ContentMart Alternatives: Website to Hire Quality Content Writers


Update: As Contentmart has been shut down. Here are the best Contentmart alternatives:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Constant content
  3. nDash
  4. Hubstaff talent
  5. iWriter

How often do you feel like writing on buzzing topics on your blog but don’t have the energy to do so? You know writing content on the particular topic is important but being a Solopreneur with no virtual team makes it a tedious task. How great would it be if we can outsource some writing work to a quality place?

If this feels like your story, today you will be delighted to know about the company that I got to know at  AdTech 2016.

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In the past, I have tried multiple places to hire good writers & one of them that worked for me was Needless to say, retaining the freelance writer is a task & if you are serious about your blogging or digital marketing business; you need to churn out quality content in quick time & on the regular interval. This is where Contentmart helps you.

What is ContentMart & how it can help your blog or business?

ContentMart is a marketplace where you can hire qualified writers for any writing job. It’s not limited to blog or content writing, but you can also hire writers who can write a sales page, service page or anything that is related to writing.

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Getting started with Contentmart as a freelance writer or a client is pretty easy. It’s free to join & you can get started instantly. Here is how this works:

Contentmartin Review
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I actually posted a project to see how effective it is ( I will share the complete review & experience in coming days) & the process was as smooth as you see in the above chart.

requesting an Article
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You can set your own price for the article based on project or per word. It’s your choice.

Paid article writing
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Once you have finalized everything click on publish & your job is posted. Now, you need to wait for a while before writers start bidding on your project. Freelancer writers can accept articles at the rate defined by you, or they can propose their own price. While you are waiting to get more bid, let me quickly tell you an important thing.

Using Contentmart, you can also get writers for various regional language including Hindi.

Writing language
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If you ever wanted to convert your existing blog articles into Hindi, this is a good way to get it done & start your Hindi blog.

Within 36 hours, I received almost 5 bids for the project & from the same page, you can see all important information such as:

  • Quick profile of bidder
  • Review received by bidders for their last projects
  • You can chat with the bidder & ask for more stuff before awarding the project to him.
  • Once you have decided that with whom you want to work with, simply award the project to the freelancer. You can also chat with any freelancer before awarding the project.

Copywriting job
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Personally, I like the chat feature as it makes the communication fast & helps in getting things done fast.

Live chat with freelancer
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If this is your first time, you need to fill up the balance to start the work. Click on that blue button & the next screen, you will see the option to add the funds.

Aff fund into Contentmart
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You can deposit funds using Credit/Debit card, Net banking, Mobikwick or HDFC PayZapp mobile wallet.  I reloaded the amount using my credit card & for some reason, the very first time it showed me that credit card detail is wrong. At the same time, it made the test transaction of INR 50 which got deducted instantly. (I believe the refund should have also happened instantly). Anyways, I retried making the payment & 2nd time I reloaded my account successfully with the amount.

Supported Payment ContentMart
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Once you have added the fund, you need to go back to My order page & award the project to the bidder that you decided to work with.


Contentmart is a great platform to hire talented writers. As a writer, you can also use this platform to get creative & quality writing work.  As a company, if they encourage engagement among writers, this could be one great marketplace to hire writers. Even adding a forum on the platform could ensure that writers can engage & share their working style & writing tips.

Do try Contentmart as a client or as a freelancer. Share your review & suggest new features that you think will make this marketplace a hub for writers & content marketers. 

  • Create a free account on ContentMart
  • Check out more help guide & FAQ on Content mart

What other places do you recommend for finding quality writers? Here are few more resources that would help a freelancer:

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

28 thoughts on “ContentMart Alternatives: Website to Hire Quality Content Writers”

  1. Rahul

    Thanks for sharing awesome information about Hiring Content writers. The techniques you mentioned in the post are pretty Cool and useful. thats really great work.


  2. Prabhudatta Sahoo

    First of all, I did not know that there is something called Contentmart through which we could hire writers. Thank you for sharing the information Harsh. Will try it out and share my feedback updating this comment once I do hire one writer for my blog.

    1. Prabhudatta Sahoo

      Hi Kulwant,

      Absolutely fantastic. It is amazing to see something like Contentmart growing in India. I did not honestly expect things to go this smooth, but they really are. And content quality is top notch. Here is how it went for others reference. The day I saw the article, I went in and signed up. Once I did, I thought of putting a bulk order to determine if they can deliver. With a bulk order I have gone with them, and hopefully, they will deliver it within time. So far the conversation is good. Everything you want to be changed in the article, they do change them, and until you are satisfied, they keep on asking if there is anything wrong. So I pretty much have fallen in love with these and have given all my content outsourcing work to them. So far it is good and has gotten delivery of 10% of the order. Once I get the full, probably I will have some further updates to share which I will do.


  3. Khan

    I think writing content for your own site is the most difficult work. But at the same time i don’t recommend to outsource your content unless you don’t write English, If you are working on a blog that something in your interest then it will not be a too much concern and what you can write, other cannot produce such quality.

    However, i recommend content outsourcing for your backlinks to speed this process. But, this requires good budget.

  4. shyami

    i am also using this website for creating content polgarism test also passed by writers

  5. Juhi Shrivastava

    Hi Harsh,
    I’m a regular writer in ContentMart, and it’s really a great platform for writers. The key benefit of this platform is- it’s completely secure.

    1. Pushpendra pushpendra

      do you have any contact details of content mart apart from websites ,

    2. Veethee Dixit

      Hey Juhi, how many days does it take for the money to be transferred to your bank account once the threshold is reached?

  6. Mary Ann Garson

    oh that is awesome, thank you very much. I am surely going to implement that in the long run, at the moment I am still enjoying writing and working on my own, although I am thinking to expand for future preferences.

  7. Vicky

    It’s indeed very difficult to find out good content writers specially who can work on your price, hiring someone itself takes few months time to get things going and it becomes costlier deal eventually that too would have limited creativity.

    Such platforms are indeed a real need considering fast pace industry where everybody expects quick turn around time, high quality & verity in creativity.

    The best part is, this platform is exclusively for content.


  8. Max Dhiman

    With loads of content projects easily available at one place, Contentmart provided me a cool platform to put up my writing skills at work and earn well. Thank You Contentmart 🙂

  9. Kailash Kathait

    I posted many orders and got tons of responses and bids immediately. is an extremely helpful platform for getting good content work done and its affordable too. They have some highly qualified and talented writers.

  10. peters

    Thanks a lot, It like hell sometimes when I try to write on topics I know a little about. Had to go through lots of research and visit bunch os sites to get knowledge about the topic, Hiring a professional writer might just be the right move.

  11. Amit Rockz

    Hi Harsh,

    Content is very much important for any website or blog. In fact we all know that quality content is king. So content writers are always in high demand. I hope we get good content writers from this website. Will try this website.

  12. Robin Khokhar

    Hi Harsh,
    Content marketing is increasing day by day and marketers are behind the content for sure. So, I think it’s another source to get content.
    Thanks for the share.

  13. Prateek

    I have used Freelancer once to hire people to write articles but I don’t feel writers on these platforms deliver good work. For me writers on various FB groups write much better. Anyways you have written a great article.


    Should I start hiring professional writers to write for my blog? I just started my website, and I have 13 new published posts. How can I increase my blog subscribers?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      It’s a good idea to hire quality writers who can write well-research content. Eventually, it’s your job to ensure the quality & relevancy of the publishing. What I suggest is, once you received the article, spend time on adding your style, formatting your way & cross check all stats/data/reference & then publish it.
      Manier time you would save a lot of time on researching & you will be publishing more frequently.

  15. Sikhar Dhawan

    Hello Harsh,
    I always use fiverr to outsource my contents but now I can try something new. I loved the search filter which I can use to find my best writer.

    Thank you so much for the information.

  16. Vikas

    Seems to be indian version of iwriter, hirewriters etc.

  17. Hiren Shukla

    Hi! Harsh,

    Thanks for very good post, I am looking for content writer but really it’s very difficult to find good content writer. I tried everything even i posted on facebook groups but that all content writer are not write as per my expectation.. Let me try this contentmart..

  18. Lovelash

    Thanks harsh for such a good post. This platform can help alot of bloggers like me who is always looking for different niche content writers.

  19. Deepika

    Hello harsh,
    When is a right time to hire content writer?

  20. Pankaj Dhawan

    ContentMart seems like an Indian organization targeting Indian traffic which is excellent. I just hope the service is good. I heard someone saying that Flipkart didn’t pay him his about 22k of affiliate money which throws me in a grey area while trusting Indian org but since Flipkart is a very big organization, I don’t that should have happened.

    Anyway, I think this marketplace is worth checking out, at least for me to find some writing assignments. Thanks much Harsh!

    1. Rajmi Yadda

      Hello Mr.,
      what is a importance of keyword in any content and how many times we should use 1 keyword in 1000 words content.

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