Why You Need To Use Custom Domain Name for BlogSpot Blog

Custom Domain Name For BlogSpot

Most of the newbies who starts a blog, prefer to use BlogSpot as their blogging platform. This actually makes sense, as BlogSpot is free, and you need less technical skills to get started. From a learner perspective, it’s a zero investment, and return is high. With BlogSpot platform, we get major benefits like

Free, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited storage.

Though storage is not unlimited but we have plenty of options like creating different author profile and use them to store images and files. The only thing which they might not like with blogSpot is .blogspot domain name, which can easily be fixed by buying a custom domain name.

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Usually, a BlogSpot URL is something like domain.blogspot.com, and a custom domain name is www.domain.com.

For the record, WordPress is a much better blogging platform, and according to July 2013 report, 19% of websites in the world is powered by WordPress. Anyways, this is a completely different topic of discussion, and if you want to read about it, here are two resource:

Even though, if you plan to stick to BlogSpot platform for a couple of months, good idea is to get a custom domain name for your blog. This will help you in many ways, which I have explained below:

Why you should buy a custom domain for your blogspot blogs?

Buying a domain name is cheap

Buying a domain name is pretty cheap, you can easily get good domain name ending with .com or .org in between $10-$13. You can buy .com domain name for cheap from ShoutMyDomain..

Social media sites

BlogSpot being a free platform, is often targeted by spammers, and this is one reason they are less likely to be trusted by people on social media sites. When you use a custom name for your BlogSpot blog, this removes that first impression of a free blog. Do remember,  Social media users doesn’t hate BlogSpot but they don’t even love it.

Web promotion

Talking about web promotion, which starts from social media sites to link building, most of the top websites doesn’t like giving a link back to BlogSpot domain. If you will notice WordPress Blogs blogroll, it will be hard to find a BlogSpot domain there.

Seriousness towards blogging

You have been working a lot on your BlogSpot blogs, but without a nice layout, template and domain name, people will not feel that you are very serious about blogging. One simple reason you are not ready to spend few dollars for the thing which you love.


Using your custom domain name, you can use it to brand yourself easily. Use a nice logo, favico and banner to brand yourself. You can look for WordPress like BlogSpot themes to give an entire new look to your BlogSpot blogs.

Google Apps

With custom domain, you will also get facility to use custom domain based Email address, and you can have email address of your domain name. Like I have admin[at]shoutmeloud.com

SEO advantage:

Later on when you plan to migrate your blog to WordPress, custom domain name will ensure that you will not miss out link juice, and your migration will be more search engine friendly. I have talked about this in detail here: How BlogSpot users can prepare for WordPress migration.

How to start with custom blogSpot domain ?

So, if you are convinced that you should have a custom name for your BlogSpot blog, here is what you need to do the next.

1) Find a domain name: First thing you should be doing is, find a perfect domain name for your blog. Don’t use your personal name, rather use something which is brandable and memorable.  Search for a domain name using any of these 5 domain name suggestion tools.  You can refer to How to select great domain name and how to find best domain name for some additional tips on selecting name for your domain.

2) Follow this detailed guide on setting up custom domain name on BlogSpot.

Go ahead, and give a cool custom domain name to your BlogSpot blog. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments. If you find this article useful, do share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 39 )

  1. says

    Another problem I faced that. if you have a coderexample.blogspot.com domain, It will change on coutry basis.

    Like, For india coderexample.blogspot.in

    For Brazil coderexample.blogspot.br

    So It will hurt in your Google adesense account, Adsense account count CPC according to domain name.

    And also your alexa ranking will be distributed .

  2. says

    Read this a few days ago before I purchased my own site. Thank you so much! Because of this, I’mm also sharing my experience in buying a domain and hosting as well. :)

  3. Domain API says

    Really nice post! Buying a domain name is easy but you need to think what domain name you really want to register.

  4. sam king says

    Hi Harsh l have a problem with blogspot redirecting to my custom domain….its already verified l own the domain but it is not redirecting .What could be the problem?

  5. says

    Harsh, I have noticed you have not been replying many people but I will like my question to get attended to. Am sorry for the way am expressing but am getting pissed off with the way admin bloggers are not attending to a questions. Hanging the little hope of solution to my problem on a hanger. So my first question I used YouTube account to get AdSense and ads are being displayed on and huge money have been coming from you, basically its my source of income and the particular account I tried to use one a time application to insert ads on my blog. Piustyler.blogspot.com. still starting new though, it said blogger.com is not supported and inserted through earnings tab by associating my AdSense. I tried putting HTML widget to put AdSense code but up till now I am not seeing ads or any impressions and clicks I don’t know where the problem is from. Is it because blogger.com is not supported by AdSense or I need to buy custom name and hosting to start using it

  6. rahsico22 says

    The only issues I have with Blogger is: 1. its free and you can lose your content at any point if Google disables or deletes Blogger or your account (which has happened to me) and 2. you can’t use affiliate marketing, so you have to be careful with the terms of use and what you are putting on your Blogger site, because it can lead you to what I just said in #1 here.

  7. Rajat says

    hi sir,
    I am a passionate internet user, i came across blogging and was very much influenced by its ability to monetize so i created a blog on blogger 3 months ago. But as 2 months ago i sent a request to google adsense for account approval with my blogger domain and its get rejected. After that i changed domain name to some another domain name. Now after this i purchased a domain name from godaddy and redirected to my blog,now again i sent request for approval which it is showing “unable to review your site”. can u help me??

  8. says

    I want to buy a custom domain, I am a non-technical person. Can you help me to set up custom domain which will fit for adsense? What will be total cost per year?

  9. aman says

    my question is IF u transfer your blogger to custom domain You have to purchase Hosting or Not ???

  10. Pramod Pawar says

    Great Information. Actually i am getting problem regarding with A-Records. It creating Problem at WWW. and non-www. Extension. So i have wondered for “how to use custom domain on blogger” Kindly Reply Me ASAP

  11. Sunil Kumar says

    I have a question that if I buy a domain for my blogger blog than do I have to buy hosting plan separately?
    And my another question is that – is there any chances of blogspot.com blog to get approved by Adsense?

    Thank You

  12. Shirisha says

    Hi Harsh,

    First of all let me say that article is nice and I am planning to take custom domain for my blogspot which 10 months older.

    My question is can i apply for adsense immediately after taking the custom domain or do i need to wait for some more time. If yes Hoe much time i need to wait to apply for adsene?

    Do i need to take care any factors before getting custom domain?

    Please do reply..


  13. S D Bhagat says

    hi Harsh,

    am regular reader of this site coz am getting useful tips for my blogging.

    actually i have 10 blogs on different topics and am blogging since 2010 and earning quite well with adsense. But nowdays unable to getting enough time to work on my blog as am professionally mechanical engineer and spending almost 12 hours in working.

    am planning to link all my blogs in one custom domain to increase frequency of update as it is essential to increase my traffic.

    so my question is that – is that possible to link all my 10 different blogs in one domain?
    is it ok for adsense or SEO?

    plz suggest me

  14. Charu Sharma says

    I had earlier a blogspot blog which was adsense approved. Now with same name i have got a .com and my blog is still at bloggerbut with my custom domain.
    The problem is adsense is gone and they are not approving me for .com. i am still approved for ads for blogspot. I am using the same account and same email id for upgradation.
    Is it possible. Plz help.

  15. vinayak says

    what does it mean?
    “68% publisher revenue share in”
    Products are the different programs AdSense offers for you to monetize your content. Here we’ve listed the AdSense products you are eligible to use and, if available, the revenue share for the product.

  16. says

    Currently, I have a blogspot blog and I would like to have a custom domain. However, if I switch over to a .com will I loose my page rank and other stats or will they roll over? Thanks!

  17. Naziman Azlye says

    I like the point seriousness towards blogging. With cheap domain, no point not to buy one domain for blogging.

  18. Pranesh says

    I want to know if there are any options to pay custom domain charges in INR on blogspot. Because it show charges $10, but it is not possible to pay in Dollars as credit card company restrict to purchase anything in Dollars or foreign currencies.

  19. sudha says

    Great post Harsh, Can you please tell me that Custom domain name of blogspot blog easily move to wordpress.

  20. jayaar says

    Hello Mr.Harsh Agrawal,
    As far as I am concerned, to be frank, it is not the question of money that is involved in hesitating to go for WordPress.
    I am not a techie and I have some fears as to make a try with something which I do not know about.
    However, whenever I see your blogs and other WordPress blogs, I really want to have one like this.
    Hope I try before it is too late!
    Thanks and regards……..

  21. sentha says

    Hi harsh! What about ‘.in’ domains? while consider cost they are cheap, But will they rank well..?? waiting for ur reply thanks.

  22. arsh says

    hey hi harsh
    thanks for all ur article i just have some query in my mind abt blogspot
    as i m newbie
    i want to buy a domain name
    i already have a site with http://www.ziddle.blogspot.com
    now i want to make it
    as i m indian i even have credit card with me but can i buy directly from google for 10 dollar whether it is safe
    and whether google checkout accept credit card from india since my money is in rupees and i have to pay in dollar so hw it is possible
    plz help me waiting for ur reply thanks

    • says

      Hey Arsh
      Google is a reliable place to buy domain. And you will be charges In INR as money will be charged in $ but you will see it in the form of INR (Currency conversion).
      Alternatively you can use my domain service http://www.shoutmydomain.com to buy .com domain.
      Do let me know if you have any more questions.

  23. Chris says

    I think you are absolutely correct. Anything you can do to make your website appear more professional is a really smart thing to do. A unique domain name will also give you site the potential of having a strong brand presence. Why not give it an original name?

  24. Dhruva says

    Harsh, can you change your domain name after you get adsense?
    not just the blogspot but even change the part before blogspot?


  25. Kesha says

    You bring up some good points about blogger/blogspot blogs. First of all, there’s the issue of professionality.

    Many people think blogger blogs look less professional because of the basic templates that have been around for years. This is changing a little bit since they just released a brand new blogger design system built right in. I’ve been testing it out and it’s been pretty fun to learn how to use.

    I absolutely love writing and posting on blogger because it makes everything so simple. I’ve had a site there for years and I will probably keep it there as long as they let me.

  26. Jibanananda Goswami says

    I got a domain name (free) from http://www.co.cc but I dont know if this type domain can be used for adsense or not. Anybody have any suggestion?
    My problem is that I have no credit card. When I tried to get a paid domain, they are asking for credit card. But as I started my blog in march, I want to move it to a self-host as soon as possible. Kindly answer some questions to help me:

    1. I want a paid hosting and paid domain name that will accept direct deposit to their account, bank draft, cheque etc. Is there any in your knowledge?
    2. I am Indian, which company will be suitable for me to purchase domain and hosting. Indian company, or other?
    3. Can I pay any foreign company without credit card?
    4. If I must need a credit card to get a paid domain and host, please suggest me from where to get it.

  27. Jibanananda Goswami says

    Great post
    I have a question. I am recently using blogger. If I take a new domain, or transfer my blog to some other address (wordpress etc) , is it require to wait 6 months again for adsense? (I am from India).

  28. engineer says

    iam having some 140 backlinks to my blog, if i switch to custum domain will i loose all backlinks?????

  29. Simran says

    Really nice post Harsh… Buying a domain name is not a big task but its very difficult to a chose a domain name.

  30. Simon | Teenius says

    You talk about ‘seriousness’. but to be honest, if you are serious about blogging, you should buy a domain, buy a hosting package and install wordpress ;)