6 Of The Best WordPress SEO Plugin To get Higher Ranking

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6 Of The Best WordPress SEO Plugin To get Higher Ranking

I have already shared 30 plugin which I use here at ShoutMeLoud. Here I have compiled a list of recommended WordPress Plugins for SEO. You need not need to use all these SEO plugin but I would suggest pick the one which suits your need. Every WP plugin works in a different way and you can select the one which works the best for you.

WordPress SEO Plugins

In this list I have added some free SEO plugins and some premium plugins, depending upon your need, you can select one. Though, some of the premium plugins have advantage over many other like EasyWPSEO is way better for Keyword optimization than Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

Anyways, I also try to link to my earlier review of individual SEO plugins, so you can learn more about them and decide which SEO plugins are you going to use for your blog. If you think, there are any WordPress SEO plugins missing from the list, do let us know and we will love to review and add it here.


Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Blogs:

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is the first and best free SEO plugin for WordPress. This single plugin takes care of many aspect of your WordPress blog SEO. Using SEO by yoast you can do following things:

  • Add meta value for homepage
  • Add Meta value for Single post
  • Social SEO
  • Create Sitemap file
  • Edit robots.txt and .htaccess
  • Control indexing of your blog

If you are using ALL in one SEO plugin, it’s time to ditch it and migrate to Yoast WordPress SEO plugins. This plugin integrates feature from some of the popular plugin like Robots meta, RSS footer. I have written this detailed tutorial which will let you setup SEO by yoast plugin. You can download this plugin for free form WordPress repo over here. You can watch this below embed video to learn setting up Yoast plugin:

Social SEO Pro:

Social SEO Pro plugin

Social SEO is all time high in 2014 and if you are looking to make your blog stand out, you should be targeting the Social SEO. You should have open graph tags, Google authorship, Twitter meta card and few more tags to make your blog social SEO proof. SEO by Yoast have few features which let you integrate Social SEO on your blog, but it still lacks a lot of stuff which is must have for todays’ WordPress blog. I started using Social SEO pro from last 2 months and my social referral traffic has increased by 20% since then. You can head over to the Social SEO pro page to learn about this plugin and they have a easy to follow guide to set up the plugin. One of the key feature of this plugin is, you can write unique title for every social network and increase your social traffic exponentially.

Check out features and Usage guide of Social SEO Pro plugin

Broken link checker:

Broken link checker plugin is very useful plugin to find all internal and external broken links (404 links). 404 links are nothing but a dead end for search engine spiders and it’s highly advisable to remove such links. Though this plugin have some issues with blog with lots of blog posts. Probably this might freeze your hosting for a while. I would suggest to run this plugin on low traffic day and in case if you have a blog like min, with more than 1000+ posts, use some online websites to find 404 links on your blog. < Link>

SEO smart link WordPress plugin:

SEO smart link WordPress plugin let you automatically link your words to any post link. This is very useful for on page optimization and by finding your high ranking keywords using Google webmaster tool, you can boost your ranking.  Though before you use this plugin, I suggest you to be sure of intern linking and be aware of Google linking algorithm. <link> If you are looking for manual way, you can also try WordPress insight plugin.

Also read: SEO Smart links Premium plugin review

SEO friendly Images:

SEo friendly image WordPress

By optimizing your Images, you can drive a significant amount of traffic from Image search engine. Even here at ShoutMeLoud, almost 1% of traffic is from Image search engine and it’s a lot. This plugin add ALT attributes into your images. Though you need to take care of Image name. If you upload images with name, image002.jpeg or DSC001.jpeg, I would suggest change your habit and better start giving a useful name. For example in this post, WordPress image which I used, I have given it a name “WordPress SEO”. <Link>

If you are just researching about other SEO plugins for WordPress, you might some more name in the list and let me list down those plugins below and suggest the best one for your blog.

  • Google XML Sitemap plugin: This plugin is widely recommended for generating sitemap of your blog, but I suggest you to ignore this plugin as you can now use the sitemap feature of WordPress SEO by yoast plugin.
  • All in one SEO, SEO Ultimate : Again you don’t need any of these two plugins as WordPress SEO by yoast have all essential feature.
  • Robots meta: All the feature of this plugin is integrated in SEO by yoast plugin.

Do let us know which plugin you think I missed? Which other WordPress SEO plugin you are using on your blog ?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1048 articles.

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  1. says

    Very effective post.I am also using maximum of those plugins.I have one question about the SEO plugin by Yoast.Kindly tell me its free service really work?Is there any specific process for using it?

  2. Derral says

    Hi I am new to this. need to ask this question so I don’t mess up.

    Are you saying that I can use WordPress Yoast seo plugin and also WordPress all in one seo pack at the same time?

    Thank you,

  3. Mary Davis says

    Hi Harsh, thank you for sharing this informative piece of work. I have been using yoast plugin since last few years. The plugin is simple, yet covers all the essential features required to optimize the blog for search results.

  4. says

    Hi Harsh, in my blog the recent traffic’s 40% is from the Social Media and I am using WP Social SEO booster the free version, but since most of the traffic of my blog is from the social media I am willing to use the Pro version of this plugin. I checked out and the price is 47$. By any chance would you be having any coupon code for WPSocial prchases? I am sure it’s worth it but you know a little less is always good for everybody. Please let know. Also I have checked the discount coupon code page of Shout Me loud http://www.shoutmeloud.com/wordpress-discount-coupon-codes here. But did not find anything helpful. Thanks.

    • says

      It’s indeed a good plugin and even I purchased it without any coupon-code. For now, I don’t have any coupon to offer WP Social SEO booster plugin.

      • says

        Thank you Harsh. I have bought it now, however have not seen any change in the traffic. May be it is just cooking the food now, once cooked the smell will come. :) Hoping for the best. Thanks!

        • says

          To make it work you need to work on two things:

          1) Right catchy title- Remember title on Social-media works differently than the title for Search engine.
          2) Right image: Use the right image which makes your post stand out when shared on social-media.

  5. says

    wow nice list bro, as per SEO i prefer “The All in one SEO Plugin” and as per anything new ama love to use , i would try WP SOCIAL SEO BOOSTER WORDPRESS PLUGIN, i dont know if its paid, or as promising as you wrote ,but am sure its worth giving a try, and ama try it on my blog asap.. thanks Harsh i always love your articles.

  6. says

    Hello Harsh,
    We have been using WordPress SEO by yoast and its amazing.
    While using social SEO pro, we have experienced performance issues. What would you recommend instead of that ?

  7. says

    Great list man!

    I’m going to look into the SEO smart link WordPress plugin. Very interesting.

    What’s your opinion about stopping those lousy Russian back links? Should I even bother stopping them with htaccess?

  8. I. C. Daniel says

    Great list Harsh, recently I’ve used bloken link checker plugin on one of my sites, is working pretty good.

  9. yogesh says

    Hello Harsh,
    I am using Yoast for my Website, and its just awesome.
    Thanks for such a wonderful post.

  10. says

    Hi Harsh, Thanks for the useful post.

    Already using most of the plugins on our website, but missed the WP Social Pro. Is it worth using it separately or the Yoast already has the social functionality build in.
    Could you write post on this separately on how this WP Social Pro can be benefitted over Yoast, for our better understanding.

    • says

      WP Social Pro is new addition and I have been using it for 2 months. You can definitely use SEO by yoast for the same feature, but this plugin adds couple of additional feature. Wait for my review and I would try to add a small comparison with SEO by yoast SMO feature.

    • says

      You are right that links are not getting inserted now and you can use WordPress default feature to search and add links. Simple select text, click on hyperlink and search for keywords and it will show you the list of posts, select the posts and it will automatically add to the selected text with anchor text too.

  11. says

    Good plugins to improve the SEO of the blog Harsh.

    I’m using SEO by yoast and broken link checker. Will check the details of other WordPress plugins which you’ve listed here. Thanks for sharing these useful data for us.

  12. says

    Thanks! I need to try out these plugins for my blog Mr. Harsh Agarwal.

    I think SEO friendly images is a good one.

    Also, one question – isn’t the SEO Smart link plugin useless now, i mean in the recent wordpress updates i’ve seen that you can interlink posts by using keywords and then just searching for the relevant article in your posts library?

  13. suresh says

    you have explained all the plugins very well. but i am still confused in ‘all in one seo pack plugin’ and ‘wordpress seo plugin’ by yoast. which one is best to optimize our website? i was using wp seo and then i have shifted to all in one seo pack. now i m confused which one should i use to better optimization. can you help me out?

  14. says

    Great collection of useful SEO plugins, some are new to me like broken link checker plugin that’s a useful one. I am going to try all soon.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Vinay Vardhan says

    Hey Harsh first of all thanx for nice post.
    I have a question, for my blog I use All in One Seo and recently bought SEOPressor, Now will they both work together?? Because both have Meta, Social Seo & Rich Snippet Settings. Mainly i’m concerned about meta settings.

  16. karan says

    hello..my coach.i used all in one seo pack and you suggest for yoast plugin but i also read on ur blog that all in one seo is compulsory plz tell me can i remove all in one seo pack without any afraid plz..

  17. Andreea Leau says

    I don’t know if you heard about Squirrly SEO plugin, but it’s really great :) It has keyword research, inspiration box, live assistant and many others feathers. Maybe you want to take a look..

  18. says

    Hi Harsh Agrawal, Nice list bro. But am very confused to select the plugin which to use for my blog between this both All in One SEO and Yoast WordPress SEO. Can you please say which plugin is better and simple to use.

  19. rakesh says

    How to use easy wp seo with thesis. Can you please provide with details as thesis already has seo enabled in it. I have not yet used thesis but on my way 2 buy it. Thanking you.

  20. Lovely says

    Sometime we really try to find some best sort of wordpress plugin for our client’s blog! This article would surely be going to help me in order to form their blog very well for social media friendly!

  21. Your WordPress Diva says

    I am a huge Scribe SEO fan and recommend it at every chance I get. I has changed my business and I am happy to share when I find a good thing!

  22. Jens P. Berget says

    I am using Scribe SEO and it’s awesome. I was a little sceptical in the beginning since it’s not free, and it’s fairly expensive. But after testing the free trial, I really wanted it. This plugin is really helpful for people like me, that’s people how don’t know a lot about SEO and need all the help they can get :)

  23. Jarret says

    Harsh, have you ever tried SEO Ultimate plugin for WordPress? It combines all of the features of All-in-One SEO packs, SEO smart links, Robots Meta, and a URL shortener in one plugin. I think it’s great.

  24. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    I think ‘Headspace2′ can be listed here. Its a good plugin alternative for All in one SEO.
    I use most of the plugins mentined here, I feel good becasue you too recommended them.
    Thanks for your share.

  25. suraj says

    Nice list, it will definitely help to get more SEO advantages. I was using Platinum SEO plugin and now shifted to Thesis, but now confused how to shift the all data on thesis like All in one seo.

  26. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    using plugins is very helpful and make many tasks easier , much easer , i think there some plugins who offer multi functions and this will b better i guess!

  27. Nihar says

    Harsh, Great informative post!

    – I have used Broken links plugin as you said, will use the online one to remove dead links. I am sure i will be have 100’s of dead links across the posts.

    – I have purchased Scribe SEO. Learned few things when evaluating the post and found out that some things if we put in our mind and tune our mind then it is easy to get SEO Score.

    – Thanks for introducing to the keyword density. I was looking for some free tool which can do the job what Scribe SEO does. It caluclates the keywords and it measures anything less than 5.5% as good more than that is bad.

    – Using the above, I may drop Scribe SEO from next month onwards :)

  28. Bilal Ahmad says

    SEO Smart Link is my favorite one, because it helps in internal linking. I recommend this one to all bloggers, because doing manual internal linking can take a lot of time. This plugin will not only boos your search engine ranking of the articles but also save time.

  29. Lakhyajyoti says

    Most of the plugins you have mentioned in your post are new for me.Surely I’ll use those SEO plugins in my blog.Thanks for your great post.

  30. Mosarrof says

    Thanks For This Useful Post!, I’m not used SEO smart link WordPress plugin in my blog but, I am Searching Like this and now i got it!.

  31. kbharath says

    I am using SEO friendly Images, SEO smart link WordPress plugin, All in One SEO WordPress Plugin. i am going to try Keyword density checker. Thanks for this great list Harsh

    • says

      Keyword density check is a great plugin..useful for finding most used keyword in your post..
      Give it a shot and you might love it..
      Also try insight WordPress plugin..which is also good!!

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