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Howdy, Shouter!

Welcome to ShoutMeLoud (SML) – A Blog for bloggers by a Passionate blogger.

It’s a community of bloggers who are popularly referred as “Shouters”! It is a community of lime minded bloggers who want to live an internet life by following their passion.

Here is what value proposition ShoutMeLoud offers:

I booked the domain name ShoutMeLoud.com on December 1st, 2008 by borrowing credit card from a friend. In the last 7 years, ShoutMeLoud has become a brand that people talk about. It’s not because it won numerous awards or featured in international media. It’s because it changed the life of many who wanted to become their own boss. It helped numerous individuals to become their own boss & which is done by becoming financially independent first & then start experiencing the true meaning of life.

Don’t mistake blogging with just another thing; it’s a powerful tool to empower yourself & reach out to every corner of planet, where a like-minded person believe in your thinking & your passion.

ShoutMeLoud is the premier blog for anyone who is passionate about discovering themselves with writing and who has the desire to excel in the fast changing online world. Many people think blogging is only about writing your personal story, but it’s not entirely true. If you mix your hard work with smart work, you can make a living with your blog; & this is what ShoutMeLoud.com is all about. 

ShoutMeLoud is an answer to:

  • How do you make money online?
  • How can you quit your job & become your boss?
  • How can you create an authority & establish yourself online & offline?
  • How do you experience true essence of life without drinking or smoking marijuana?

ShoutMeLoud has changed the life of over thousands of individual around the globe to earn money from their blog. You can see testimonials & user comments here.

Hello from Harsh (That’s me :) )

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Hey there,

My name is Harsh Agrawal, and I am the mind behind ShoutMeLoud.  I started blogging out of the passion for learning & sharing. I was a writer since my childhood & I started with writing diaries like everybody else. In 2006, I got to know about Blogs & it took me about two years from then to start my first blog. 

Started on BlogSpot & within two months I moved to WordPress, as I find blogging to be a great medium for sharing the best thing with the world. That’s how ShoutMeLoud was born. Initially, I started writing random stuff but later on I discovered the way to be your boss just with blogging. This was when I started sharing those things that worked for me & helped me to be my boss.

Blogging has given me much more than money, as I can do everything that I always thought of. Now, I live a free life where I travel the world & blog from anywhere & everywhere. Started as an introvert, now I speak in front of hundreds of people at events & seminars.

I love adventure sports (Scuba Diving, Bungee jumping, SkyDiving) are some of the activities that you will often find me doing. To keep myself sane in this busy life, I love to meditate & read a lot to learn from the best.

Well, that’s about me & now something about the blog that you are reading.

When I first started blogging (ShoutMeLoud), I had no idea where I was heading.  But in the six years since that time, ShoutMeLoud has skyrocketed into one of the foremost blogs in all of India, with an Alexa rank of 184 in India and 1981 Globally.

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I share everything I have learned and continue to learn about turning a blog into a business & make a living out of it. One of the ideology of my working is to be transparent. Every month I share ShoutMeLoud income & traffic report as part of our transparency report.

You can read about more my ShoutMeLoud journey in the following article:

I also invite you to watch this video to learn more about how ShoutMeLoud can change your online journey and lead you to a destiny of success:


I completed my primary education with Laxman Public School in 2004 and received my degree in Engineering from Sharda University in 2008.  Prior to becoming a professional blogger, I worked with Convergys call center in India.  I was about to begin a new venture with Accenture, when in April 2009 I made the decision and commitment to become a professional blogger, thus becoming my boss.

If you share similar interests, feel free to join me on Facebook.

I manage all my blog under parent brand “ShoutDreams”. (Interesting name? Ehh..)

With ShoutMeLoud, I cannot promise to make you rich overnight.  What I CAN promise is that I will provide you with the tools to enable yourself to earn an impressive and evolving income if you are willing to do what it takes to become a successful blogger.

You don’t have to believe me on my words alone, as you can see users testimonials & comments yourself here.

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I share everything that I have learned over the time, and in last 6 years I have grown from 0$/month to $9000+/month just from blogging. And, the best part is that I have shared everything via blog posts, which you can use to learn and be your boss.

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