Easy Comment Addon : Autfofill WordPress Comment Forms

Blog commenting has always been one of the most lethal weapon for internet marketers to get backlink, networking and for branding. Now, how many of you hate the fact you have to fill out all the comment box fields like Name, Email, URl before you add a comment. Well, Disqus and such other 3rd party commenting system are free from this scenario but WordPress default comment form is n’t. Today, I’m going to share one useful addon call “Easy Comment” for active commentators to easily (auto) fill out the comment form.

Easy comment is a useful addon which fills out comment form quickly. In short, when you go to any WordPress blog to comment on, every time you have to input fields like:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Web-Address

What Easy comment addon can do for you?

Easy comment let you to add one click comment on WordPress blogs. This meant you don’t need to enter your details every time. Just click on easy comment icon on the bottom bar of Firefox one installed and all your details like

Name, Email and Website address.

Easy Comment Addon

and from next time you just need to click on the easy comment link on the bottom of FireFox and all the details will be filled automatically. Though, this addon is not compatible with Chrome and latest Firefox, but I tried and tested it with latest release of Firefox, and you can use shortcuts to auto-fill the comment form.

This will save a large amount of time and you can comment more on different blogs and websites and this will help you increase your backlinks.

If you don’t know whats the importance of comment you should refer to how to get more comments on your blog.

Link: Easycomment

So what are you waiting for ? Install and comment.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. says

    This is a pretty useful addon. But I’m using google chrome, I wonder if there is any alternative available for this?

  2. says

    Thanks you Harsha Brother, For this wonderful post.I faced this problem when i want to post comment in other blogs.when i search i landed your blog post and you solved my problem.Is there any extensions in google chrome brother?

  3. vikash shankar says

    I was looking for this information and I got it here, I always try to search SML for the information I am looking for. You created such a good database for Blogging related topics, so that I always get the information here what I am looking for.

    Thanks Harsh

  4. Eva Walker says

    Thank you so much for recommending the Easy comment addon to me. I installed it in Firefox. It’s an outstanding tool.

  5. Nikhil says

    Thanks for the Perfect extension, that i’m looking for.
    But, What Browser you most prefer?
    I’m Trying to Stick with chrome. but, Firefox always Attract me towards it because Of it’s classic Look…
    Please tell me your preference.

  6. Sunil says

    Let me add that chrome by default adds form values like name , email and website in the box only if you have commented on any other site before . So just comment once and use that same value to comment on other site ;)

  7. iTechGiz says

    Roboform is another great plugin from chrome and FF, just enter all your essential details and while commenting just hit a single button and all your fields will be filled.

  8. Siddharth says

    Amazing add on which i was searching for a long time..
    Just trying it out :)
    Thanks for sharing..
    Now comments in one click .. Wow..

  9. jai prakash says

    Thanks harsh .Rightnow I am using this extension really it’s great. Reduce
    my afford and my comment rate have also increased……..

  10. Namita says

    Than you Harsh for this wonderful add-on. I used to find it very cumbersome to comment on WordPress blogs. Its these wonderful add-ons which make firefox so indispensable to me. I write most of my posts on Scribefire.

  11. Maskil says

    Thanks for highlighting this browser add-in. I™m always looking for ways to streamline my commenting. I™ve tried using Lastpass for comment form-filling, but this seems like a better solution.

  12. AboutTricks.com says

    yes i just installed this addon and it is rocking yaar… thanks for sharing it with us..