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In last couple of years, I have seen a lot of companies leaving the traditional route of generic shared hosting and started offering platform specific hosting options. For example, now we have many companies which offer WordPress managed hosting that are optimised for running WordPress platform. For a new blog or a low traffic WordPress blog, a normal shared hosting company like Dreamhost, Bluehost, Hostgator works great, as it fits in our budget, and quite reliable in terms of support.

When it comes to hosting a WordPress blog with decent traffic, decent or huge number of plugins, and custom codes, a managed WordPress hosting environment is anytime better than a shared hosting. In layman language, a managed WordPress hosting server is fine-tuned for running a WordPress blog. I have already mentioned couple of times that WordPress is a memory hogging blogging platform, and to ensure your blog stays up , it’s a good idea to host your blog on a reliable server.

DreamPress Wp Managed hosting

Dreamhost which is one of my choice of cheap and reliable shared hosting company for WordPress launched DreamPress; a premium WordPress specific hosting. Dreampress is available for all existing and new customer as an upgrade from Dreamhost web panel.  Unlike shared hosting from Dreamhost, which is optimized for any platform, DreamPress hosting is only for WordPress blog.

What’s so special about DreamPress 2 WordPress hosting?

DreamPress WordPress hostingWith DreamPress, you will enjoy the power of VPS which is highly optimized for WordPress platform. Along with optimized WordPress settings, you will also be taking advantage of varnish caching. That’s the same server level caching mechanism I’m using here at ShoutMeLoud, which helps me load my posts/pages within seconds. Here is an official excerpt from DreamPress team about their WordPress optimized servers:

First, we start with our efficient container-based VPS servers. We put those VPS containers on hardware that’s isolated from other users, configure them with options we’ve hand-chosen as best for WordPress, and then add an extra Varnish caching layer in front of the web server for rocket speed. Varnish is configured just right for great WordPress performance – with all of the management handled automatically. You ay now also elect to run WordPress on PHP 5.5 with OPCache enabled or, optionally, on Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM,) the drop-in PHP replacement built for extreme performance

To ensure your cache purge automatically, you need to install Varnish HTTP purge plugin, which automatically clears the cache when you edit, publish or delete a post. You can also, manually purge the cache anytime.

Here are some notable features of DreamPress:

DreamPress includes all the notable feature of DreamHost hosting and added extra features to make it perfect for hosting WordPress blog.

Dreampress 2 features

Along with this, there are many additional features of DreamPress, like:

  • SSD Hosting
  • Offers HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine)
  • Enhanced performance
  • WordPress security measures on the server level and also on database level.
  • DreamPress team takes care of WordPress management.
  • Round the clock support
  • WordPress blog will be backed up on Dreamobjects cloud storage.

These are just a few of many notable features of DreamPress. Now, let’s have a look at pricing and DreamPress coupon code.

Pricing and discount coupon for DreamPress:

As I mentioned above, DreamPress is available as an upgrade from Dreamhost panel. If you are an existing customer, you can login to your Dreamhost panel > domains > WordPress and upgrade to DreamPress. As an introductory offer, DreamPress is available for $19.95/month, which is $5 cheaper than regular price and way cheaper than other managed WordPress hosting companies. If, for some reason, you don’t like the performance of DreamPress server, you can claim full money refund with-in 97 days.

From my experience, when DreamHost has issues with few memory hogging WordPress plugins like (YARPP, All in one SEO), DreamPress came out as a good solution for WordPress bloggers.

DreamPress discount

If you are an existing DreamPress customer, do share your review and experience so far. I will keep you updated with the latest information about DreamPress, you can subscribe to ShoutMeLoud newsletter for instant updates.

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