List of Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress Niche

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List of Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress Niche

WordPress is not only just a CMS,  but it’s a means of living for many. Many developers and freelancers are making a living out of WordPress, by selling Themes, plugins, services or consultancy. For those, who are not into development, that can always earn from WordPress by promoting products. In simple words, you will endorse somebody product with your special tracking link (Affiliate link), and you will get a commission out of it.

Learn: What is Affiliate Marketing & FAQ

Eespecially, if you are blogging on WordPress, you can easily recommend the premium product that you are using (Most of the premium WordPress products have an affiliate program), and when a user buys product from your referral, you will be making handsome income out of it. This could be from $1-$500 per product.

Here, I will be sharing some of the top affiliate programs for WordPress bloggers. Most of these affiliate programs are open to everyone, so you can join in all of these affiliate programs, and promote one that suits your taste and style. You can refer to my guide on “how to promote Affiliate products on your blog“, to get a better understanding of, how you can promote these WordPress premium products.

Some of the recommended WordPress products for Affiliate Marketing:

WordPress affiliate products can easily be classified majorly into following categories:

  • WordPress Premium Plugins
  • WordPress Premium Themes
  • WordPress hosting
  • WordPress backup-management products

Before, I share the list, here are few things that you need to know:

  1. Get a PayPal account: Most of these affiliate programs offer payment via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, Get one now.
  2. If Your Product is not listed here: If you are using any particular premium WordPress product, and you don’t see the affiliate program overview in this list. Simply Google “Product Name + Affiliate program” in Google search, and you will find the details of aff. Program for that product.
  3. Join All: Joining all these affiliate program is easy, and free. I suggest you to join all, and get on their mailing list. These ways, you will receive latest coupon codes, promotional matter, and another useful insight about the product. You may not be promoting all the products, but the affiliate promotion information you will get via these Emailers, will be of top-notch.

So, let’s get on with our list, and find out some of the popular WordPress affiliate program, which you can promote on your blog for handsome income.

WordPress Themes Affiliate program:

Unlike old days, now there are tons of WordPress premium themes affiliate programs out there. I have worked with few of them for my niche WordPress theme blog and for ShoutMeLoud. Based on my experience with them, I’m sharing some of the recommended one here:

Elegant Themes Affiliate program:

Elegant themes affiliate payout

Elegant WordPress Themes are one of the easiest and highly convertible aff. Program for WordPress bloggers. Despite of not so active promotion, I have made over $3,200 with their Affiliate program. The reason for good conversion of their products is because of low-price. They offer 86 premium themes for $39 (Various categories), and themes are regularly updates. Here are the essential features of their program:

  • You earn 50% from each sale
  • You will get a commission for yearly renewal ( Lifetime affiliate)
  • Payout via PayPal

Join Elegant Themes Aff. program

Genesis Themes:

Genesis Affiliate program

Genesis is one of the top WordPress theme frameworks out there, and many bloggers swear by it. Undoubtedly, with the sad downfall of Thesis theme, Genesis turned out to be most popular theme framework. Unlike other theme network, Genesis is priced on the higher side and is used by professional bloggers or serious online businesses. Genesis Framework and skins are quite easy to promote, as a company has a great brand-name in the marker, and with a quick promotion, you can earn hugely.

  • You will get 35% commission on every sale.
  • 2 Tier-Affiliate program
  • Program is managed by ShareASale and payout via Bank transfer or ACH.
  • 60 days cookies.

Join StudioPress Affiliate program


FameThemes Affilaites

FameThemes is a relatively new WordPress theme marketplace, but I have noticed high conversions on their landing page. Recently, I have promoted Code light responsive theme from FameThemes, and this theme converted well. Their product is top-notch, and you can easily earn good bucks by promoting them.

  • 50% commission on every bill.
  • 50% commission on re-bills.
  • Tracking cookies are set for 365 days.
  • Payment via PayPal and Minimum Payout is $50

Join FameThemes affiliate program

These are some of the working themes aff. Program for me. There are many more that you can join, for ex: Themeforest affiliate program, Theme-junkie affiliate program.

WordPress plugins affiliate program:

When it comes to premium WordPress plugins, list is endless. I have promoted few in the past to earn few 1000$, but there is not a single plugin that you can stick for long. WordPress premium plugins marketplace is very competitive, and every day, a new or better product pops out.  So, if you are trying to get into plugins promotion niche, you need to be active in terms of knowing what’s the best, and how do they work. Instead of referring to direct product, I will share the marketplace that you should join, to earn from plugins affiliate.

Tip: As I mentioned, WordPress plugins have limited marketplace, and you need to sign-up individually for most of the product. A majority of plugins are sold via Clickbank,  which is easier to link to. You should search for product affiliate program manually, or find a high-selling plugin to promote it.


Clickbank WordPress marketplace

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate marketplace out there, and a hub for affiliate marketers. Joining Clickbank is easy, and once you are signed up, you will have your clickbank user name. (ex: denharsh). Now, most of premium WordPress plugins affiliate program is managed by Clickbank, and you need to get the hop link. Here is a quick example:

Instabuilder plugin aff. program is managed by Clickbank (CB), and on their affiliate page, you will see link like:

Simply replace, clickbankusername with your user-name, and your affiliate link will become like: This is going to be the same for all the themes, and plugins which are managed by Clickbank.

Join Clickbank

Warrior Forum:

I have already talked about Warriorforum affiliate program earlier, and I’m not going to get into details about the same. I picked EasyWPSEO, and few other plugins from their aff. program, and it converted great. If you missed my earlier guide, you can refer to below mentioned guide


JVZoo Affiliate marketplace

JVZoo is another affiliate marketplace like Clickbank, Commission junctions, and is widely used by Internet marketers. You will find some amazing WordPress products out there (Plugins & Themes), and which you can easily promote. Most of these products are launched by Internet marketers, who knows what we as a blogger require, and that makes the product very useful. Joining their program is easy, and free.

  • Payout via PayPal
  • Life-time cookie

Join JVZoo affiliate program

Gravity Forms plugin:

Gravity Forms plugin

Gravity forms is one of the most recommended premium contact form plugin for WordPress. This plugin is featured pack, and due to large number of tutorials, this plugin is marketed really well. You can easily promote this plugin in your blog posts, or via banner ads.

  • Affiliate program is managed by eJunkie.
  • 20% commission on sale price.
  • Payment via PayPal

Join Gravity Forms affiliate program

WordPress Webhosting:

Webhosting is one of the highest paying niche in affiliate marketing. If you are promoting WordPress products on your blog, webhosting niche will help you to earn a huge commission on every sale. Gautam has already covered basics of Webhosting affiliate for bloggers, and below I will mention some of the WordPress hosting program, which you should definitely join.

Shared hosting:

shared hosting affiliate program

Here are some of the best shared hosting affiliate program for your blog. All these shared hosting aff. program are recommended based on experience, and conversions.

Managed WordPress hosting:

Marketplace for managed WordPress hosting is growing, and since it’s a costly product, payout is usually high. Here are the list of recommended managed WordPress affiliate program out there:

Miscellaneous WordPress products with affiliate program:

Here are some of the products which are recommended for WordPress, and they work great as an affiliate too.

  • ManageWP Aff Program: A product to manage multiple WordPress blogs from single dashboard. High-quality product, and good commission payout.
  • WPMuDev Affiliate : Huge collection of Premium WordPress products. Specially if your blog targets WordPress multi-site, you can find some amazing affiliate products to promote here.

These are the major WordPress affiliate program, that contributes into my monthly income reports. I would love to know about new products and other affiliate products related to WordPress, that are working great for you. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. says

    Hey Harsh!
    I am a new and frequent reader of your blog, and I love your writing. I used to print your articles with the print friendly addon but now it is not available, I have to use the Chrome Extension for that purpose now. You should add it back to make your Blog more user friendly.

  2. says

    This is very very helpful & informative. I was always confused how affiliate program works & how we promote products but after reading this article, I realized that its easy to start this business by just putting hard work on it. Well I’m going to try this now & I hope it works.

  3. Akhil K A says

    Hey Harsh.

    Thanks for the list. Did you heard about I just joined as an affliate. But, some sites are saying jvzoo is scam. What’s your opinion?



  4. Nishant Thakur says

    Hi Harsh,

    This is really very valuable article.

    I have one question regarding ipage and fatcow affiliate programs. They are asking to fill a Tax IRS Form W-8BEN for Non-US residents.

    How to fill that? Which information to put exactly there?

  5. Jeeshan says

    Hello Harsh,
    I’ve started affiliation marketing. and widely I am promoting elegant theme. Please tell me what is conversion rate. After a few days I got 15 unique click but no sold. Can you help me to tell what is the avg conversion rate ?

  6. says

    I love the famethemes Affiliate program. Their themes are modern and attractive thats why selling them is not a tough job :) and also they provide a good amount of commission.

  7. Adam W. Warner says

    Hi Harsh,

    This is indeed a great list, and I personally promote almost all of them.

    I’m also the Co-founder of FooPlugins and welcome you to have a look at the plugins we offer, eespecially our FooBox media lightbox plugin and consider it for yourself and also for your list in this post. We pay out 33% and are a committed team of WordPress community members having many free plugins in the repo and also speaking and attending many WordCamps yearly.

    The link to our aff program is in my signature above;)


  8. Abhijit Mahida says

    Yup,promoting WordPress themes are proving great for new
    affiliates becuase of their less price they sell fast and earn good
    money for them.MyThemeShop is also a good option for running
    affiliate programs.

  9. says

    Thank you for the list, i have interest on jvoo and am going to explore it even more.
    I need to start earning again with Affiliate sales with my make money online site.

    • says

      Can’t comment much on that as I have not promoted them actively. So far it made couple of conversions which I consider decent with the amount of effort I put in..

  10. Ama says

    Another good affiliate program is TeslaTheme’s affiliate program. They pay 50% of all sales and the conversion rate is very high.

  11. says

    Hi Harsh!
    I think you was missed CommentLuv Affiliate Program. CommentLuv is a most-used WordPress plugin for blogging niche and their Affiliate program is very good with 50% commission, no minimum payout.
    By the way, thank for great list.

  12. says

    I thinking after money-making niche wordpress niche has highest number of affiliate products but to reach to the level of wordpress pro you need at least two years of extensive blogging and after that you would be able to write impressive reviews and people would be buying your recommended product after considering you authority in your niche

  13. says

    Harsh, I sincerely appreciate you for empowering thousands of Blogger with the right knowledge, and also the motivation. Highly Appreciated ! Love you for that :)

  14. says

    Hello Harsh…..

    That’s a great list. I just now about fame themes affiliate program after reading your article. I think you can also add MyThemeShop affiliate programs under WordPress Premium Themes section.


  15. Puneet aggarwal says

    Awesome List of Affiliate Programs Will definitely try on my personal website
    Thanks for giving such an wonderful list

  16. Lakhyajyoti says

    Another great post. Most of the affiliate programs you have mentioned in your post are new to me. Surely I’ll try few of them. thanks for the share.

  17. sandhu brothers says

    thanks for this sir i am going to start affilate now by getting 50 % on every sale. very nice online affilate tips to join…..

  18. hardluckstrome says

    Hello Harsh
    Well I have just started blogging and many bloggers suggests using affiliates over normal publishers.
    I was looking for detailed tutorial for Direct Ad sales but couldn’t found sufficient amount of information.

  19. Divya Khan says

    I love wordpress niche then any other niche because their affiliate % is massive and huge to the publisher.

  20. Manish says

    Thanks Harsh, I am very new in affiliate marketing. I was searching for this information. In your july income report i asked you describe affiliate earning. Now i got idea.
    Thanks once again.

  21. Yogendra Sharma says

    Thank you for explaining and inspiring us. Super Affiliate Bluehost is just secret and Hostgator give 75$ per sale, it is also hidden or available for few, which inspire me to promote these products more. :)

  22. says

    Thanks for sharing these good Affiliate Programs . Currently I’m participating in iPage Affiliate Program . They Pay me $105 Per Sale . So I think you should also include iPage Affiliate Program in Shared hosting .

  23. says

    I want to know that can anyone can get affiliate programs. And how much it has benefits to any WordPress blog. If WordPress blog is 7 months old.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Rohit Kumar

  24. says

    Even though Clickbank is the best market place to pick products and sell them in ease, I think being a Theme affiliate is a great idea too.
    And if you’re promoting the Theme or Product which your audience know that you’re using, it’ll really boost the sales. Right?

    Well put article once again Harsh. Thanks.

    • says

      One tip which I have learned being an affiliate marketer is: Don’t limit yourself to few or specific products. Diversify your products.
      In this case, we are talking WordPress niche: And a good idea is to add plugins or other products too.
      On your point: If you create a WordPress blog just about themes, indeed it will work great… (Tried and tested)…

      • says

        That’s a good list Harsh. And as, you’ve rightly said about theme conversions. Having an explicit site or blog specific to any product will have more conversions than normal blogs.


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