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One important aspect of search engine optimization is to keep a track of Keyword ranking. When ever we talk about building backlinks by any method, let it be blog commenting, guest posting or article directory submission, the target is to increase ranking of particular keyword. Most of e-commerce websites or service portal, tries to rank for keyword for main domain but for a blog like yours or mine, it’s important to track keyword ranking for individual pages and then work on building backlinks to that particular post with targeted keyword.

Now most common question is how to find Keywords you are ranking for? How to see your current position and keep a track of it. There are many paid tools for the same, but in this post I’m talking about one free tool which I have been using from long time and it works like charm. More over, most of my guest posting strategy is based on result from this tool. Once I check any particular keyword which I’m targeting is on the 1st or 2nd page of Google, I build more backlinks for that post by guest posting or by article directory submissions and improve it’s search engine positions. Anyways, I’m not going to be diverted from the topic, and getting straight back to the software which I’m talking about here.

Free Keyword monitor for Google:

It’s a free light weight SEO software which you can use to track unlimited keywords and it’s position in Google. This software is easy to use and even a newbie can get started with this software. Though you need to use Google webmaster tool, Google analytic or any other stats software to find out which keyword is giving you most traffic. And then add those keyword in this software and start tracking your targeted Keyword position.


How to use this software to know your Keyword Ranking?

Though above image shows all important part of this software, but here is a quick guide which will help newbie’s to get started with this keyword monitoring software. Download this software and install it on your system.

  • Click on Project > Add URL and add your blog URL. For ex:
  • Now click on Add keywords field and add your Keywords which you are targeting.


Click on Ok and before we start the search, lets check the option panel. You can configure total no. of search result/keyword Google will show. I usually set it to 40-50. If you are using lots of Keyword search, you might like to use proxy settings, as tons of searches might ban your I.P for a while. In Google friendly mode, keep it as low, It might take some time to show the result but this way, your I.P would be safe.

Here is a screenshot of my option panel:


Once you have configured the option panel, click on search. (Refer to first image). It will start querying Google and in some time you will see a result like this.


Now for Keyword “Harsh Agrawal” my blog is ranking at position 8 and for Keyword “Harsh Agrawal Interview” my blog is ranking at number 1. Now it’s time for push the ranking of “Harsh Agrawal” keyword to position 1.

The best way to do is by Blog commenting or guest posting. When ever I comment, I would use Name as “Harsh Agrawal” and url as and while guest posting, I would try to link to word “Harsh Agrawal” to my blog with the same anchor text.

Though this process, may take some time but I tried using some other keywords for ShoutMeLoud, and I can see huge jump in particular keyword after guest posting.

As a suggestion to newbies, instead of working on 5 articles every day, start working on 3 post on your blog and 2 guest post on different site and try to get a free backlink on your targeted Keyword. Generating backlink to your homepage will eventually help, but if you are looking to drive great traffic, it’s time to rethink about your approach and work on improving keyword for particular posts.

If you know more software’s or free tools which actually worked for you, do let us know via comments. If you have any question regarding this software, do let us know via comments.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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  1. Sahil Garg says

    Hello Harsh
    Thanks for sharing this Keyword Monitor tool, going to try it for my web too. some time there is Little change in SERP on .com and Version of google. i think Using this Software Will Provide Accurate Results. :)

  2. Sinbadisailor says

    oh…….why i found this so late :( …really thanks..Harsh Agrawal …For sharing this with us…no one but i am surely benefited with this soft……i was looking for some thing like this…i tried in some website which give you result for your chosen keyword..but it’s kind of boring you know go to the site do all this i was looking for a software…so again many many thanks :)

  3. Rahul says

    I use cute rank free addition can be used for one website. Also some time rank tracker. Rank traker is one of the best tracking tool but no export of report is available. Also market samurai give accurate ranking but takes lot of time.

  4. Manendra says

    I use “seobook” firefox extension to do this job and the results which it gives are accurate, after reading this about this tool it i installed and had a test with this and results are awesome and i think its time to use this sool to make my job easy. Thank Q for suggesting an valuable tool that save a lot of time.