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After 1826 Days of Blogging All I Can Say “Blogging Is Incredible”

After 1826 Days of Blogging All I Can Say “Blogging Is Incredible”

5 years back on this day (1st dec 2008) I moved a free blog hosted on BlogSpot to a self hosted WordPress blog, and that’s how ShoutMeLoud was born. While I was making this move, the only thing that I knew was I’m moving to a better platform for my blog. Many of you who have read my blogging journey, knows about the inception of ShoutMeLoud, and if you haven’t, today I will be sharing how ShoutMeLoud came into existance, and how accidentally things happened that I never imagined even in my wildest dreams. First of all, today is ShoutMeLoud`s 5th Anniversary and I am happy beyond words would express, as I never imagined how this `One’ blog could make magic happen for me and for many others.

Inception of ShoutMeLoud: 5Th Anniversary Special

If you check out the details of ShoutMeLoud, you will know that ShoutMeLoud domain was bought on 30th november 2008, and it was 1st December when a Blog name ShoutMeLoud was live on the internet. When I started blogging 5 years back , I had no idea about making money from a blog and I was blogging because I  enjoyed the writing part, and sharing what I knew . With time, I got a great response from my readers, and from hobby, this name (Blogging) become a profession to me.

Shouters Be the change

Gratitude to everyone who made things happen:

Today is the day, I want to thank people who made ShoutMeLoud the way you see it right now. I would start by thanking one of my senior from college, Mohit Nanda, the guy who taught me everything about internet at the first place. I would like to thank Ankit for giving me his credit card to buy Web-hosting and that’s how ShoutMeLoud blog came into the picture.  I would also like to thank Rahul Bansal, as he was my inspiration, and I had the pleasure of working with him for a period of 6 months. My heartiest gratitude to Mani karthik, who helped me in the beginning of my blogging career to understand about WordPress SEO and it’s because of him I learned about basics of Search engine optimization.

I would like to thank @HoneySingh, for his consistent support, motivation and designing the ShoutMeLoud logo. Special thanks to @Akyjoe, @Techim, @siddie @Rajat for being part of this wonderful journey. Thanks to all the current and past member of ShoutDreams network, and those who made ShoutMeLoud happen so far. I would like to extend my gratitude to all those 558 shouters, who guest posted here and become a part of the family. I would also  like to thank you for becoming a part of Shouters community.

The Journey of ShoutMeLoud : From An idea to a reality

In 2008, after graduating from college, all I had in my mind was to kill one year of time, so I can join Accenture (Company where I got campus placement). Since I had enough time in hand to report to Accenture, I joined Convergys and worked there for 6 months. While working for Convergys, I started my first blog on BlogSpot and started sharing things I knew.

Since childhood I was always fascinated with computers but it was only in 2005 that I had my own first computer. My first few years were spent learning about softwares, web apps, hacking, creating Linux servers, and playing counter strike. On the verge of 3rd year, when I was not placed in any company; I was cursing myself for spending countless hours on Internet and not focusing on academics. I thought social-engineering and hacking is completely waste of time, and I should have focused more on academics. After 4 failed campus placement interviews, I finally got a chance to appear @Accenture campus drive, and luckily the interviewer asked me all about Social-engineering and hacking. I wish I could explain in words, how happy I felt after getting selected at Accenture.

Later on, after completing engineering degree from one of the engineering college of Agra (H.C.S.T), I moved back to New Delhi (Capital city of India), and rented a one small room for myself. That’s the time when I joined Convergys and started getting my first salary. At the age of 22, I was independent, stopped taking any financial aid from my family, and I knew one thing; I’m the master of my life, and I could shape it in any way I wanted.

That’s the time, when I started blogging on a BlogSpot blog, and within 45 days, I was on Digg social-bookmarking site homepage (Those days Digg homepage means viral traffic to your blog). On a single day, I got more than 18K visits, and I had no idea what 18,ooo visits mattered to any other web masters. Infact, when I started blogging; I had no clue about AdSense or any other ways that bloggers can make money. Later on I learned about affiliate marketing and realized that this is the market that I need to be in. One interesting fact about my journey is; I used to take lots of print-put of blogging stuff which I need to read, and used to read them while travelling from work to home in the office cab. (Those days smartphones were not so popular in India).

Around April 2009, I left my full-time job @Convergys to try my luck as a professional blogger, and around June sometime, I got the call from Accenture to join them on 6th July. That was the time when I was a bit confused about my future, and terms like Entrepreneurship and Infopreneurship were not so popular in those days. I was baffled about the fact that should I join Accenture or should I continue with my own venture. The good side was, I was making comfortably 40,000 INR ($700) that time from my blog. Thanks to Keshav Gupta (My School friend) for his words ” We work @company so that  we can do something of our own in future, and you are already doing something of your own; so keep calm it and don’t stop“, and with his words, I was kind of sure that blogging is going to be my only profession, and just 5 days after I met with a horrible accident.

Keep Calm Dont stop now

The accident was quite severe, and I had multiple fractures on my left foot (Lisfranc injury). I was hospitalized and on bed rest for 6 months; those 6 months played a major role in my life by making me what I’m today.  While I was on bed rest, I spent most of time learning about Blogging, and practicing it. It was December 2009, when I was allowed to move, and by that time I was comfortably making more than $2000/month from blogging.

Harsh Agrawal accident

That’s the time when I met “Rahul Bansal” and we decided to work together to fulfill our dreams. From January 2009 to June 2009, we worked together, and I learned a lot from amazing people at @rtCamp. Around August 2010, I moved back to New Delhi, and decided to take ShoutMeLoud to next the level. I opened ShoutDreams as a parent company for all the blogs in my network, and thanks to @Siddie and Akshay khurana for being a part of ShoutMeLoud`s inception. Siddarth was a tech geek and he was one of the first employee (School fall out) whom I hired and invited him to Delhi from Mangalore, and become a part of ShoutDreams network. If you want to know more about Sid, you should check out his article : Being high on Tech to being paid by tech.

Akyjoe siddie

Later on @Akykoe moved out to start his own venture at @TheCreatology (He is a talented WordPress designer and Thesis developer), and that’s the goal I always had for anyone becoming a part of ShoutDreams. If working with ShoutDreams, you are not becoming your own boss; it’s  me who is failing more than you. In between, ShoutMeLoud and I got featured on various magazines, got interviewed by many bloggers, and things changed a lot for me and around me.

This year (2013) is one of the best year of my blogging career, because first time I ever gave a stage presentation; and later on got an opportunity to speak at Asia’s largest hosting summit.  Now we at the verge of calling “Happy new year” and moving to next year of our life, I’m not sure how things will shape in the future; but I’m confident and looking forward to see and experience the unseen. I have few plans and things which are at execution stage, and it’s all about empowering Shouters. If this is the first time you are visiting ShoutMeLoud Blog, this 2 minutes video will give you an overview and ideology of our blog:

Things that I learned over the time:

In the past 5 years, I have learned many new things, and many of my beliefs were broken and I learned life is not so simple, and it will never be a constant joy ride. There will be good days and there will be bad days, what matter is how you deal with them. That’s how life is, and what matter is; how you imagine your life to be. One of my friend suggested me to read “The Secret“, and after reading the book, I suggest you to read it too. It will help you solve problems in a better way and you will live a better life. This book is for anyone who would like to have a better and meaningful life. Here are few things I could share from my 27 years of experience:

  • Have goals in your life, that will help you keep moving forward .
  • You are the creator of your own life, and you can make anything out of it. So dream big, act big and make it big.
  • Be it right or wrong; be the person you are. We all like people who are honest and just honest.
  • Your problems are your own, and they will keep coming. Instead of getting worried about problems, put your energy in getting out of the problems.
  • What ever is happening in your life right now is because of the actions you have taken in the past. What will happen tomorrow is; how you act now.
  • The main key to success is confidence.
  • Find your inner strength, and never let you down. You might not be Mr. or Ms. Perfect, but you are the person that no one can ever be.
  • Never sacrifice your future for your present and find the perfect balance between present and future to live a better life.
  • Never share your problems with anyone, because everyone is busy handling their own problems.
  • Give as much as you could without expecting anything in return.
  • Success is an endless journey, once you on the track; you don’t have to stop ever.
  • Most important: Your blog is your personal space. When you write anything, write it from heart, and you will earn million hearts.

My lasts words:

Before you add a comment on my 5 year long blogging journey, do check out this important message for you:

This is all I have to share today and at the end thank you for being a part of ShoutMeLoud community. And to share my love and joy, I have many exiting giveaways happening for the next few days, and I suggest you to subscribe to our Newsletter or join us on Facebook to be the first one to know about these giveaways.

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  • girish

    hello sir, thank you very much for sharing this blog.As i am beginner in blogging, this Tips really help me out.This is my first blog i have read but at last have got my all question answer regarding blogging.thanks very much.this also help me to choose job or blog.
    thanks i admire u

  • Mohit Kumar

    Wow… I Didnt know that u were actually using blogger in SML’s starting days.
    And then u moved on to wordpress. After reading this, its looking that blogging is really interesting. Even i was thinking to shift my blog from blogger to wordpress soon. Wordpress is really an awesome platform.

    And Sir im a great fan of yours n SML i would lke to come in contact with u, in person. I am from Agra, India. Hope to meet u soon.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Yah like all, I also started my journey With BlogSpot and it was a great learning experience. Once you get the hitch of blogging, do move to WordPress. It’s an amazing blogging platform and more powerful than BlogSpot in terms of SEO and features. You might like to check out this post to learn the major difference:

      Glad to know you are from Agra. I did my engineering from H.C.S.T Agra.
      Welcome to ShoutMeLoud :)

  • pakhijain

    Hi Harsh,
    An inspiring blog for beginners like me. After reading this blog i feel more confident. Eager to read your next blog as i am a beginner what steps should i take to make blogging successful?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for dropping by Pakhil and here are few tips and resources which I can suggest you at this moment:

        Pick a topic that you are most confident about. Right in a conversation manner and in a way that is easier for anyone to read and understand.
        Write regularly and have a content calendar. By that I mean, plan a pattern of content that you are going to write for next one month.
        Your goal should be convert visitors into subscribers and keep giving them something new. That means keep giving them more of the topic which made them subscribe to your blog.

      Last read this post to change the way you blog and write like a confident blogger:

  • Ayush Kumar

    Sir, I am a big fan of yours and you know that cause’ I have e-mailed you many times. Actually I visited your site by mistake and this was the first posts I ever read on your site. What came next was that I became SML addict. This post has inspired me to start blogging and never lose hope. So have been many new bloggers. Thanks for writing this post and making me more firm.
    Love SML ………

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Glad you got hooked with ShoutMeLoud and Enjoy your stay here. :)

  • Sanjeev

    Great blogging Journey Harsh, Good luck for great future too.

  • Sourabh

    Hi Harsh,

    I have been keep on visiting this post again and again from past some time to get inspired.
    Thanks for sharing this this great article.


  • Sanjay Pal

    Hi Harsh, How you’re doing? You probably don’t know me but let me tell you that your blog was the sole reason that made me get started writing in a blog. I am a co-author and a total novice. Although it takes hours of research and hardwork, but I must say that the pay-offs are incredible. Nothing feels better than when someone appreciates your undertakings. I have written a few posts on my blog and I will be highly obliged if you could take your precious time out and go through it. Looking forward to your valuable comments and hope to hear from you soon. Godspeed !

  • Maadhav Saxena

    WOW! It felt like watching a movie with all the ups and downs. Amazing journey you had! Inspiring! Got to learn a lot from your experience! thanks for sharing

  • Ashish Goswami

    As soon as I saw the title of the post ,I was very interested to read it and it motivated me a lot.
    Sir,let me tell you ,you are an inspiration for many newbies like me .
    And congratulations for the success of your blog.

  • Shahriar Ahmed

    Hi brother,
    It’s really incredible.You are amazing.Though you have faced many problem you never stop (like – your fracture ) .I hope you will get more success in future and Almighty God show you the right way.

  • Michael

    This article was great. I wasn’t expecting too much beyond a “you can achieve this and that from blogging” but the personal story that came about was interesting. There’s always a positive side when negative things happen (your injury). Keep up the great work!

  • ganesh yadav

    Thanks Harsh sir to share your whole journey. Your blogposts always inspires me and others. I hope you will write more on SEO. Wish You Success!

  • Rahul baniwal

    your post is very interesting and reading about Wordpress in your website, I have learned lot of thing about blogging and my confidence level has got increased for blogging thank you so much.

  • Sourabh Jain

    Hello, Harsh
    your story is very inspiration for me and anothor bloggers.
    after inspire your story i will thinking about blogging as a Carrier.
    thank for sharing your real life blogging story

  • Ghamdan Hassan

    I am from Yemen and you inspired me not to give up or let go.
    Thank you and keep up the good work

  • Gaurav Chowdhuri

    Hello, Read your blog and thought that you are an inspiration to amateur & wanna-be Bloggers like me. I have bookmarked ShoutMeLoud in my phones as well as my PC. Love to read it weneva I travel and want to get tips on starting a blog or affiliate marketing. Would love to hear from you about affiliate marketing soon. Thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge that you have.
    Geek4Eva G/

  • Lakshay

    It is indeed very inspiring and motivating. A journey can be full of speed breakers but the person with strong determination moves endlessly towards success.

  • Mukul Chugh

    A very inspiring story Harsh i am your fan :-)


    Dear Harsh,
    Your story is really good. I recommend to all my friends regarding
    They also become happy and become member of your site.
    Thanks for sharing real life story.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment and glad you find it interesting. I’m sharing what I have learned and also learning from the community at the same time. I’m really thankful to you for sharing about ShoutMeLoud with your friends. And, congratulation for becoming Shouter. :)

    • Lakshay

      Its nice to know about yours journey of this blog. I would like to learn more blogging tips from your incredible experience. Wish you good success in the coming years.

  • Rahul Singh Solanki

    Very interesting bro, actually your this inspiring story gives a energy to completely enter in my work and give the positive thoughts that we should not let go our dreams :D :D love it bro.

  • Ashok Maruthi

    A Very inspiring story in the professional blogging history of india. A Great Inspiration to all peoples who wants to become a professional blogger in india or other country . This is the timeline story of shoutmeloud and in future many blogs would have shoutmeloud in their blogging timeline also . iam one of the them :)

  • Harpal Singh

    Your story is really inspiring, not just for Indians but also for all bloggers throughout the world.

  • avinash

    I’m from pharmacy field, I do not even know A B C of blogging. I’m very happy to read this blog post. Your journey motivated me to start my own blog and share my knowledge with world. Thank you buddy.
    May god give you lots of success and healthy life.


  • Swapnil

    Hey Harsh,
    Its always have been nice to read your Blogging journey. Your struggles are awesome. I am blogger and reading this blog from 1.5 years.
    I got everything i need in blogging from this blog. Your blogging experience always give me motivation to go further in blogging.
    Thanks again for sharing your journey with us.

  • Aakash Salunke

    Very interesting and inspiring story. And your progress was quite stunning. I liked it. And I like how you write your posts. Always so interesting. How do you write such posts. Hats off.

  • Millar Matthews

    Such an inspiring blogging story of ShoutMeLoud. Thanks for the share. You are a true inspiration to many bloggers.

  • Carlos E

    Hello Harsh,
    I checked several, yes several website where I can learn about blogging and how to make some money and so far yours is number one. I like people that go direct to the point
    I have a question, the social media bar that you use I like but because I just started I do not have any “Likes”. Is there any way not to show the numbers??

  • Writer Town

    Harsh, this is a very inspirational story.
    I understand all too well how it feels to be on the fence about your own future; you had to decide whether to keep working for your boss, or whether to become your own boss. Thankfully you made the right decision, an a very smart one as well. Best of luck with your blogging ventures, and I am a fan.

  • Millar Matthews

    Very inspiring indeed. I visit your blog daily from Kenya and will one day be like you. Keep it up.

  • Waleed Ahmad Khan

    Really Inspirational Story Harsh,
    I am really impressed. Keep sharing such type of posts. :)

  • Shiwang Kumar Singh

    Indeed great journey! found many similarities as I am also a btech student who is little bit confused over importance of academics. I have started blogging in 2nd year, I hope in some years my story include more similarities with your story!

  • kuldep

    wow that was wonderful experience you had. when i started reading i though i would not read hole article but your writing skills wow so nice. You just made a magic on my mind and i keep reading article till the end… Soon will start my own blog


  • Gaurav Arora

    To be honest here, I want to share my story. I belong to a small village in haryana. Nobody here knows about blogging. Even my friend who are doing btech, not supported me. My parents refused to help me in my passion. And after a lot of struggle I came to about real SEO technique. In my journey I got masters like Harsh and Gaganpreet. I have no words to describe that how ShoutMeLoud has changed my life. You are the real guru Harsh. I have tried many times to talk to you but I understand how much busy life you have. Thanks Sir for giving a direction to my life. I can proudly say I AM A BLOGGER.

  • Sourav

    Hi Sir !
    As said Success is a journey not a destination. So, we should keep trying and trying. We might face failures but at some point of time, VICTORY is ours.
    As you’ve said , the main key to success is confidence. We waste our valuable time comparing other people and dream about being them. Instead we should draw inspiration from them. Everybody has their own strength’s and weakness and it’s only when we accept our strength’s and weakness , we truly become successful.
    You’ve been a great blogger and You are a TRUE Source of INSPIRATION to me and many others :)

    Cheerz ! Keep inspiring ! Keep writing !

  • Sammy

    Thanks for giving me an inspiration to work more hard in blogging..


  • Hardy

    Your story really inspired me to keep writing and never give up. Thank you so much.
    Happy blogging!

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Congrats Harsh,

    Excellent work and keep going :-)

  • shubham kmar

    Bro,I had started learning blotting from mybloggertricks.and then 9lessons but now I think that u are the one of the best person who came in my life.
    I am class 11th,and my parents are saying that first of all complete 12th, then IIT.thnx complete computer science course, and then do what you want to do.but I love blogging but I was unable to give time on my blog because of my exams.can u give some idea that how can I manage my blog? PLEASE

  • Nirmal Anandh

    Wonderful Post.

    Thanks for sharing your “Journey of Blogging” with others. Really i enjoyed reading this post. I heard that, most bloggers are used to saying, Harsh is my inspiration for blogging.

    Anyway, all the best. Have a happy weekend.

  • Vinay

    cool, even you earn from single comment, so from now i get strict about my site comments, thanks for the nice info. :)

  • Mohit Nanda

    Congratulations Harsh! :)
    You have really come a long way! Kudos!

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks Sir.
      Your words matter a lot. Thanks for all the mentoring you did back in the days. :)

  • Vibhav Mishra

    Believe Me. I Just Can’t Stopped Myself on Commenting On Your Blog. Wonderful Post and One More thing after seeing your Comments and this friendly Posts. I Must Say You have a Good Heart too.. Thanks for Sharing This Post With Us :)

  • amit sihan

    Respected Sir

    Hi Dear Very Beautiful Post To Better Tips To Creat Successful Blog Thanks For Sharing.Most Of All Your Post Very Close My Heart Because I Am Daily Visitor Of Your Website And Getting More Knowledge From Here. I Am Glad To Find A Lot Of Useful Into Right Here In The Article. Real Dear if I Am Use This All Fact I Can Be A Successful Blogger. thanks for inspired me.Sir I Love Your Hard work Sir Keep Please Keep Continue One Day You Are One Of The Best Blogger

  • Juhi

    Hello Sir
    Your story really inspired me alot and the thing which inspired me alot is you are from my college. Thanks for inspiration and motivation.
    I hope I could follow you in some way.

  • Nirmal Kumar Pandit

    Hi Harsh,

    After reading your blog about your blogging journey it was amazing and it was very useful to inspire to other via this blog. Now you get this destination after more and more your efforts. I hope your blogging journey will help to some one for achieve their targets. Thanks to share your journey via this blog.

  • Minky Mehta

    sir you doing a great job,,,that part of your life storey where you were confused in between job or blog,,,,when you chose work out on your blog,,that was actually a right decision of your’s….i like it…..well done….keep it up.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for dropping by and indeed that was one of the best and most important moment of my career. Thanks for your meaningful comment and hope to see you around more. :)

  • Anshul Mathur

    Your story is quite amazing.
    Didn’t stopped for even 1 second while reading.
    Best of luck for your future.

  • Naveen Rajput

    Harsh sir really you are very great ,you are my mentor and for many like me.I read your every article and you motivates me all the time .I am very thankful to you ,and always feels fortunate when i visit shoutmeloud. You have changed my vision of living this life.
    Thanks a lot to become a part of this IT world .

  • Satish Pandey

    Thanks, Harsh for sharing your great and inspirational chronicle of your Blogging Journey.
    Keep it up…

  • Kevin Kimani

    Hi Harsh,

    This is like the third time I am reading this. Your story is inspiring and I am working extremely hard to be the ‘kenyan’ Harsh! I changed my perspective about blogging the moment I stumbled on your blog.

    Big up, you are a mentor!

  • chaithanya

    good bio dude!
    your story showed some tricky ways to escape from problems i have been experiencing and your tips from your 27 years of experience it is good and i think helps in y near future

  • kailash mahadik

    Harsh, all I can say is: “After 1826 Days of blogging, you are Incredible Blogger”
    I want to use this opportunity to give you million thanks for everything you are doing for helping your fellow bloggers to learn and achieve success in this very tough road. Becoming a problogger is very hard. Thanks for trying to make this easy to us.
    I know there are a lots of probloggers who are full of knowledge and share it with us like: David Rowse, Pat Flynn and many others. But the way you share your knowledge with us is composed with simplicity, love and a huge dose of motivation and inspiration.
    Thanks for inspiring us Harsh!

  • Bharat

    Weldone! Harsh, your story is so inspiring. I am unemployed and still thinking, it is worth doing! Why have more popular blogs/website less search engine traffic (20%) and more other Kind of traffic. why facebook traffic not doing well for adsense. What’s ur opinion harsh concerning to this topic.

  • Nilantha Madhushanka

    “Success can be achieved only through efforts”

    I admire you. Great


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