How To Find Out How Much Actual Traffic a Website Gets

Check Website Traffic
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Do you want to know how much traffic a website gets?

Finding the traffic of a website is an integral part of competitive analysis.

For example,

A blogger can understand what is working for top websites in their niche, and It helps them to focus on aspects that are working and can generate immediate results.

An SEO would like to know the in-depth reports of website traffic. An advertiser would like to know the estimated traffic and geo-location.

Here I’m sharing some of the best traffic estimator tools that show near accurate Traffic Analytics. Depending on your needs and requirement, you can pick the one that meets your needs.

Traffic Estimation Tool: Check Website Traffic and Ranking

1. Semrush Traffic Analytics

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If you are doing competitive analysis, nothing beats the accuracy and depth of data provided by the Semrush traffic Analytics tool.

Semrush is the pioneer in competitive analysis and using their traffic analytics toolkit; you could quickly find the following data:

  • Total number of visits to a website in a month
  • Average visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Pages/visit
  • Traffic sources (Find out from which location a website is getting traffic)
  • Find which social media platform is sending traffic
  • Find Paid ads traffic
  • Sub-domains along with traffic estimation
Check Website Traffic
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The traffic source let you find out which are the top traffic source for a website. An advertiser can quickly discover websites that are using low-quality tricks to inflate their traffic. At the same time, marketers and bloggers can find new untapped traffic sources.

Few other features which any SEO and marketer would find useful are:

Geo Distribution

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With Geo distribution, you can discover from which country a website is driving traffic. This information would help in crafting better marketing and SEO strategy.

Learn: How to target Country specific website traffic

Destination sites

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This tab will help you understand which is the next website the audience visit after browsing your competitor’s website.

A simple trick

When using the SemRush traffic analytics tool, switch between devices type to see traffic for Desktop and mobile separately.

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Here is a video that will give you a complete overview of this traffic estimator tool:

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Pricing of Semrush Traffic Analytics

The traffic analytics feature is available as an add-on and can be added with any Semrush plan for only $200/month.

The base Semrush plan (Pro) package will cost $99/month and then you need to buy the add-on to find website stats of any domain. The Pro package offers a suite of SEO features and you can learn about it here.

There is a free trial of the Semrush traffic estimation tool (worth $299) available for ShoutMeLoud users, and you can get it using the below link.

2. SimilarWeb

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SimilarWeb is another popular traffic estimation tool to get traffic overview of a website. In my testing, the website offers one of the most comprehensive data about website traffic and other important matrices.

Using SimilarWeb tool, you can find the following data about any website:

  • Traffic Overview
  • Total visits
  • Avg. visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic by countries
  • Search Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Audience interest
  • Competitors & Similar Sites (I feel this one is pretty inaccurate)
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Pricing of SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb offers free and a Pro plan. The free plan is decent enough to give you a traffic estimate about a website. However, for more detailed data, you need SimilarWeb Pro, which offers an Enterprise plan. The pricing of the enterprise plan is not public at this moment.

On the fun side, If you are a website owner, you will also find the website Global, Country and category rank useful.

Here is what I see for ShoutMeLoud:

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Website traffic checker: Free and Paid (Conclusion)

There are more website traffic report tools available in the market. However, these two help you quickly find the details you are looking for.

SimilarWeb being a free tool is idle for most advertisers and marketers who are looking to get a quick traffic estimation of a website. For others who are into competitive analysis, Semrush traffic analytics provides in-depth website traffic reports and rankings.

Depending upon your requirements, you could pick either of them.

Now, it’s your turn to let us know which tool are you using to see website traffic and find details about any website.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

4 thoughts on “How To Find Out How Much Actual Traffic a Website Gets”

  1. Alvern

    While both tools are great for doing research on the competition they can also be used to conduct in-depth research on your own site as a blogger.

  2. Abhay

    Sir, I have created an amazon affiliate site.

    So where are I from the images of the product and I have to download the images to take the screenshot.

    Is it necessary to give credit to the site from which the image is taken?

    And whether or not I will get the approval of Adsense.

    1. @Abhay
      That depends on multiple factor:

      1. Most of the time if you are downloading product images from the official site and promoting it, they have no issues. Even if you don’t give credit, they are usually ok as you are giving business to them. Even though, they have the ownership of the image.
      2. If you are using images and using it to defame the product or company, it’s not ok. In such cases, they take action.

      If you are using WordPress, then better use Amalinks or Amzimage plugin. They will make your life easier.

      1. Sudhir Kumar

        Yes, Good suggestion, I checked both extension and its looking fine. Thanks Harsh!

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