How to Check Google Page Rank in Bulk

Google rolls out page rank update after every couple of months and if you are managing multiple websites, it become hard for you to check page rank of individual site. Here I’m sharing free sites which will help you to check page rank in bulk.

There are many online sites and free software’s which will let you check page rank but most of them allow one one site at one time. I tried finding list of such handful sites for Bloggers like us who have multiple sites, I realize many of them are still on first page but doesn’t work. I have sorted a list of few such sites which will let you check page of multiple sites or webpages at once. Some of them works as PR checker for unlimited links and some of them are limited to 50 or some no.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering what you can do too increase your PR, one simple way to go about is by building more backlinks and keep your internal link structure strong. Try to build backlink to internal pages also, which will be helpful for overall link growth of blog. When you link back to your old article, make sure to use Anchor text in backlink and if you are linking to some spam sites, use nofollow attributes.

If you will refer to my post on The list of Dofollow forums to increase your backlinks, you will realize I have given link love to few forum and rest are attributed as nofollow, to keep the balance between outbound link from a single page.

Though giving link love is not a bad idea, if you have any post and adding link to another blog post give more insight to the post. It’s a good idea to add a link to that post, as it will be useful fro readers. Though sometime it’s hard to determine the difference between Good page and bad page (Bad neighborhood). That’s where Google page rank trust comes into the picture.

So, when ever I write an article and I have to link to one site, I usually do a PR check using Google toolbar and then decide on passing the link juice or not. Of-course, quality of the article will be weighted more than PR.  When you deal with lots of pages and checking bulk pages for Google page rank using Google toolbar is not convenient in any ways.

Also when ever Google rolls out an update, I would love to check page rank of all the sites at one go. Atleast, I would be happy and sad at one time. Anyways, lets get back to find some such awesome sites.

3 Working Sites to Check Pagerank for Multiple Websites


Bulk Pagerank checker

This is the first page rank tool int his list and this bulk page rank checker gives you page rank within seconds. I checked for 5 websites at one go and within 15 seconds I can see PR of all my sites. Though to prevent spam PR check, they have captcha installed. <Link>



This is another free site and it’s slower than SEOranksmart tool but still works great. You can also get a permanent link to your page rank report, so if you are doing PR check for one of your client, you can send that link to your client and he can see PR of all his sites. <Link>


This is another free site and show PR of all your links instantly.  Though maximum bulk URL you can check using this tool is 50. So, if you have to check PR of more than 50 sites, you should try above alternatives. <Link>

While searching for more such bulk page rank checker tools, I found many such sites but many of them doesn’t work.  I will keep updating the list when we found more such useful free PR checker sites.

Do let us know if you know more such working sites, which will help us to check page rank in bulk. Do share with us via comments.

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  1. akashpatel says

    See site pagerank to do install pagerank cheaker and see any one site pagerank, and this is realy very good tool i like this tips thanks….

  2. manju says

    very good sites you have listed. i have checked them. they really work well. masspagerank is much better. worked in seconds.

  3. Pradeep | Slashsquare says

    That’ll surely save some time, earlier I tried a site for taking PageRank screenshot of some of my client domain names, that was a good one, forgot it’s name unfortunately.

  4. Dean Saliba says

    Thank you, this will save me a bit of time every time there is an update. :) I found some on Google but they were dead or were not working.

  5. jamsei says

    Hi, It´s gonna be good more examples about it, I use to work in Firefox and your plugins, I think is more intresting and practical, SEO book is my favorite tools and Seo QUAKE, by the way thans, I´ll be check your Blog.