Google Panda WordPress Plugins to Kick Panda Back to The Jungle

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Google Panda WordPress Plugins to Kick Panda Back to The Jungle

Google Panda WordPress Plugin
It was one scary night, when Google decided to roll out a wild animal on the farm of Bloggers call Panda. When ShoutMeLoud got hit by Panda, I was stunned and realize, I must be doing something wrong that’s why I got hit and similarly any other blogger who got struck by panda traffic drop, we must be making mistakes in terms of anything (Content, SEO , Backlinks), and that’s why Panda hurt him hard.

Anyways, now since there is no escaping from Google Panda, we have to work and fix content and blog and make it a Google eye candy. Here I’m going to list few Google panda WordPress plugins, as I named it..You can use them to fix your site and make your blog panda love blog.

Why you need These Panda WordPress plugins?

These are normal SEO plugins that we use but I’m listing them on one place, so that you can do a specific job with them and make sure your blog is SEO error free, and your blog starts getting same traffic from Google search. One thing, which you need to make sure that journey to a panda recovered blog is going to be painful and you need to work overtime for coming weeks or may be months to learn, understand and fix things.

I will try to explain the usage and how to use these panda plugins and start fixing your site. You can also refer to my Google panda recovery guide to get in depth information about why your site got hit and how you can fix it. Little shameless self promotion here, you can also opt for my personal SEO coaching program to learn everything in person or on Skype.

A hopeful world of Google Panda WordPress Plugins:

Alright, let me give you little hope and tell you honestly, recovering from Panda is not a rocket-science but your Blogging life is not going to be the same. You have to truly understand the concept of quality content and promotion. More over, Before we move ahead, I highly recommend you to read following articles:

So, lets kick start our list of Google panda WordPress plugins and start using some of them to fix our websites ASAP. But before we move ahead, lets see this scared panda for fun:

Broken Link checker:

If you are hit by Panda, it’s time to analyze your blog SEO structure and give a proper SEO friendly navigation to Bots. Specially, 404 pages and links are very common on old blogs and too many broken links hurt your blog SEO structure badly. Such 404 broken link works as a dead road for bots, and Broken link check plugin does the job by finding all redirected and broken links on your blog. I have already shared a tutorial on How to use Broken link checker plugin and it’s easy. <Download: Broken Link checker>


SEO Keyword score
Call me Lazy or call it lack of time, but this is one plugin which I have been looking forward to write as a review here. I started using this plugin since October 2011 and I can see changes in traffic for ShoutMeLoud. Hold on, this plugin is not any magic plugin but this plugin helps you to target Keyword and improve SEO score. Few features like LSI words, become an essential element for On page SEO and this plugin does the job perfectly well. It’s a paid plugin but worth every penny. You can see the video and how this plugin works on their download page. <Download : SEOPressor>

Internal Linking plugins:

Wordpress Insight plugin
I have to do an extensive posts on plugins which I’m using here to internal-linking. But for the sake of this article, let me just put name and link it to my old review posts.

If you are thinking, why we need such plugin, then think about Wikipedia. Have you seen how strongly they interlink their pages and that’s one of the reason for amazing SEO juice of all page and less bounce rate. WordPress Insight plugin let you search links from your blog, Wiki, Google and few other sites. In short, this plugin will help you to add more value by finding and adding reliable links.

SEO smart link on the other hand put your internal linking strategy on Auto-pilot. You just need to configure once and it will auto-link existing and future post with your target Keyword and link. Very useful and highly recommended plugins for better internal-linking.

SEO Search term tagging 2:

This plugin offers two features : i) Show incoming search key term below post which helps in increasing keyword density and ii) Find blog post not getting any search engine traffic.

I recommend you to ignore the first option and don’t even use it. As using automatic Keyword tagging software might be considered as over SEO optimization and Google penalize for such thing. I’m more interested in second feature which let you identify thin content which is not getting any traffic from search engine. Now, it’s not necessary that post which is not getting and Google traffic is low quality content, but there must be something wrong. May be no keyword targeting, may be duplicate content issue or could be any more. Now, you can always re-edit and re-promote it after adding more quality to it. Another highly recommended plugin for finding posts which is not getting search traffic. SEO search term tagging 2>

Robots Meta WordPress plugin:

Earlier getting more pages in search engine index used to drive more traffic but now it’s all about quality. I have already talked a lot about keeping WordPress tags and WordPress categories as noindex and similarly all other useless pages and posts like Author page, Archive page as noindex. In short, let Google index only those posts and pages, which add value to search engine. Robots Meta plugin let you add noindex tag on site and also on individual post level. This feature is not also in WordPress SEO by yoast plugin, so if you are using that plugin, you can enable it features under Indexation settings. Else, read this guide on How to use Meta robots WordPress plugin.

WordPress Cache plugins:

Wp Super cache plugin

There are many popular WordPress cache plugins, which we have discussed earlier. Panda is obsessed with page Speed and you have to make sure bots and users will be able to access your pages quickly. Specially, when you are using WordPress without any cache plugin, you will notice the slowness of the pages. These cache plugin helps to speed up your blog by great difference. If you can integrate CDN along with it, its like icing on the cake.

I have used W3 total cache and Super cache on different sites and they worked great. For shared hosting environment, stick to Super cache.

Admin Word Count Plugin:

Above I talked about SEO search term tagging 2 plugin which will let you find search-less blog posts. Now, if I look at my mistake, at the initial days of Blogging, I have written many posts which are like 100-150 words and they are the one which I can consider as low quality content. As they are missing many important things and in short there are many other pages which are on Internet, who have explained the same topic with great in-sight. So, my goal was clear to edit old post and make them better than the existing pages on Web. This plugin, helps me identify low word-count posts from WordPress dashboard. Simple to use and very handy plugin. Admin word count Plugin>

Missing SEO data:

Meta description plays a great role in search engine placement and to get more CTR. If you have old post with no meta description, or Keyword (If you care about meta Keywords), this plugin identify all the posts and you can quickly add meta description and Keywords. Very useful to identify all old posts with missing SEO details. Sadly, it support only few WordPress SEO plugins and no support for Thesis or any other custom SEO field users. At the time of writing, this plugin supports All in one SEO, WordPress SEO, Platinum SEO, SEO ultimate pack. <Download : Missing SEO data>

FYI, latest panda 4.0 update was launched on May 21st 2014, and they penalized more sites which were using private blog network. If you have been waiting for Google to start giving you traffic back without any change, it’s time you should start working on your backup plan or use above mentioned Google Panda plugins and my Panda recover guide to start fixing your site.

Bonus tip: Remove date from meta description in SERP’s. Specially if your content is evergreen, removing date will be a good idea else you may face low CTR issue.  You can check out this post to learn more about it’s benefits and how you can remove dates.

Well, these are some of those WordPress plugins, which I believe, everr Panda updates affected blogger should install. Also, if you are using any automated software like Auto-blogging tool, Keyword insertion and so on, avoid using them. Even if you are lucky now, you may never know what one wrong did can penalize your year old hard work.

If you know any more Panda WordPress plugins, that you think every WordPress blogger should be using, do let me know via comment.

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Harsh has written 1047 articles.

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  1. says

    Thanks Harsh,
    I have lost 70% traffic from google search in previous 15 days. I can’t understand whats wrong in my site. Also using broken link checker plugin and fixed all broken link.

  2. Sam says

    Thanks for a very helpful list. I am going to try some of these.

    Are there any other plugins that can help with he Penguin update or should these help too?

  3. Sreejesh says

    I left my blog unattended for too long and Panda has spoiled it. I started hunting down Panda now, first step by rewriting old posts and with the plugins you mentioned above.

    Easy WP SEO is really a simple and smart plugin I’ve ever used.

  4. Michael Aulia says

    Hey, saw my blog’s URL on your broken link checker screenshot :D

    Gonna download that one now. I used a similar plug-in last time but it could only notify me by sending emails, which could get quite annoying. The one you mentioned has a Dashboard notification which is more handy

  5. veeshaal says

    i wonder if someone tell me that we can use all in one seo (yoast) and EasyWPSEO plugin together? can we use both at same time or only EasyWPSEO is enough?

    • says

      Hey Vishal
      You should use both… All in one SEO will help you in putting all meta information like: Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords where as EasyWPSEO will help you to optimize your post for your target Keyword. It will add a checklist and SEO score and Keyword density.. Which will help you to make your post more optimized for target keyword. Hope it clears your doubt. Feel free to ask any other questions if you have.

  6. Arjun says

    Awesome tips out there. But tell me one thing, is this myth true that Panda is targeting more WP blogs than Blogger blogs?

  7. Nasif says

    Awesome list of plugins! I heard Gooogle is now very strict about keyword density and EASY-WPSEO recommends us use density of 2% which is very high I think. What’s the recommended density?

  8. says

    Thanks for such an extensive list of Plugins to help us all. Dude I have been following you when you did a switch to .html permalink, but today I have noted another new thing in your permalink i.e. A hastag #SEO. What is its importance?

    • says

      Hey Hammad
      Thanks for your comment and good to see you again :)
      I added that # to pass the link juice value…As Google usually ignores the second same link..

  9. Debasis says

    Thanks Harsh for Posting this Helpful Article. I am using few of the above Plugins in my Blogs and I will use the rest in my blog. Sometimes using of lots of Plugin makes the site slow but in order to deal with this problem we must use these plugins which you have mentioned above.

    Thanks Again :)

  10. Ammar Ali says

    I follow almost all of above SEO tips and WordPress plugins but I want some best wordpress plugin to Interlink posts. Which one you recommend us?

    • says

      Ammar I prefer Manual linking first and WordPress Insights plugin helps a lot to find blog post. Along with it, I suggest you to use SEO smart link as I mentioned, it will put your internal linking in Auto-pilot mode. It’s better if you use both of them.

  11. sureshpeters says

    Too much of Ads in a site can be a reason of panda hit. Recently one of the friends blog got hit by the panda for the same reason. One of the good tip to safe from panda is by installing facebook comment box, when someone comment using facebook comment box then it will appear in their facebook walls and this will help the social traffic as well.

    • says

      Thanks for your insight Suresha and Page layout algo was launched some time back and many blogs got penalized due to it. Though recovering from page layout algo need design change but all other updates like Quality, social, links are the major one and take time to deal with. And I believe Fb comment box might help because it will help to increase social signal for your site.
      Here is interesting News: Google+ is launching 3rd party commenting system.

    • says

      Yes you are right ,SEO isnt all about google and pandas. if your blog is a genuine one and is not stuffed with advertisement and spammy link then it wount be penalised by google.

      but as warren buffet says , never keep all your eggs in same basket.

  12. Shahid says

    Great article…but i am confused between easyWPSEO and SEOProcessor.?? what’s the difference between them?

    • says

      Shahid both are onpage optimization plugin and does the job almost the same with few features difference. When I started searching for plugin, all of these were premium and ended up buying EasyWpSEO because it’s cheap, easy to use, LSI feature, Readability. I’m not sure about SEO Processor, as I have not used it.

      Update: EasyWPSEO plugin is now outdated and I have recently purchased SEOPressor, and you can read about it here.

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