After 2191 Days of Blogging, All I Can Say is: “Blogging Is Incredible!”

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Six years ago on this very day (December 1, 2008) I moved a free blog hosted on BlogSpot to a self-hosted WordPress blog, and that’s how ShoutMeLoud was born.

The only thing I was sure of when I was making this transition was that I was moving to a better platform for my blog.

Many of you who have read my blogging journey already know about the inception of ShoutMeLoud. If you missed reading about my journey, today I will be sharing how ShoutMeLoud came into existence, and how a variety of things happened that I never imagined would happen, even in my wildest dreams.

Today, on ShoutMeLoud’s 6th Anniversary, I am happier than words can express.  I could never have imagined how this one blog could make magic happen for me and so many others.

Inception of ShoutMeLoud: 6Th Anniversary Special

If you check out the details of ShoutMeLoud, you will see that the ShoutMeLoud domain was purchased on November 30, 2008,  and on the very next day, December 1, 2008, ShoutMeLoud went live on the Internet!

When I started blogging six years ago, I had no idea how to make money from a blog, and I was blogging only because I enjoyed writing and sharing what I knew. With time, I got a great response from my readers, and blogging went from being a hobby to being my profession.

Shouters Be the change

Gratitude to everyone who made things happen:

On this pivotal day, I want to thank the many people who made ShoutMeLoud what it is today.

To begin, I thank Mohit Nanda, one of my friends from college and the guy who taught me everything he knew about the Internet in the first place.

I would like to thank Ankit for giving me his credit card to buy Web-hosting, as that is how the ShoutMeLoud blog became a reality.

My heartiest gratitude also goes out to Mani Karthik, who helped me at the beginning of my blogging career, teaching me about WordPress SEO and about the basics of search engine optimization.

I would also like to thank @HoneySingh for his consistent support and motivation, and for designing the ShoutMeLoud logo.

Thanks to all the current and past members of the ShoutDreams network, and to all those who helped create ShoutMeLoud to date.

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to the 558 Shouters who guest posted here and became a part of the ShoutMeLoud family. Thank you for being part of the Shouters’ community.

The Journey of ShoutMeLoud: From an Idea to a Reality

In 2008 after graduating from college, all I had in my mind was to kill one year of time until I could join Accenture (the company where I got my campus placement).  Since I had time before I had to report to Accenture, I joined the folks at Convergys and worked there for six months. While working for Convergys, I started my first blog on BlogSpot and I began sharing things that I knew and understood.

I had been fascinated with computers since childhood, but it was only in 2005 that I got my first computer. My first few years hands-on with a computer were spent learning about software, web apps, hacking, creating Linux servers, and playing Counter-Strike.

On the verge of my 3rd year of college, when I had not yet been placed in a company, I was cursing myself for spending countless hours on the Internet and not focusing on academics. I thought social engineering and hacking was a complete waste of time, and I felt that I should have focused more on academics.

After four failed campus placement interviews, I finally got a chance to appear at the Accenture campus drive, and fortunately the interviewer asked me about social engineering and hacking!

I wish I could describe how happy I felt after being selected by Accenture.

After completing my engineering degree from one of the engineering colleges of Agra (H.C.S.T), I moved back to New Delhi (Capital City of India), and rented a small room for myself. At that time I joined Convergys, and I started getting my first salary. At the age of 22 I was independent, and I knew one thing: I am the master of my life, and I can shape it in any way I want.

That’s when I started blogging on a BlogSpot blog, and within 45 days I was on the Digg social bookmarking site homepage.  In those days the Digg homepage meant viral traffic to your blog. On a single day I got more than 18,000 visits, and I had no idea what 18,000 visits meant to a webmaster. In fact, when I started blogging I had no clue about AdSense or any other ways that bloggers can make money. Later on, I learned about affiliate marketing and I quickly realized that this is the market that I needed to be in.

One interesting fact about my journey is that I used to take lots of print-outs of blogging information that I wanted to read, and I would read them while traveling from work to home in the office cab. (Back then smartphones were not so popular in India.)

In April of 2009 I left my full-time job at Convergys to try my luck as a professional blogger, and at some point in June I got the call from Accenture to join them on July 6th. That was the point at which I began to feel somewhat confused about my future.

In those days and terms like “entrepreneurship” and “infopreneurship” were not as popular as they are today.  I was conflicted as to whether I should join Accenture or continue with my personal/professional venture.

The good news was that I was comfortably making 40,000 INR ($700) at that time from my blog. Thanks to Keshav Gupta (my school friend) for his wise words:  “We work at a company so that we can create something of our own in the future. You are already doing something of your own, so keep calm and don’t stop.”  And with his words, I was reassured that blogging was going to be my profession.

Five days later, I was involved in a horrible accident.

Keep Calm Dont stop now

The accident was quite severe, and I had multiple fractures on my left foot (Lisfranc injury). I was hospitalized and on bed rest for six months. Those six months played a major role in making me what I am today.  While I was on bed rest, I spent most of my time learning about blogging, and practicing it. It was December 2009 when I was allowed to move, and by that time I was comfortably making more than $2000/month from blogging.

Harsh Agrawal accident

It was at this time when I met Rahul Bansal, and we decided to work together to fulfill our dreams.

From January 2009 to June 2009 we worked together, and I learned a great deal from the amazing people at @rtCamp. Around August 2010, I moved back to New Delhi and decided to take ShoutMeLoud to the next level.

I opened ShoutDreams as a parent company for all the blogs in my network. I am grateful to @Siddie and Akshay Khurana for being a part of this piece of ShoutMeLoud’s inception. Siddarth was a tech geek and he was one of the first employees whom I hired. I invited him to Delhi from Mangalore, and he became a part of the ShoutDreams network. (If you want to know more about Sid, you should check out his article : Being High on Tech to Being Paid by Tech.)

During this time, ShoutMeLoud and I were featured in various magazines, and were interviewed by many bloggers, and things changed a lot for me and around me.

2013 was a great year for my blogging career.  During that year I had my first opportunity to  give a stage presentation, and later that year I was invited to speak at Asia’s largest hosting summit.

2014 was quite a year as well, as I spent a lot of time involving myself in various activities like video blogging and public speaking.

If this is the first time you are visiting the ShoutMeLoud blog, this two-minute video will give you an overview and ideology of our blog:

Things that I learned over time:

In the past six years, I have learned many new things.  During this time many of my beliefs were broken, and I learned that life is not so simple, and it will never be a constant joy ride. There will be good days and there will be bad days, but what matters is how you deal with them.

Also important is how you imagine your life to be. One of my friends suggested that I read “The Secret“, and after reading the book, I must suggest that you to read it, too. It will help you to solve problems in a better way, and you will live a better life. This book is for anyone who would like to have a better and more meaningful life.

Here are few things that I would like to share from my 28 years of experience with life:

  • Have goals in your life that will help you to keep moving forward.
  • You are the creator of your own life, and you can make anything you want out of it.  So dream big, act big and make it big.
  • Be the person you are. We all like people who are honest.  Just honest.
  • Your problems are your own, and they will keep coming. Instead of worrying about problems, put your energy into solving them.
  • Whatever is happening in your life right now is a result of the actions you have taken in the past. What will happen tomorrow is will be determined by how you are acting right now.
  • The main key to success is confidence.
  • Find your inner strength, and never let yourself down. You might not be perfect, but you are the person that no one else can ever be.
  • Never sacrifice your future for your present, and find the perfect balance between present and future to live a better life.
  • Never share your problems with anyone, because everyone is busy handling their own problems.
  • Give as much as you can without expecting anything in return.
  • Success is an endless journey. Once you are on the track, you never have to stop.
  • Most important: your blog is your personal space. When you write anything, write it from your heart, and you will earn a million hearts.

My final words:

Before you add a comment on my six-year long blogging journey, please check out this important message:

This is all I have to share today.  Thank you for being a part of the ShoutMeLoud community. And to share my love and joy, I invite you to subscribe to our newsletter or join us on Facebook to be the first to learn the next great thing from ShoutMeLoud!

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  1. says

    Harsh, A very inspirational read. You scared me for a second with that leg bandage! Keep up the good work with Shout Me Loud. I continue to get great tips and insights from your site.

  2. says

    Heyya. Congrats in your success so far. I fully understand what you give and what you receive. Success is not the straight line, what is the most important is you have your beliefs and you stand up after failures. .. Keep Rocking babe.. :)

  3. Prashant says

    must agree with you , thanks for inspiration Dude !! i was doubting myself , if you can do this , why not me !! thanx for sharing your experience , nice story !!!

  4. says

    Totally agreed. Congrats in your success so far. I fully understand what you give and what you receive. Success is not the straight line, what is the most important is you have your beliefs and you stand up after failures. NEVER GIVE UP will push you to the big success. Cheers

  5. says

    awesome ……… video and post. i got more strength and motivation after reading this thanks am really like you playing games all day , also have great interest in hacking , doing something different from others etc

  6. says

    Let me first thank God for making me find Nobody referred me, the name came to my mind and I hit my keyboard. I am really enjoying myself here. There are lot’s of thing to learn here, mouth watering tips for that matter. Thanks for sharing all these with us.

  7. says

    Hi Harsh,
    It was really a wonderful article on your whole journey but I have some questions for you, please answer if possible :

    1. What was the biggest challenge you have faced in your journey ?
    2. What do you think is the biggest achievements of all in your journey ?
    3. What is the biggest mistake made by you in your journey which you would never want to repeat even by chance & don’t want any of newbies like me to make ?

    As I am a newbie I am interested to know these facts from a master like you so that they can help me. Thanks for answers in advance.

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