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DomainsBot : Get Suggestion for Domain Names

DomainsBot : Get Suggestion for Domain Names

Domain business has been there from the time domain names started. Many people buy keyword rich domain and resell it later on at higher price. If you don’t believe this, check out most expensive domain names. Today. we are going to learn about a site call DomainsBot which helps people like you and me to  get suggestion for domain names. Specially, when we are not sure what could be the best domain name for our next project, this is very handy. Though finding a domain name become tough some time. The best domain name is always one which contains the keyword related to your niche. Though for long term you can go for non keyword based domain names also. More like Branded domain names.

Yesterday, I was talking to my friends on Twitter and one of them told me he is starting a site and going to buy a domain  name. It’s going to be a Tech blog and he is using his first-name as domain name. One thing, which I always suggest is never use your name in your domain until it’s a personal blog. For any professional blog, it’s always a good idea to go for generic names. A name that everyone can connect to. Domainsbot not only suggest domain names, but also check the availability of domain name on various domain services.. Like I searched for this Keyword “ExpensiveDomains” and here is my suggested domain name results:

Suggested domain names

 You can see the result. So use your imagination and buy the best of domain name. Also, it finds the related domain name from SEDO or Godaddy which are up for sale, and you can directly make an offer from there.

This, is one feature which makes this name suggestion tool stand out of other domain name suggestion tools.

Link : Domainsbots

Do  let us know if you have used Domainsbot or any other such tool, which suggest and check availability of domain names.

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  • Massimo


    thanks very much for the post.

    DomainsBot just launched a new free service: a social driven Q&A site about domain names

    Give it a look!

    DomainsBot Team

  • Nihar

    I used

    This is also cool.But let me check the one you mentioned above.

  • Rockstar Sid

    Been using Domainsbot, one of the simple-to-use service I’ve been using it couple of times in a month.


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