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Domain Age Checker: Find How Old is a Website

Domain Age Checker: Find How Old is a Website

Have you ever visited a complete new Website, which is well written, amazing design, and you end up thinking, why I never landed on this site before. Or you find an online shopping, e-commerce, service site, and before you spend money, you would like to know how long these guys are in the business. One way is to find the age of website, and this will help you to determine how credible their services might be.

Today, I stumbled upon a Website, which is a Webhosting site, and we all know older players in hosting business are usually reliable. Though, there was no mention of year of formation on the site, so the idea of finding website age came into my mind. Here are few solution which will let you know how old is a Website. Do remember, most of the time we can only find the date of domain, and it’s possible that site might have changed niche over the time.

Different Tools to find Website Age:

Way Back Machine: Web.Archive:

Website age

Wayback machine is a free service, which creates a snapshot of a website at regular interval. It might not be very accurate, but this service serves many purpose. From the first snapshot, you can figure out how old this website exist. You can always check snapshot of past-time, this will help you to see if particular website changed the niche ever. For a blogger, it’s a useful tool to check their old blog designs. This service is perfect for large sites, but you might not always get results for new or smaller sites.

Domaintools : Find domain registration date

This is another useful way to find how old is a website. Using Domaintools, you can find when a domain is registered, and this will give you a good idea of age of a website. Another few services, which can help are netcraftwebconfs, SEOChat domain age tool.

This domain age checker tools are also useful, when you are buying a Website or a used domain. Age of a domain is one of the big factor in search engine ranking, so older a domain is, better it is.

Do you know if you use any other online service to determine how old is a Website? If you find this article useful, you can consider sharing it on Facebook & Google plus.

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  • naveen rajput

    whois is very good tool to check age of any website ,i also checked age of my website in it.

  • Harjeet Singh

    Hi friend, Way back machine is not working for some of my websites and other compititor’s websites too.
    And whois or tools like this tell us the domain age not the age of the websites.

    • Venkat

      Exactly… whois and domaintools tell us only the domain age…

  • john

    whois number one domain age checker tool i use this tool to check age of domain.

  • RaHul Tilloo

    Hi Harsh, is a really helpful service if you are trying to buy auctioned domains.

  • Arunkumar Gudelli is another servive which can be used to find age of a Domain


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