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The Most common problem faced by non-native English Speaker is Grammar part of English. This case is also true for me, as I’m not a native English speaker, and I tend to make lots of Common Grammatical errors in my writing.

Improving English Grammar

Few days back I hired a proof-reader to find grammatical mistakes in my written article, and I was awestruck when I discovered silly mistakes I was making. Since then I’m trying my best to learn and polish my writing. I know it would take time, but I’m doing my best to work on it.

FYI: Hiring a proof-reader is not cheap, as you will end up paying extra. Either have a full-time editor or improve your English.

Though I have been learning and trying to get rid of common English errors that I make, Some of them are:

  • Then and than
  • There and Their
  • Space after comma (Required)
  • Space before comma (Not required )
  • Complex sentences

I know there are many other mistakes that I make, and I’m not ashamed of accepting it because this way I will learn and improve my writing. I have compiled a list of Online tools that you can use to check your Grammar and make your post better.

Online tools that help in improving English Grammar:

If you already know that your Grammar is not that great, and you are motivated to work on it, you will surely get better in no time. I know one of my blogger friend Himanshu, who read few Grammar books, took help of tools like Grammarly to find grammatical errors and improved his writing in no-time.

The problem with us (Who have crossed adolescence) is first to unlearn and then we can learn new stuff. Moreover, we constantly need someone to correct our mistakes. Anyhow, let me share those tools and methods that will help you to improve your Grammar and overall writing in no time.

Use Grammarly:

Finding Grammatical errors

This is one tool that you should start using right away. This is the best online Grammar Checker tool I have seen in past few years. I have been using it for months, and I’m impressed with the quality and suggestions it offers.

It tells me why particular word, punctuation or even comma is wrong. That helps me to learn about common mistakes that I make and something that you can start using right now without waiting further.

Check out Grammarly

Maintain a notebook:

Another strategy that I follow, as I note down all common mistakes that I often make and write down pointers that remind me to correct it. My Notebook also helps in looking back at the errors that I used to make. I often spend time with my English major friend and take her help in improving my writing. I suggest you to look around and find a friend or tutor, who can help you. It would hardly take few weeks of effort, but it would be helpful throughout your life.

Online Grammar test:

If you enjoy learning online, I recommend you to start taking online Grammer exercice. This will instantly show you your score and you will know what area you need to work upon. You can use this free online tool for Grammar exercise.

After The Deadline

After the deadline

This is one of my favorite tools to check for Grammatical error on the fly. It offers various ways to integrate including WordPress plugin. After the deadline is owned by Automattic, which is the company behind WordPress. Though, it’s not as good as the tool I listed above, but for the price tag of Zero, you would not mind giving it a shot.

I guess you may not need to use this one. If you are using tools that I mentioned above, though it’s good to add another useful one in your list.

What methods are you following to improve your English grammar? Do share the tips and techniques that is working for you.

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COMMENTs ( 27 )

  1. Sae Kyung says

    Nice post! Your blog is very informative. Now-a-days grammar corrector tools are massively helpful to produce a perfect work. Few months ago, my English was very poor then I used nounplus(dot)net. I improved my grammar through this tool. Thanks for sharing with us such a wonderful blog.

  2. Vishnnu Vermaa says

    Thank you for sharing this Harsh bro, i firstly write my post in Ms Word then i copy paste it to publish a new post…isn’t it the best way to find out all the mistakes…???

  3. raman bathina says

    Thanks harsh for introducing this wonderful services.After reading this post i search over internet and find two other grammar checking tools, from

  4. Hetal Shah says

    Hey! Thanks Harsh for making this post.. Its really useful for me facing the same problem.

    Mostly I made mistake in sentence formation and sometime spelling mistakes too. I am sure these tools will help me. Thanks for sharing..

  5. Suresh Khanal says

    These tools help a lot to make posts error free.

    I am started writing blog posts recently and need lots of feedback. Please if you can, give me feedback of my posts. Is my language acceptable or I am doing some silly mistakes?

  6. Rohit Sane says

    I have seen many bloggers suffering from same problems. Very useful posts, sometimes even I make silly mistakes and this will be helpful to avoid those.

  7. John Samuel says

    Though spellchecker is not so important, since I use Firefox spell check, I feel that the other tools are quite useful

  8. Michael Aulia says

    I have the same problem everytime I want to write a post, eespecially a long one :( I’m still happy with Microsoft Word although it can suggest weird things sometimes

    • says

      I know Michael, earlier I also used to use MS word, though I didn’t realized until I saw the HTML code of copied post. That was probably the last time I used MS word for this purpose.

  9. Uttoran Sen says

    nice post, English is certainly a problem for us who belongs to the “non native English” countries.

    ms word pretty much solves the problem, but on some very important posts i try to hire a native English proofreader to correct my mistakes. lately, i have been following some good copywriting blogs to improve my English further,

  10. Gabe | says

    Primary English speakers don’t realize how difficult the language is to pick up. Although English is my second language, I grew up in the US and am totally Americanized. I think in English but I know it’s much harder for those who have to do translations in their heads.

    I personally couldn’t imagine posting in a different language.

  11. Rajat Kumar says

    yeah way more than spell checks one needs grammar cheking tools as well. because spell checker is common and we tend to miss out on d latter. For instance your recent article titled “How to Select Right Affiliate Program” has a grammatical error in the opening sentence lol… So do get hold of a good tool. for pros like u problem doesnt lie in d language but simply typos n errors so get rid of dat. A most *primitive* approach is to use MS Word :P

    • says

      Thanks for feedback Rajat and as I said earlier I know I make lots of mistakes, though its always make mistake and learn from it. So I’m on it. Might take some time.. :|

  12. Lee Ka Hoong says

    I’ve been looking for the grammar checking tool for long but I couldn’t found it, I have no problem for spell check since I’m using Firefox. I’ve tried to use the PolishMyWriting, that’s cool! Thanks for sharing these tools!

  13. himanshu says

    Thanks for the share buddy, I use Microsoft Word 2008 to check spelling and Grammer. I am going to use all the tools suggested by you.

    • says

      Even I used to use MS word some time back but its not that great and I wanted something much better and easy to use and obviously anywhere . Probably you will enjoy above mentioned tools.. :)

    • says

      Vamsi if you can be more specific what problem you faced with them, I started using them from last 3-4 days and I find them working perfectly fine. Though we can’t expect them to give us 100% error free grammar. Meanwhile I will appreciate if you can use your name while commenting, this will make it easy for us to reply to comments by name.

  14. Nihar says

    Great sharing Harsh.

    Yes, we use firefox and wordpress to correct the spell errors, but for grammatical errors. i don’t. I will check the 1st website you mentioned and use it before i publish next post.

  15. Surender Sharma says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for the great resource buddy.
    This is the biggest and common mistake of many bloggers but the resource you have provided is really useful for me.

  16. Stefan says

    I’m usually having problem with is/are and have/has, so this will work perfectly for me. PolishMywriting seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

  17. Samir Majhi says

    Harsh I wanted to ask you sth…..How am I supposed to submit a post for approval? I couldn’t find any button/link on the dashboard. Moreover, could you add a link for logging into the site?