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When it comes to webhosting, there are a variety of options available to you.  Based on my experience, I would suggest that you choose your webhosting company based on your website requirements.

For a WordPress blog, a typical shared hosting is a good place to start.  Six years ago when I started my career with WordPress, I opted for Dreamhost’s hosting service as it was pretty cheap and offered decent value for my money.  In this guide I will share my review of Dreamhost’s hosting service, and I will also offer pointers to help you to make the most of your purchase. Remember to use the special promo link which will help you to get one free domain with your purchase.

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Everything you need to know about Dreamhost hosting service:

Dreamhost was started in 1997, and continues to be one of the best known hosting companies in the industry. Dreamhost is one of those companies that adds value to the entire industry with their core values. I offer this opinion because I believe it is important for you to know these types of things, as they serve to increase your awareness of the kind of company you are considering associating yourself with.

Dreamhost core value

Dreamhost started with shared hosting packages, and later added VPS, Dedicated and then Managed WordPress hosting.

When I started online in 2008, the Internet was not so crowded a space, and spending money online was relatively uncommon. I had to do a lot of research before choosing my first hosting company, and I ultimately chose Dreamhost for several reasons, including the following:

  • I was offered a free domain name.
  • I had a discount coupon to save money on my hosting bill.
  • I liked the idea of one-click WordPress installation and Google apps integration.

All I needed was a hosting service for my WordPress blog, and Dreamhost had all the features a WordPress blog needs, and offers a complete value for money. There were a few other good alternatives out there such as Bluehost, but since money was a constraint, I opted for Dreamhost.

I was with Dreamhost for more than a year, and I had no issues at all on their shared hosting server. Later, when my traffic increased significantly, I moved to another server.

If you’re starting a new WordPress blog or website on a budget, Dreamhost is certainly a good choice.

Here are some of the notable features of Dreamhost:

Dreamhost features

  • Unlimited bandwidth + storage
  • SSD hosting
  • 1 free domain + who.is guard
  • One click WordPress installation (they offer custom cPanel)
  • Free AdWords credit
  • Round-the-clock tech support.

Usually Dreamhost is priced at $8.89/month, but using the coupon below will get you one year of unlimited hosting for only $72, including one free domain name. If you are wondering why they are offering their premium hosting service for such a cheap price, here is the reason:

Most webhosting companies spend a lot of money to acquire new customers. They generally make their money at the time of renewal or from after sales services. This is a standard practice in the webhosting industry, and it is good information for you as the consumer to know.

SSD hosting:

Dreamhost offers solid state drives for all of it’s hosting levels. Dreamhost is one of very few companies which offer SSDs for shared hosting. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a penny extra for SSD hosting with Dreamhost. It is important for you to know that SSD hosting increases your website’s performance by 200%.

Dreamhost cPanel:

Dreamhost cPanel

Dreamhost offers custom cPanel which is user friendly, and even a user with no tech skills at all will be able to use it easily. Installing your WordPress blog will take five minutes, and I have already written a guide on installing WordPress on Dreamhost which you can refer to if you wish.

After running your blog for couple of years, if you need more hosting power (resources), you can quickly upgrade to any of their high end packages like DreamPress, VPS or a dedicated server. Overall, Dreamhost is a reliable webhosting company which you can use for your website.

You can use the link below to sign up for their hosting at a cost of only $72 with one free domain included.

Dreamhost signup


If you are an existing user of Dreamhost, I would like to know your experience and review of the service.

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COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. vishwajeet Yadav says

    hello harsh,
    Great blog! I always count your recommendations on hosting.
    I just want to know, do you recommend to use dreamhost SSD VPS hosting? I am currently on hostgator india shared hosting(great experience with them,) and looking to migrate to vps. Can you please advice?


  2. Saurav Khare says

    DreamHost is Fast. With a huge data & bandwidth. Best suite for WordPress. Plus its super easy to use.

  3. Aditya says

    Hey Harsh
    Thanks for the third giveaway of 2015 and on visiting nd a self experience based features i would like to share

    Excellent Customer support – dreamhost comes with excellent customer service and focus on 100%Customer satisfaction and i like the customer service of dream host.

    Excellent features- Dream host also provides an bunch of excellent features and some of them are unlimited hosting time along with a free domain with a unlimited bandwidth with excellent up to date services .

    Affordability and variety -In a one line dream host is a bunch of various services with a wide category and with an affordable prices and they offer money back gurantee also.

    Freebies – dreamhost also comes up with superb freebies that includes AdWords credit,discounts and site builder .

    In my openion dream host is the best hosting providers at an affordable price


  4. says

    Hey Harsh,

    Awesome giveaway, honestly never used dreamhost hosting so can’t be sure what I like the most in their plans As far as the plans and services are concerned, 100% Uptime, Unlimited Disk Space and Money Back Guarantee they offer i like the most. Hope to win the contest.

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  5. Aditya says

    Hey Harsh,
    Firstly Thanks For The Third Giveaway of The 2015
    so while Looking Up onto the Dreamhost Website I Observed That

    Wide Variety – I looked Upon Their site And saw that they have a Great number of Plans With Different And Awesome Feature And For A Beginner It Has Affortable Plans Too

    Money Back Guarantee – Most Of The Hosting Providers Does’nt Provide This Thing And That Is Money Back Gurantee To Their customers

    Customer support – The Dreamhost Come Up With A User Friendly Environment With An Excellent Customer support That Will Help Out Through Out Your Queries

    specialties – It Has A Bunch Of Great specialities That in Other Hosting companies Rarely Found such As Unlimited Bandwidth At An Extra Affordable Price,You Will Also Get a Free Domain With Your Hosting Plus With Unlimited Hosting

    Free Advertising – If You Are A new Customer Of Dreamhost You Will Also Be Able To Promote Your Website With The Google Adwords Credit That You Will Get Absolutely Free From DreamHost

    so While Having My Look I Got The Following Eye Catching Features And Liked Them and If I Missed some Point Then Forgive me


  6. says

    Hey Harsh, Its been good to have so many giveaways on your site lately.

    Though i havent used dreamhost but I must say that people think that unlimited diskspace and bandwidth might be criteria for choosing a host for website.
    But reality is, it must have 100% uptime with very very good support to back you in times of need,this is where dreamhost will come to rescue, as its been in market since 1997(pretty long time). A starter will surely love the a bunch of domain with complete independence to setup wordpress on it.

    I would sum up dreamhosting in 1 line :
    If you keep your customer happy with service,feautures and customer support, you will excel and so has dreamhost with plenty diskspace, bandwidth uptime and support.

    I have been thinking of purchasing a hosting, to host and launch one on my small project for engineers. Hope this might help me get one.
    For an enginner can understand another engineer.
    Kudos /. Best of Luck for future bro .

  7. says

    My Favourite Features

    1. Free domain – Everybody wants their own identity and in today’s tech-friendly world a free domain can help you get set for a way to success and when you learn more you can buy one

    2. Unlimited Hosting – this is the most important feature eespecially for people like me and my teammates who have to design handle lots of websites. Most paid hosting offer only 1 website at such rates. Unlimited Hosting helps a lot eespecially when expanding a business.

    3.Unlimited Bandwidth – After getting established with your website it becomes extremely important to manage the visitors coming to visit the website
    .With unlimited Bandwidth the is no such problem and the visitors don’t return disappointed.

    4. One click WordPress – This feature makes the things easier for the new bloggers who have the knowledge but dont know much about tech

    5. Free Adwords Credit : Avoid important thing is attracting visitors which can be done with Google Adwords. this service requires a lot of moneybut thanks to dreamhost its free. This can be a great deal breaker.
    This was all I liked about dreamhost. I have my websites hosted on a free host and we greatly require a paid host. People like my blog/web designing website but get annoyed by the host and that’s why i really need this.

    Thank you

  8. Jaidayal Saraswat says

    One of best thing which I love in Dream host is that they are serving since 1997 (One year younger then me :D ) so I can say it’s a trusted brand in this industry

  9. says

    Thanks for this man… I am getting frustrated now with my hatchling registration in Hostgator for my new blog. It’s been 4 days now since my application and they have not activated it yet nor update the ticket number they have provided me. I will check Dreamhost if it is worth it.

  10. Rahul Sadarangani says

    Hey Harsh Thanks for an awesome Giveaway of Dreamhost. The Last time I had used Dreamhost Hosting was almost 6 month’s back on my client website when he was having difficulty in setting up the cron command. The Best thing I like about them was their Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwith. The Another good thing was their Dreamhost Wiki and Dreamhost Forum which is helpful to get our problem solved quickly. Well Another positive thing about them is the IPV6 Support which Most of Hosting provider does not support like Bluehost and IWEB and we need to route our network via Cloudflare.

  11. Regan says

    Their customer service is also good. I always like unlimited hosting plans. DreamHost is a reliable service and I would like to win a hosting plan.

  12. says

    I like the fact I can get hosting on dreamhost at an affordable price and a free domain! As a plus, the .com domain name I’d like to have is available.

  13. Munawar says

    Hi Harsh,

    I want to buy dreamhost hosting package from your coupon code, but before that i want to know that i am currently using blogger and i want to transfer my blog on self-hosted WordPress blog without losing my blog design, widgets, posts and visitors. Can you please help me, i am waiting for your reply , you can email me if you can

  14. Jay Kumar Sharma says

    I like their lot’s of features and one of them is 100% uptime because no other hosting provider give’s this feature, I also like their Unlimited space and bandwidth hosting which is really very useful and one more thing i like about them is they are not owned by Endurance International Group which creates a real competition and more chance to get a good service and support from them.

  15. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Wow. Another awesome giveaway from you. When I started blogging I purchased dreamhost hosting using your referral. I should say that dreamhost is best. Unlike other providers bandwidth is really unlimited. Also uptime is 100%.

    Moreover, the customer is excellent. You will get response to your emails within 24 hours. When you go for chat support with dreamhost, the waiting is very less or almost zero.

  16. Virendar Warwal says

    DreamHost shared hosting I like it providing 100% uptime guarantee and custom cPanel, I don’t think any other hosting company can provide these such a worthy features.

    Thanks! for the giveaway.

  17. Sagar says

    I would love to Use DreamHost as my Blogs Hosting Service. Currently i use blogger but soon i will be on Dreamhost.

  18. Maud says

    -I can host unlimited blogs with Dreamhost
    -Easly and easy to install WordPress.
    -It offers cheap hosting.
    -Free domain name for a
    -It offers best discount for some of its hosting package;
    -Tight security and trust worthy since it has been around for some years since 1997.

  19. says

    Hi Harsh,
    planning to buy hosting soon…
    The thing I like most in Dreamhost is that they are offering 100% uptime, compensation is also provided if fails. This kind of guarantee is one I got attracted towards Dreamhost. As you said it will be easy to install WordPress etc…
    Hope I will be the winner of this contest… :-p
    Thanks for this giveaway Harsh.

  20. rahul says

    This is awesome man… i m not a dreamhost customer yet but i have heard good things about them and looking forward to use this opportunity to become a part of dreamhost now.. Thanks Harsh for sharing this.. Cheers mate..