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How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

When we create a website, one of the most common question is how to list your site in search engines like Google. When ever I talk to newbies who are not aware of how search engine works, they think that they need to pay to Google or other search engine to list their Website in Google. This is is not true, as you can show your Website in Google search for free. The only thing you need to work upon is help Google find your blog. I have already shared my case-study on how to index your new website in 24 hour, and in this guide I will talk extensively about submitting your site map to Google webmaster tool.

Google Webmaster tool (GWT) is a free tool which let you control your website from search engine perspective. I will not get into detail about GWT as I have already covered it before. If you have missed it, here is the first article to get you started.

Now first understand what is a site map and what is the important of submitting your site map to search engines.

What is a sitemap?

. A Sitemap is an xml file which contains the URL’s inside your blog. This file is helpful for crawlers to find all URL’s of your blog. Though it’s up to many factor like size of your sitemap and number of URL’s in your sitemap, that crawler will follow. In short, Sitemap is a complete index of your blog which you want search engine bots to see. This wiki article on sitemap will give more technical and historical detail about sitemap.

In simple word; Sitemap file contains all the URL of your blog, and we submit it to search engine to let them know about all the pages of our blog. Search engine bots follow sitemap file to crawl and index your website. You can learn about crawling and indexing over here.

For normal Website we use online site map generator to create a site map file and submit it to webmaster tools offered by Google and Bing. For WordPress blogs, we use plugins which automatically keep updating our site map file as we publish new post. This way, you don’t have to resubmit new site map after publishing new articles. It’s a good practice to place your site map file link at the footer of your website, so that search engine bots can quickly discover and follow the site map file and crawl your blog more effectively.

Since, we know by know what sitemap is lets move to the next level.

How to Generate sitemap for your WordPress Website?

Sitemap can be generated in different ways depending upon the platform you are using for your website. For example, WordPress sitemap can be easily generated using plugin call Google XML sitemap generator plugin.  For other platform like static sites, there are many online tools and offline software’s which will help in sitemap generation. In this post, I assume you know how to generate site map and we will stay tuned to how to submit sitemap to Google.

Submitting sitemap to Google Webmaster tool:

When we talk about submitting sitemap to Google, it means submitting it to Google Webmaster tool. I assume, you have already verified your site in Google Webmaster tool and logged into your webmaster tool dashboard here. So by now, you have your sitemap link ready with you. If you have used any offline tool to generate sitemap, upload it to root of your site like /sitemap.xml. Here is how my blog sitemap looks like: ShoutMeLoud Sitemap.

Inside your Webmaster tool dashboard, on right hand side you will see an option call Sitemaps. Click on More to see all submitted sitemap or you can submit a new sitemap from there.

GWT sitemap

Click on Add/Test site map to submit your site map file. On the same page, you can see which all site maps are discovered by Google or which site map files are submitted by you or someone from your team before.

Submit sitemap to Google search

Depending on what type of sitemap you have generated, you can submit it from here. If you are running a site with lots of images, I suggest you to create an image sitemap, as we already discussed in Image SEO optimization that how much useful image traffic is for us. Similarly, you can create Video sitemap for your Website. For WordPress blog, you can create Image sitemap using this WordPress plugin.

Google Sitemap

If you are submitting sitemap for a new blog, it might take some time for you to see the index status. With index status on the same page you can see how many URL’s are submitted via sitemap and how many links Google have indexed. If you have submitted separate sitemap for Image and videos, you will see status for those links too. Here is an example index status of ShoutMeLoud blog:

Website index status

If you are done submitting your blog sitemap to Google search, I suggest you to read this guide and repeat the process for Bing webmaster tool. Here is an exclusive guide to submit sitemap to Bing webmaster tool. Here are few more guides which you should consider reading:

Do let us know if you have done sitemap submission for your website or not? What other SEO things do you do for faster indexing of your blog?

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  • Gurpreet

    I am facing issue in google webmasters.I submited xml sitemap to google and after a day it shows 70 submitted and 9 indexed and when check back after it shows pending for both submitted and indexed.This problem occurs everyday.Please help me sir.

  • Ruban Kt

    Hey Harsh,

    I have a website which is single page, I am unable to generate a sitemap and i have tired through many plugins, is there any tip or trick to generate sitemaps for single page website? or it is impossible?

    • Joel James

      Hi Ruban,
      If your website is a single page website, you don’t have to add sitemap. Just adding to webs master tool and basic steps are enough.

  • Davinder

    nice and easy to read your article But i tried many times but always my sitemap got delete why? it says 2-3 days on process but when i see like 15 days latter there is no sitemap which i submitted

  • Akshit Wadhwa

    Hello Harsh, I want to know that there are many plugin for sitemap. Which is the best one to use please don’t say that Google XML Sitemaps is the best i like it but it’s not working fine in my of blog i just seen.

  • Punit Bansal

    Hi Harsh,

    Good Morning!

    I have started blogging on wordpress recently. I am facing one issue that my website is not listing on google/yahoo. Even if I am searching with the same domain name. My wordpress admin side automatically submitting the sitemap but still issue persists. Can you please help me out, if I am missing something.

    My Web URL:

    Thanks in advance.

    Punit Bansal

  • Mayur Agarwal

    Which (sitemap.xml or sitemap.xml.gz. ) sitemap should i submit ?

  • B kumar

    I have a blog with url “”, i submitted sitemap to google webmaster when my blog had less than 500 Posts, now my blog has around 850 Posts. Should i submit another sitemap to webmaster tool?… please reply

  • nimish kumar

    Hello sir,

    I have a problem if you can help me with that.Should we include categories of my site in sitemap or its good to submit only posts and homepage link as you do ??

  • kanjaria utsav

    Harsh can you tell me how many time we have to submit sitemap to Google webmaster tools?I mean is this a necessary to submit sitemap every time when you write a new post to be indexed in Google.

  • yusuf

    really nice article ,i have just submitted my sitemap after reading your article,so million thanks to you.

  • Fred

    That depends on the size of the sitemap, but usually is very fast. In one day you can start to see some pages indexed.

  • Hammad Baig

    nice tutorial .
    Harsh, Can you tell me
    How many time it takes to submitted urls to appear in Google index?


    Can you tell me site map developed once should automatically change regularly as the posts continuously increases. or we have to submit a new one monthly or weekly.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      It depend what platform you are using. If you talking in context of WordPress sitemap. You need to submit it once and make sure you keep your sitemap gen plugin on, all the time.


        I’m using BLOGGER, Can you notify me about any plugin that manages site map of my site

  • Ammar

    How many time it takes to submitted urls to appear in Google?

  • Best Tips

    hey I’ve fix this problem, after I submit my sitemap.xml, the sitemap.xml.gz disappeared immediately

  • Aidil Sharizaq

    Thanks the best explanation ever.So simple.Already submitted mine.everything is goin ok

  • sambit

    my site url is without www so i submited
    but google showing this error

    We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit.

    • Joel James

      Hi Sambit,
      You don’t have to type full site address. Just check 3rd screenshot of this post. Are submitting like that? I mean will come automatically. Are you typing sitemap.xml alone?


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