How To Create Free Email with own Domain using Google Apps

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How To Create Free Email with own Domain using Google Apps

Google apps set upUpdate: Google shuts down free version of Google apps and you can read more about it here. Though you can still setup professional Email address using Google apps by paying a nominal fees of $5/user/month and enjoy all their services. You can read the updated tutorial over here

We have already seen the benefits of Custom domain and one major benefit of using custom name for your site is you can easily get a professional Email address for your domain. Many bloggers who owns a domain name, are not aware of the fact that they can create free email with own domain name. For example, I have as my domain name and I created [email protected] for my official work. Creating a domain specific email address adds more into credibility and looks more professional.  For any blogger it is important to use a personalized email domain address for professionalism. something like [email protected].  How many of you have custom domain name, but using a public email address like @gmail @yahoomail.

How to Create Free Personalized Email with own Domain :

You can get your custom domain email address for free from Google apps. The process of getting your custom domain email address is simple. Here are few steps which you need to follow to get your personal domain email address.

There are 4 steps in the process of getting personalized free Email with your own domain:

1. Go to Google Apps page, and select from two options. If you already own a domain (Which is most likely, as you landed here), enter your domain name under “I already own this domain“. Else, you can also buy domain from Google for $10/year. Though, I prefer buying from other domain market places like NameCheap, Godaddy & ShoutMyDomain.

Personalized Domain Email

Make sure you don’t add a www as a prefix or trailing slash (/) as prefix. In simple, it should be :

2. Once you click on Submit, You need to create a Google apps login. My suggestion is create one account with the name of [email protected] and later you can create account like [email protected] This will help in better management in future and managing and giving role to group. Specially, if you have a large organization, my suggestion would be go for admin.

Google Apps sign in

3. When you fill out the detail, make sure your alternate Email address is not any temporary Email address, as this will be crucial at the time of password recovery. Once everything is done and you have accepted their TOS. Hit submit and you will be automatically logged into your personalized Email address account. Now, you can set up Google apps account any of the two method: Express or custom. For the sake of tutorial, lets go with Express set up.

Verify Ownership for Google Apps Email:

Now, this is the first part which is very important and after this you will be able to use your domain Email account to send or receive Email.  Google has now made the verification process very easy by using Meta tag option. In which you have to add a code to your Website before < body> tag. If you are using WordPress, it will be easy else you can use alternate methods for verification. 1) Upload HTML file ii) Update DNS record iii) Google analytic verifrication.

Google apps Verify ownership

If you have bought the site from someone and he transferred the ownership of GA account, you can simply use it to verify Google apps ownership. Else, I prefer using HTML file upload method. So, using any of the method, verify ownership for the domain.

Setting up Google Apps Email account:

Once verification is done, rest set up steps are easy and you can get things up in minutes. Under Gmail > Set up Gmail you will get MX record to add the settings. If you are using a cPanel hosting like Hostgator, Bluehost. You can login to cPanel > Mail > Mx entry and Enter the following settings:

  • Priority : 0
  • Destination : ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

Remove if there is any other Email entry.

Upgrading MX record may take up to 48 hrs, so you continue with other Google apps set up and later on configure Google domain mail.

You can always access your domain Email dashboard by going to  If you want to change it to something like, click on settings on top right > Email and change URL

mail domaincom

Now click on save changes and you are done with Google apps set up. Wait for sometime and one MX record has been propogated, simply start using your domain Email. I usually use forwarding feature to forward Email to my personal Email account and use the same account to send Email from professional account.

Do let us know if you have created personalized free Email with your domain name? What are the possible benefits you can think of creating professional domain Email address?

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  1. Naveen says

    Hello Harsh. We had developed a website from outside website developer. We have the domain registered from GoDaddy. But due to some dispute, we came out of their service in the middle. We have not received any username or password relating to the authenticity of the website or domain. Now I want to create mail Ids for my employees with that same domain name. What are the things we should have for authenticity of domain. Or is it OK if we do not have any documents relating the authenticity of domain. And what should we do to create mail Ids for our employees. Kindly help me out. Waiting for your reply

  2. says

    I have created a custom email using this method but Google Apps is not free at all, After 1 month trial they are asking for the billing to continuing the service.

    Will my custom email get deleted if I don’t pay for Google apps after one month? or else I can use it for FREE?

    Yash Gohel

  3. says

    Harsh thanks for the sharing but I am getting this error…

    “This domain is already in use. If you own this domain and would like to use Apps for Business, please follow the steps here”.

    What can i do now??? :(

    • says

      Sadly this is no more free, so I recommend you to use Outlook to create your domain specific Email address or use the one offered by your hosting provider.

  4. rajesh says

    i bought domain and web site space from other service provider,
    can i move my existing web site to google, if yes, what is cost and how ?


  5. Sybil says

    I’ve been browsing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for
    me. Personally, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be much more useful than ever before.

  6. Bharat Rawat says

    Hi Harsh I have my own website I try to create Google mail apps for my domain but it was not created. Is there any setting from the cpanel or server to run a domain name mail .

  7. LIvebeats says

  8. zac says

    how do I create an e-mail “[email protected]” and make it redirect to everyone’s e-mail within that domain? Is it done in cPanel or Gmail?

  9. Tushar Patil says

    I went google apps but it is asking $5/user/month that is too steep for me. I am starting a small biz with three users, would need email with feature.

    If I don’t want hosted email (opted for inhouse ), would that save me cost ?

    pl suggest.

  10. Satej says

    Dear Mr.Harsh,
    I have registered for a free domain on India get online (Hostgator) but the problem is as mentioned above. I was successful in creating only one email id. I tried to follow your guidelines but in the cpanel where the mx settings need to be edited is anactive, I mean I am unable to select it. Please guide me further to create multiple id’s.

    Thanks & Regards,

  11. Arun says

    This is really a nicely done tutorial on using Google apps to setup email accounts, for your Domain. I have always used them since 2010. Too bad they recently decided not to offer ‘Google apps for business’ for free (30 days) which you could renew again n again for free. You could literally run a small company (50 users) without having to buy an exchange server for your official mails, as Gmail can be mapped to MS outlook, by just tweaking the settings.

    • says

      Thanks for useful info.. I have not yet migrated my existing Google Apps accounts to, but have setup new domains Email address on

  12. oscalv says

    Hi Harsh,
    I was wondering whether is possible to create several e.mail accounts for the same personalized domain. Do you know if that is possible?

  13. virtualvinay says


    Can i use both the custom email service from google and the emails provided from the website host? Obviously both email ids will be different.

  14. Qaysar Akbar says


    I wanted to ask a quick question.

    If I have my own admin section (not wordpress ) and I wanted to have at the top of the page an envelope for all new emails that are on my google account is this possible??

    i.e I have a Google email account and want to witout loggin into google mail seperately be able to see if I have received any emails in my account or maybe even show the subject.



  15. Heather says

    I set up email like you described above for a client of mine a few years back. She has now sold her business and wants to pass on the email addresses to the new business owner. What is the best way of going about doing this? Should she just delete her account and then the new owner can recreate the email addresses in his account?

  16. Joseph Morrison says

    Thank you for this great information! I had no idea you could do this, but have done it now for my business and it works just as described! You’ve saved my company lots of money! THANK YOU!!

  17. GreenZone says

    Hi i brought a Domain name and i don’t have hosting but i would like to have gmail app as my email how can i use gmail as my company email because i don’t have any hosting to change the mx record

  18. says

  19. Vlad says

    So, I understand that you can make your custom e-mail with [email protected] using Googla Apps. But this doesn’t have anything to do with the hosting package, am I right?.

    For example I was looking at some hosting offers and one had : 2 FTP accounts, 5 e-mail addresses etc. Those 5 addresses have anything to do with Google Apps? And please give me some details about them – they are hosted on their server, they have their on platform for viewing/writin emails?
    Thank you,

  20. chuch says

    I lost my administrator account both email and password. I could not login dashboard to manage my email now.
    I want to remove my domain from google app and set up again.
    Is there any way to remove domain from google app ?
    Please any one help me out

  21. Deva Ashish Singh says

    I am using cPanel. Problem is i have gone through your steps but not able access this . Help me as MX record is also updated.

  22. serge says

    Hi all,
    I am trying to set up the the goole apps for my free website and can not get further than step 2.
    The frustrating part is that I can find nowhere in Google to ask how to fix this.
    Does anyone have experience with this? Help would be highly apreciated.


  23. KM says

    Hi Harsh,

    I registered my domain through a vendor ( in Singapore but did not use their hosting service and they do not provide me with any email account too. There seem to be no way that I can change MX information when i log in to my domain. What should I do? Thanks.

    • says

      Hey KM
      Just in case if you are planning to use any Hosting, you can ask them to do it for you.
      For example if you host with Hostgator, you can ask them in live chat support and they will do it for you within no time. Hope this will help.

  24. Monika says

    Hey ,

    This site is under construction.
    well i have tried to do the google app with my email thingi.
    But, i am not able to see Total DNS control in my godaddy ->domainname-> advance details section.
    Now how will i be able to incorporate it.>?

  25. vrunda says

    hey harsh…

    you are right about this thing.. i am also using the google apps.. program but then also i am not using my professional id… so after reading your post.. i am thinking to use that email id..

    thanx and regards…


  26. larry says

    I have been trying to figure out how to do this forever, since godaddy charges to set up an email with them. awesome, glad i found this post.

  27. Sam says

    I already have a website and a few emails set up for it. Wanted to create more emails. Is it possible in it? What are the cons of creating free emails in it?

  28. Aneesh says

    I also use hostagtor and it is really a good host!!.. But i should say that every host(atleast most of them) will provide you with emails like email@yordomain and that email can be accessed via your Cpanel via a Squirrel mail interface(there are other alternatives also)..
    Here we are talking of giving the entire email handling to google apps.So that you can get a gmail like interface for your personalised email.You can also login to google talk with this new email.
    If you are on hostgator,just ask the hostgator guys to setup google apps for you..Thery will change the CNAME and MX’s for you.. Now you just need to signup via the link given in the post and verify yourself using the CNAME method instead of the html upload method..

  29. Aneesh says

    Has anyone tried this??I don™t think that these steps are fully sufficient to have gmail on your domain.Its true that when you upload an html file like that you will get an email address like [email protected] and you can access it at and send emails
    But have you tried sending an incomming email to that address??? Google Cant hack into your domain to grab all incoming emails .[They can offcourse send]..
    You will have to change the MX Entry to let google do that..
    And if you want to access gmail at
    they you will have to setup a CNAME record with the Name mail and value
    I think this is the total way..
    Correct me if i am wrong!!
    By the way i think you have even done the CNAME part for this blog shoutmeloud.
    There is another alternative to adding the CNAME.. What the CNAME does is give google the power to access the subdomain.And what google does is that they will redirect this subdomain to your custom gmail url.. Why let google do that?You can do that manually by using an htaccess redirect of redirect mail.yourdomain to

  30. d3monoid says

    yup,this is also nice way to setup mail box with this application.
    i am using both 2 domain for gmail and for 2 m using squirrel!1
    both have their up down !! points :) nice info for beginners bloggers like me!!!

  31. Christie says

    Thanks Harsh! I knew I had a few domains I got from Google (really registered with Enom) and I enjoy Gmail @mydomain there, but I didn’t know I could do it with the domains I’m hosting elsewhere. You don’t have to change an MX record or anything to get the mail to go to your domain? This is excellent!

  32. Team Nirvana says

    I use DreamHost for my blogs and I got Google Apps along with my domain hosting. I love the services because they are exactly the same as Gmail and other Google services.

  33. Chethan T says

    Yes, i have personalized email of type! Just for Name sake.. But, I use since i am using it from long run!

    • Deepak says

      Will u send me the link to make mail id with own domain ?
      I want to knw more abt it.
      Thnx in advance.

  34. Manpreet Rehsi says

    Gmail is really one of the best mail services. I have been using it for quite sometime but after reading your article i have configured it on my domain. The mail transaction really easy and quick, everything has gone right for me. Thanks for sharing this nice article

  35. Michael Aulia says

    I’m a bit confused. Wouldn’t it be easier to create an email account from your hosting cPanel? Unless if this post means something else…

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