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Hi Shouter, Welcome to ShoutMeloud About page and here you will get one step closer to SML. You will be getting to know about ShoutMeLoud and me, more closely and probably after reading this, you might like to join us on various social networking sites. First of all, ShoutMeLoud is not a blog, but it’s a community of Shouters.

I started ShoutMeLoud on 1st December 2008, and in since the. I’m sharing my knowledge of creating a blog, managing a blog and making money from the blog. I share about those stuff which I have tried and worked for me to create and manage this award winning blog.

ShoutMeLoud is o, talking about online marketing, empowering people to make money from blogging, and helping small online business to survive online with marketing and search engine optimisation tips.

ShoutMeLoud is right blog for anyone who is passionate about being, staying and excel in online world. When I started ShoutMeLoud, I had no idea what area I was heading to, but in last 5 years ShoutMeLoud is one of the top blog in the India, with Alexa rank of 4000, and daily-subscriber base of over 200,000+.  Here at ShoutMeLoud, I share everything I have and learns about making a business out of a blog. You can read about my and ShoutMeloud journey from below mentioned article:

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About Me: Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

Hey guys, Welcome to ShoutMeLoud and let me formally introduce myself to you. I’m Harsh Agrawal, and I manage and run ShoutMeLoud. I’m a passionate guy, and love computing and internet.

I’m an Engineer by education and a Blogger by profession. I finished my schooling from Laxman public school in 2004 and later finished engineering in B.Tech from Sharda university in 2008.  Before becoming a professional blogger I was working with Convergys in India, and was about to join Accenture, but on April 2009, I decided to become a professional blogger to become my own boss.

Computer and technology have been my passion since I was a child and after few blogs and communities on technology I started with full-time blogging via Shoutmeloud.

I’m a normal guy who lives life to the fullest, loves travelling and lives a happy-go-lucky kind of life. I like to talk stuff related to marketing, solopreneurship and art of living. If you share the similar qualities, feel free to join me on Facebook.

I have network of Blogs under main brand “ShoutDreams” and I blog for passion. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I share tips which I learned over time about blogging and how to earn passive income online. I don’t promise to make you rich overnight, but I could promise that you will be earning handsome income, if you have what it takes to become a blogger. If you have writing skills, a passion for learning, a dream of brining a change, and most important if you want to be your own boss, ShoutMeLoud is the perfect place for you to start.

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I share everything I have learned over the time, and in last 4 years I have grown from 0$/month to $7000+/month just from blogging. And, the best part I have shared everything via blog posts, which you can use to learn and be your own boss.

About ShoutMeLoud: Internet Marketing Blog

ShoutMeLoud primarily focuses on Blogging, Make Money online, SEO, Business blogging, Social media, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, Web 2.0, internet tools and Internet marketing. We talk about money aspect of Blogging and how anyone can earn from home via Blogging. ShoutMeLoud is a community blog where we allow bloggers to take part and contribute via Guest posts. At the time of updating this page, more than 425+ bloggers have participated in our Guest blogging program. If you wish to be a part of Shoutmeloud, do read How to become a part of Shoutmeloud team.

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We also hire people who are based in New Delhi, and posses enough skills to be a part of our blog network. Which is usually, WordPress skills (PHP, CSS), web designing, SEO and Blogging. If you think you are also passionate about Blogging and want to join my team, you can drop me an email at admin[at]