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March 2011

How to Convert your Facebook Profile into Facebook Fan Page

So you are one of those who are using your Facebook profile for promotion and a way so that your fans can connect to you. Though initially you might have missed out creating a brand page for yourself and that’s why you used the Facebook profile to connect with fans. Here is a nice find [...]

ShoutMeLoud Monthly Income Report March 2011

It’s been almost 5 months that I have not been published my income report but after a quality conversation on our Facebook fan page,  I decided to bring back monthly income report back. Most of the bloggers who asked me to start publishing income report as they find it motivating and work as a boost [...]

9 Awesome Tips For New Bloggers Who Wants To Stand Out

Blogging is becoming one of the newest online phenomenons like Email and Social Networking. To become a successful blogger, one needs to know what makes blogging special and basics of blogging. Most people who become successful in blogging because they've great passion towards it. Being success in blogging means people know them because of the [...]

How BuySellAds Sponsored Tweet Program Works?

Last time I informed you that Buysellads started sponsored tweets program and so far I have received three tweet request which made around $30 for me. Though it’s not a big amount but when you are sending a tweet which is relevant and have #ad hash tag, it makes sense to make some money out [...]

How to Redirect 404 Pages in Thesis to Custom 404 Error Page

We all know how good Thesis Theme is and how much it helps to lower down WordPress plugins. Some time back we shared how to customize Thesis 404 pages and here I’m sharing another tip to redirect your 404 pages to any custom page of your choice. This is useful to make sure, when people [...]

OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin: Manage And Sell Direct Ads

No wonder selling direct ads are more profitable than using any 3rd party sites like Buysellads. Though it again depends on your niche and how you going to get advertisers. We have already shared 5 Working tips to find direct advertisement and now it’s time for you to realize why even after following some basic [...]

Online Virtual KeyBoard: Secure Passwords from Keyloggers

One of the most common way the hacker hack your password is by using a trojan. Many of them inbuilt keyloggers, so when ever you type anything on your keyboard, it goes to them. To enhance the security while logging into secure websites is by using virtual keyboard. Online Virtual Keyboard is the best Security [...]