How To Find Free Sponsors For Blog Contests & Giveaways

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How To Find Free Sponsors For Blog Contests & Giveaways

Blog contests are one easy way to go viral with your blog. Though, depending upon your audience you can pick the right  product. For example, in the past I have given away many premium products in giveaway. Some of these prizes got Blog Sponsors and some of them were sponsored by me directly.

Free Sponsors for Blog ContestsToday, I will be sharing some of the methods which you can use to get premium products free for your blog. They key here is communication and also how well you organize it to maximum the result.

When you organize a contest on your blog, make sure you have a target to achieve. For example, getting more Email subscribers, Facebook fans or Google+. The way social media is changing and with the involvement of social media signals in search engine results, my suggestion would be maximize it to get more Email subscribers or Google+ followers. This way, it will benefit in long run.

One can start a contest with $1 and can go to $1000. iPad is one of the easiest pick when you have a good budget or your contest is backed up or sponsored by some big company. If not, you can always start with a domain name or hosting for your blog in Blogging/WordPress niche, for tech bloggers they can organize software’s, antivirus and other tech stuff. Similarly, depending upon your niche, you can find related product. I hope I don’t need to explain you the power of word “Free” here.

Now let me tell you my marketing strategy on how I find sponsors and how do I giveaway premium stuff for free. Just for your information in the above mentioned giveaways, I have paid directly for domains and Thesis theme & apart from them other things are free.

Get Free Blog Sponsors for next Blog contest:

Affiliate marketing:

This is one trick which worked big time for me. If you are into affiliate marketing, you might be receiving atleast one Email every month for promotion, coupon codes and so on. This is the first place where I will look out for sponsors. I’m an affiliate with most of the premium theme club and make decent sale every month. So if I am sure that any particular product is going to help ShoutMeLoud readers for giveaway, I contact the affiliate manager and ask them for sponsoring a contest. Though you need to make sure that your email should show them their benefit too and most important you are making decent affiliate sales. Even if you are not making any sales, it’s no harm to give it a try.

Make sure, you include a stats of your blog and give them an idea about audience they are going to reach. For me, it works most of the time as SML readers are mostly Bloggers and webmasters.

Contact using contact form:

If you don’t fall in above mentioned point, it’s time to write an email to the owner and telling them you are organizing a contest and you would like them to sponsor something in the contest. Though such emails most of the time get unnoticed, but still if you manage to write an appealing email, you might get an Instant reply.

Worth Reading: 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching People Via Email

For example my sample email would be something like this:

Hi Mark,

This is Harsh from and I just wanted to take your two minute to discus something about possible marketing collaboration. I run a niche blog (, where I talk about Blogging, WordPress and MMO.

I had a close look at your Premium Theme Gallery and I believe my readers would love to know more about your Theme.

I’m celebrating 6th anniversary of my blog and I would love to know if you might like to sponsor a premium theme or xxxx as a giveaway. Just to let you know ShoutMeLoud is an award winning blog with over 432,000+ readers. By sponsoring this contest, your product will be getting great exposure to another segment of possible buyer.

We have already run few giveaway in the past and here is how we organize our contest. You can refer to earlier contest:

  • Link 1
  • Link 2

I will look forward to hear from you soon.


Harsh Agrawal

This is just a sample email and you can always make changes to make it better and more appropriate. Create a list of possible blog sponsors and maintain in excel sheet. Maintain a row of Company name, Email, contact person, Followup 1, Followup2 and so on.

Buying stuff and giving away:

This is 3rd approach which you can work on. Try to buy any premium product with huge discount. For example, last year I bought one Hostgator account on Black Friday sale and later on I giveaway that hosting for free. Though such giveaways are always good when you have decent budget, else there is no point spending on contests and giveaway.

Before you follow first two points, I would suggest think from marketing point of view. Every developer would like to spread more words about his product and especially themes and plugins, which one developed needs only marketing.  So most of developers would like to accept your sponsorship proposal.

One mistake which most of blogger does is, they don’t maintain the communication with the PR team after the contest is over. Try to maintain the communication with PR team and make sure you keep an eye on their regular update. If the product is related to your niche, a review won’t harm but will help you to create better relation with sponsors.

Do let me know if you follow any other method to attract Blog sponsors for your blog contests and giveaways?

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  1. Vivek Parmar says

    without having any decent traffic running a contest is for nothing and you can’t get as much you think off.
    contest are useful for established blogs or teh blogs having high traffic??

  2. Jeorge Peter says

    It is nice to have a contest this time for its the holidays, everyone’s finding a way to enjoy and have something on their free time.

  3. Jens P. Berget says

    I don’t run any contests yet, but it’s a great way to get more attention and more traffic. As you’re saying, the one thing that really works is to contact affiliate managers for stuff you’re already promoting and earning money from (because they’re earning money from what you’re doing, now it’s time for them to help you).

    What you could also do is to write a blog post and ask people to sponsor you. If you already have a fairly popular blog (and your blog is very popular) a lot of people with great products might be interested to sponsor your product in order to get attention.

  4. shashank chinchli says

    what to say Harsh…?
    This post was expected from my side..
    I was planning to fire this question to you bro!
    Really thanks for such a good article,really means a lot to newbies in this field
    thanks a lot!

  5. Bilal Ahmad says

    That’s great tips harsh.
    One of the most effective way that works is to build interaction (in term of using there products etc) and then ask for sponsoring a contest. It works great.

  6. Khushdeep Singh says

    Nice post Harsh. Really good tips for those who will plan to organize a contest in future. :-)

    • says

      Khushdeep a contest really helps any blog and if any one will follow above mentioned tips, he can organize some kickass contest without spending anything..
      It’s all about good communication and interaction with others…

  7. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    Great post..I never thought of hosting such a contest..but will try it in future..and your tips will certainly help me :)

  8. Sreejesh says

    Harsh, I think you are making use of the skills you learnt from Convergys :) Anyway good approach bro. Thanks to your clean character for letting other bloggers know about this great business trick. Happy blogging!

  9. Donny Gamble says

    A lot of bloggers don’t take advantage of this very much because most bloggers either have an eBook that they have created or some type of product or membership program that they would like to give awat.

  10. esoftload says

    thanks harsh, i got some new info from here, before i was spending my money for the giveaways… will try to convince some sponers for my blog….

    • says

      Try to get in touch with people who create product similar to your niche..and you will get prompt reply…
      Make sure, sponsor should know what benefits they are going to get…

  11. ankit says

    Hey Harsh, awesome post dude ,I had asked same question to you via facebook .Got the answer.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. vijay | bayofblog says

    Excellent write up Harsh, Now I would like to tell one thing that, For all those things working by practically we need some decent traffic on our blogs, So that sponsors quickly approve for a such contest…

    • says

      I agree Vijay.. Sponsors would like to sponsor something if they are going to get some benefit in terms of traffic or branding.. and for that said blog should have decent traffic!!

  13. Pritam @ Specky Geek says

    Great tut! I am also planning to giveaway something on, maybe webhosting with a domain name. I am also looking for writers and guest bloggers to add flavour to the blog.

    • says

      Webhosting is one of the popular giveaway and will help you to attract many new readers…
      Though make sure, you are ready to convert them into regular readers..
      Most important thing is, you should have a strategy to market your contest..Since if you are giving away hosting from your pocket..
      It’s going to cost a lot :)

  14. Jimmy says

    Nice post Harsh. For new blogs buying stuff and giving away is the best method i think , because sponsors will consider our blog’s reputation for sure. And when was ur first giveaway ? was it a sponsored one ?

    • says

      Jimmy I believe my first contest post was a sponsored post..
      Till now I bought Hostgator hosting, Thesis theme and .com domain from my pocket for giveaway…!!

  15. Basant says

    Liked the way you’ve pitched that mail…brief & to-the-point. Also, you are right when you say about un-noticed mail of contact forms. But who knows even if you get 1 or 2 responses out of 10 pitches, its worth & after a few months you’ll have some useful contact list.

    • says

      Seenu I do that often.. Like my last contest (Thesis theme) and even .com domain and .in domain giveaway (details) is going to be from my own pocket…

  16. Devesh @ Technshare says

    Hey Harsh,

    Awesome post dude. These are awesome ways to get sponsors.
    I think contacting them through email is the best way to get sponsors.

    Thanks for sharing! Retweeted.

  17. sitakanta says

    Great points. eespecially since I am considering ways to promote my new startup. These tips are going to come really handy.

  18. Pradeep says

    Great ! post harsh helped a lot seems this work only for the well setup blogs having great traffic and great readers like you have.
    do you think it will work for some new blogs.
    Thanks a lot !!

    • SmartAboutThings says

      Pradeep, you have to have at least 500-1000 visitors a day I think, in order to have some valid contests going on

  19. Siva says

    Awesome post !! Will try for sure.
    In addition, I see some of the people looking for sponsors in Popular forums. It also turns out to be good.