quite a lot of reasons to prove niche blogs are better than general blogging. Even when a reader lands on your page with a query, he would definitely like to read few more articles of the same niche. But how come a reader who wants to read about Health tips can commit himself reading those articles which make no meaning with the site’s theme? let’s have a look at few of the reasons that enforce everyone to start a niche blog

Why better be a Niche Blogger:

There is a common saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” and to succeed in a particular field you have to set yourself as an expert. For example, if you talk just about iPhone and iPad niche, you can establish yourself as iOS niche blogger and similarly on any other niche. But, if you are covering news from all the niche, you can set yourself as news curator and not news-maker.

Here are some of the benefits which I believe anyone will get by becoming a Niche blogger. If you are one of those who are still writing on various topic and wondering why bounce rate and avg. time on site is so high, then read on:

The Audience

Niche Blogger

Niche Blogging is the best way to start your online blogging career. Being a blogger, you write your blog posts to bring good number of loyal audience to your blog who can spend reading your whole blog. Of course, you can get such readers only from search engines. People from search engines come to your blog to fill the query that they’ve been searching for and when they find your blog post helpful, I’m sure they’ll follow your blog regularly.
I can assure this only when the content on your blog is relevant. For example, when a visitor landed on your blog searching for tips on “Internet marketing“, I don’t know if he can again dare to visit your blog which has the most number of articles on out of internet marketing topic.

Better Advertisers

One of the goal for every blogger is to make hands full of revenue through blogging. It might be by any means like e-book/product sales, affiliate promotion, PPC advertising, Direct Advertising or any other source. When you’ve a niche blog, I’m sure you can get better advertisers for your blog. Because when you post on a single niche, you should be having loyal audience who love to know better about that topic. So when an advertiser who have a product/website about the same topic, the chances of visiting his blog/buying his product are considerably more.

Even companies prefer to connect to niche topic Bloggers. For example, for any advertising campaign, Samsung will prefer advertising on a popular blog on android platform than advertising on general technology blog covering mobile news. As, by advertising on a topic driven blog, advertisers get more quality clicks and conversions.


advertising on niche blogs

When you are writing on single topic and covering various aspect of it, search engine will see you as one of the authority site in that niche and it will help in improving your search engine ranking by great factor.

Search engines always try to provide rich quality content to the users. They don’t just look at a single post to let it rank, rather search engines look at the whole site whether you provide good quality content. Even search engines prefer bringing content from niche sites to the front pages of Google.

Here is another interesting article, where Harsh talked about how Technology niche is still young and alive. Concluding the article with advice from experts and professionals, I say niche blogging is the best way to get good loyal audience in addition to site-benefits like advertising, SEO things. So, if you are going to start a new blog. Make sure it’s a niche blog and not a messy thing.

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. Tarun Jaitely says

    Niche blogging is really a great way to make authority in any specific niche. A blogger should go with a single niche blog instead of multi niche blog.

  2. Andy Benson says

    Niche blogging is far more focussed and as a result gains you far more authority with your target audience in a shorter space of time.
    It is however VERY important to also build a brand for your either yourself as an authority figure in your niche or one for your company if you are to stand out from the crowd.
    Get these two factors right and you will build a solid foundation of loyal subscribers who will not only trust you, but who will also be eager for your next post and in turn for the next offer you recommend to them.
    In my opinion, a targeted niche blog, that is branded, and linked to a good auto-responder with a quality free opt in gift is the best way to build a list of loyal subscribers who in turn become loyal BUYERS time and time again!

  3. Radha Krishna says

    I agree with you. Niche blogging does help in making visitors stay with us for more time. Return visitors percentage is pretty high for a niche blog compared to that of a general blog.

  4. Vishal Srivastava says

    Niche blogging is really a good step towards a better blogging career. One thing more is when a person talks about niche blogging most of the readers start to follow technology, gadgets or blogging niche but the long term profit of niche blogging is only possible when you choose a niche in which you are really knowledgefull, inteested and passionate else it will drown your blogging career in initial days.

  5. saurabh says

    well thats an awesome article. i have previously made a mistake of talking about too much in one website. This time i will just stick to a niche topic on my blog.

  6. Pranay Patel says

    This is something like different way of Blogging and damn important also. Got some new topics to get over into my work. Will helping many more bloggers.
    Thank You!

  7. CCOkoji says

    Yes, Niche blogging is a good one but I always have a question each time I hear bloggers talking about Niche bloggers.

    My question is always, Is it really possible? Even the top bloggers today still blog outside their niches.

    It needs a great focus.


  8. david says

    Hi Koundeenya,

    This is a big problem for me, I cannot stick to a single niche topic. Therefore, I am writing on multiple topics on the same blog.

    I don’t know how to stop though!

    The only advantage I can think of, is that all of the traffic generating for each topic is building the same web property. That could be an advantage.

    What do you think?

  9. codesprints says

    If you are a NICHE Blogger then you can easily get more advertisers from BSA and similar services.

  10. says

    I think the same. Niche blogging is simply better. Blogger should Concentrate in a single niche. They should not go for several niches because its a bad practice. It even makes a blog messy.

  11. Amit Sharma says

    Thanks for the insights, Koundeenya :) Great post.

    Niche Blogging is sure a thing, a Blogger should consider. And no doubt, niche blogging requires lot of SEO work, intensive link building tactics(which Google really hating these days).
    So how will you deal with it, eespecially the link building process when it comes to niche blogging in this post Google Panda(& Penguin) world?