5 Secrets to Promote Your Site Via Forum

We have already covered few topics on promoting a blog via forum. Few of them is how to promote your blog via forum, list of dofollow forums and 5 ways to drive traffic to your blog. Forums are a somewhat labor intensive but highly effective way to increase traffic and bring engaged visitors to your website or blog.  While search traffic is more likely to click ads, forum traffic will leave you comments and buy your products.  However if you go about using forums wrong, you will do more harm than good to your site.

Shopping for a Forum

Not all forums are created equal.  Some are small highly targeted affairs while others are large forums with very broad topics.  Some forums are pro-business and welcome a little self promotion (Warrior Forums is a good example) while other forums are communistic affairs that boot anyone who even breaths about their business online.

You will be making a serious commitment to any forum you plan to use for promotion, so shop like you would for a long term girlfriend/boyfriend.  Each forum develops a personality of its own so you and the forum better match up in style, interests, and approach to life.  If there is not a good match you will be frustrated and the promotion will fail.

Search “niche +forum” to identify possible candidates to join.

Use Your Profile

Choose an appropriate non-offensive but memorable user name and fill out your profile with some reasonable detail.  Do not include AIM and Yahoo profile links – only spammers do that.  Do include a link to your main website if there is a spot for it.  Look around at how much detail some of the forum thought leaders put in for a guide.

Use Your Signature

If the forum allows signatures definitely put an anchored link into your signature.  Be sure you understand the forum policies on signatures first though so you do not make enemies with the management.  If in doubt, ask first by private message.

Start and Respond to Topics

Regularly visit the forum, starting good topics and making intelligent comments.  Where it fits well into the conversation drop in the occasional anchored link to your blog, but make sure you are not offensive or off topic.

Don’t always link to your stuff, link to other interesting resources too.  Score big points by posting appropriate links to the blogs of the forum thought leaders and up and coming members.  Others might even reciprocate (but NEVER ask them too).

If you blog, occasionally you can write a killer post with a little controversy.  Post a summary and link to the forum as a new thread, asking others what they think.  Say something like “If I got this wrong please let me know“.  Participate in the resulting discussion, but not too much since your comments can end the discussion if everyone thinks you have your answer now.  This technique can be very effective to bring in traffic to your blog posts.

Be Engaging to Engage Others

Forget using a forum to promote yourself unless you are prepared to come to the forum regularly and contribute.  As a regular poster you will develop trust and make friends who will engage with you in your business, blog or websites.  As a rare poster you will be considered a lousy drive-by spammer worthy only of being banned.

Do let us know if you promote your blog/services via forum? Which kind of forum do you target and share your success story.

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  1. says

    Hi all. I agree with the writer point of view. Backlinks from forum are high quality backlinks. If you would like to increase your pagerank and boost your SERP better, spread your backlinks on forum signatures. But, don’t spam. Make it you are solely a loyal forum member by regularly posting. The more you post on a forum, the more you get backlinks from the forum site. The better your page rank and SERP on search engine. This is a free and high-quality way to get backlinks, instead of paying others to make a blog review, or asking them to list your backlink on their website’s sidebar.

    Warm Regards,

    Januar Sam :)

  2. says

    This is a great article for people just learning about forums. I think at first people just want to get traffic to their site and loss track of why they started a blog to begin with. They want to share their knowledge. Forums are a great place to help people out and like anything hard work and dedication pays off. Soon people will get to know you and whant more of your knowledge.

  3. Sam Adeyinka says

    Jade, you shared an amazing 5 simple yet powerful tips to get the most out of forums and I sure will do well to be in practice with this shared techniques and I hope I get my desired results. Thanks greatly for the share! :)

  4. Jemma Taylor says

    Forum marketing takes patience and time as long as always. I wonder how can do it rapidly to deal with the quick changes of online marketing!!


    hi, Really nice post. I already tried forum.xcitefun.net to promote my blog. but, after i made every post they would delete the post. but now i will try to follow your valuable suggestions. but i have one doubt that is is it okay to post image containing website name in the forums?

  6. Rahul Pahal says

    Good work Jade. I would like to focus on the last point. some bloggers use forums in a wrong manner just for their own promotion. Initially you should involve in the general discussions and try to help others through your knowledge. If you can provide some beneficial stuff, people will appreciate you. then you can start advertising you own blog as well.

  7. vivek says

    I personally feel that promotion through forms is a tough task as either yo have lots of knowledge so that you answer maximum question and become hit there or after sometime you lose your interest and people also lose interest in you.

    • says

      I agree, as staying regular on forums are tough. Though, people still doing it, and you will find many members with thousands of posts. These are successful marketers who are promoting their site and services via forum. The only difference is, they never thought it’s tough and they started. So don’t think tough, but start building your profile on any forum in your niche and of your choice. With 10-15 minutes a day, for 30-60 days you can build a decent credible profile. Don’t you think so?

  8. akarsh nagariya says

    excellent post,ya it is very necessary for promoting your blog from forums you can also promote your blog by submitting to web directory

  9. The Circle of Life says

    Promoting via forums is good but unless you’re reputable there’s a good chance your posts will be trashed.

  10. says

    I have noticed several major forums has disabled signatures until you have written xx posts and waited xx days. So I assume many are doing form posting because of signatures.

  11. sudha says

    I actually help run a forum so some of these tips are written from the perspective of a forum admin. Our forum is very pro business but many are not. Each forum has a personality of its own.

  12. Greglon says

    Interesting. I do not understand why sites and forums do not allow promoting of a site. Mostly because this helps generate hits for both parties.

    Does anyone have a view on short links? Like this: goo.gl/*qIuFV

    I hear it is actually bad for a site. Is a google short link better than bit.ly? Also, if these short links prove to be bad, why are they used so regularly?

  13. TechPakora says

    is there any way of auto forum posting?? i need the software which can do this thing for me

  14. Sikun says

    I love forums. You can search forums based on your nice like ‘work from home’, make a profile by including link. Also, add a link in the signature. It works wonder, with regards to sending visitors to my site.
    Again, I admit…. i love forums

  15. L Diane Johnson says

    Excellent! Thanks for making this list concise and in one list. So many folks still do not know how to handle forum etiquette. This will surely help. As time goes on it will become even more critical to be “socially correct.” Will pass your feature on. Best to you.

  16. Jens P. Berget says

    I have the most success by using my signature. What I do is I add my latest two blog posts to my signature, it works for me :)

  17. Alamin says

    Nice post thanks. I do all of those in forum. I believe if i give value to other in forum they will give value to me too.

  18. Paul Tech says

    You are right that forum posting is labor intensive but if we bring along an attitude of contributing and learning from others, it makes the task much easier.

  19. Tushar says

    for me, the traffic from forums comes mainly through my signature which i have made quiet attractive

  20. Shiva says

    Quite a nice post, I do use forums a lot and all I can say is that it does surely act as quite a traffic booster and the do follow signature links can help in your backlink building too.

  21. FAQPAL says

    Good post, I rarely use forums compared to other social networking services like Twitter/Facebook for example.

    But, I always ensure that my signature contains a link and that any posts or replies I do, are of quality content or at least relevant.

    Good post guys.

  22. Suhasini says

    Nice article Jade and using your name in Forums with correct measures is very important and at the same time make sure that we follow forums rules and regulations, thanks for sharing this post.

      • JadeDragon says

        I actually help run a forum so some of these tips are written from the perspective of a forum admin. Our forum is very pro business but many are not. Each forum has a personality of its own.