How to Create Email ID for Your Domain using Google Apps

I have seen many blogger’s often use Gmail or yahoo mail even though they own a domain. If you are a domain owner, it’ a good idea to use domain specific Email address like [email protected], [email protected], as it not only shows professionalism; it also make your email more serious and authentic. There are many web-services that you can use to create domain based email address, and one of the best option is by using Google apps for Work. Google Apps for work cost $5/user/month and it integrates with all Google services.

In this guide I will show you how to create Email ID for your domain using Google apps. (Some of the screenshots might not be same; as Google keep changing the screenshot but the process will be same and is very easy to follow for you).

Today in this article I am going to help them create their own mail id for their domain free with google app support. This article will work with most of the common domain registrar.

Initial part to make it working is to have your domain registered at google app,follow the steps below to register your domain for google apps

Steps to register at Google Apps

Google Apps for business

Click on next, and on the next page you have an option to buy domain from Google or use any of your existing domain. If you have a domain, use the option which says “Use a domain name I have already purchased” and if you need to buy a domain name, use the second option.

business domain address

On the next page, you will need to create your first Google apps user name. My suggestion would be, create only those email address which you are more likely to going to use. As Google apps charges /user/month, using fewer Email address will ensure that your business monthly expense will be low.

Your new Google Apps account


Click on signup and it will automatically redirect you to admin dashboard of your newly created Google apps account. Here is a screenshot of my Google apps admin console.

Google Apps admin console

The very first thing which we require here is to verify domain ownership which could be done in multiple ways. The easiest way is by adding the meta tag if you already created your website, or you can add Txt record to verify domain ownership. In my case, I have added meta tag into my WordPress site to verify domain ownership.

Google apps domain verification

Once you have verified your domain ownership, next step is to  set up email for your domain. Click on next sep after verify, and you will be back to admin console where you can click on setup email to start setting up Google apps Email service. Great thing about Google apps setup tool is, it’s very smart and makes it easy for any non-technical user to setup and get running in no-time. For example, in my case Google apps detected that my domain is hosted on Bluehost and it gave me instructions to quickly setup Google apps email service via Bluehost.

Google apps bluehost Domain setup

Now delete all existing MX record in your bluehost account or other web-hosting service that you are using, and simply add the MX record provided by Email setup console of Google apps:

Google Apps MX record


That’s it ! within 24 hours Google will check the MX records after which your mail  will be activated. I hope this tutorial will help you get your own personalized email address for your domain.

Do remember, having your personalized domain Email address, will help in branding and look more  professional.

Do let us know if you have claimed your personalized domain Email address or not?

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Augustus says

    Great tutorial, I used to have my blog on blogger before, so my domain was purchased using the Google Apps with Godaddy, but when I migrated to WordPress, I had to point the name server to my new host, which means my email on the domain will no longer be hosted on Google, this affected my email for days (messages keep bouncing back) until I found a way around it, all I did was create the same email with my hosting account, then input my Google app email as a forwarding address, that way, I can access my domain email using the normal Google mail. I might write a tutorial on this very soon, so that others would not have to pass through the same stress I passed through.

    • Richa says

      Hi I just changed my hosting server only but my domain remains with my previous one. But now all my business emails are bouncing back. I followed gmail’s instructions on MXrecords but the change doesnt reflect. Please help.

  2. Chandan says

    I recently started web design business one of my client want to setup 5 custom mail id for buy domain but Google charge per user $5 so cost is going $5 x 5 = $25 its very costly my client does not pay such amount they need cheap solution any body or Harsh can tell me where I get cheap solution for custom email? I am thinking using about using email forwarder is good?

  3. Endlesslove says

    I have done. Thanks for sharing.
    I have discovered a tips is to have the dots (.), the back of Google Apps MX settings.

  4. Ankita Roy Chowdhury says

    I have been using this for long…really a nice service from google. One thing you can redirect this long domain to small one as by editing the cname to

  5. Mahesh says

    I am using this great free service for my blog. Google Apps Email service is better than the one we get in cPanel.

  6. Sekav says

    Well, this was a very good step-by-step explanation and would definitely help the novice users as well as those who have not used it yet. I have been using it since last few months and so far it works great. Using Gmail, Yahoo etc. does not look professional and hence creating personalized email id using our own registered domain is always preferable.

  7. Hung Hong says

    I am using google application to create email with my domain too.One of reason i used this application is that it can display vietnamese correctly