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Improve adsense revenue with adsense RSS feeds advertisement

Improve adsense revenue with adsense RSS feeds advertisement

Update: Google killed AdSense for feeds. Here are other programs to make money with RSS Feeds.

Most of google adsense publisher look for various tips and trick to increase their adsense revenue. Though they generally avoid the simplest way to improve the earning by going with the rules.One of the simple way to increase your revenue is by using the maximum possible adsense unit on a single page. Read shoutmeloud article on

So placing all 3-2-1 unit you can maximize your revenue. Though you need to be very smart with your adsense placement.

How you can maximize your adsense revenue?

Apart from these default unit , you can use adsense for RSS to show advertisement on your RSS feeds.

How you can add adsense for feeds?

Login to your adsense account, and click on Get-ads.

Click on adsense for feeds

Now configure the ad, as you want to show on your feeds. If you update your blog with new post lots of time on a given day then keep the frequency to minimum. Otherwise keep frequency as each feed item.

Placement for adsense for feeds:

Placing ad @ above the feed will certainly a better placement but for your reader experience placing it below the post will be good.

Ad type for feeds ads

Keeping ad type as text won’t help here because we don’t have option to edit the placement apart from default above the post or below the post.

Though it allow you to change the default colors, so you can use your feedburner stats and make changes according to the tool used by your reader to   read your feed. In my opinion keeping Image ad will be a better option then text advertisement. You can also read on shoutmeloud choice of feed reader :Feeddemon

Though I will suggest use adsense for feeds only if you are showing full post in feeds rather then a snippets.

what next ?

Read shoutmeloud previous article on how to increase your feed readers.

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  • Tom - Standoutblogger

    I don’t know if I agree wtih your comment on using the maximum number of ads, because this will lower your CPC. One of my blogs, I have 3 single ad units (one link on each ad) and I am averaging $1-$3 clicks. I would much prefer 5 of these a day as a opposed to the 15 clicks at $20 cents.

  • TechZoomIn


    I recommend to use private advertising or affiliate links at feeds. It will get you more income than adsense :)

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Nice idea dude…
      I might give it a try..but only thing concern me the quality of ads…
      Feeds subscribers are generally regular readers and I don’t feel like putting any adverts which might disinterest them
      Any recommendation?

      • TechZoomIn

        Its your interest again!

        I don’t think it will annoy your readers by placing a single link “Cheap hosting for your wp blog”.

        It depends man, suppose for TechZoomIn i’m not even using the ad links also.

        • Harsh Agrawal

          Humm nice idea…. Probably affiliate link will be much better and might be more fruitful…
          Any plugin you suggest for this purpose??

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