Facebook Notes: How to Auto Publish Blogger to Facebook

One of the most common question asked by any Blogger is how to auto publish blogger to Facebook and one easy answer is Facebook notes app. Facebook notes is a useful app which comes by default with every Facebook fan page and Fb profile. In this post, I will be sharing how you can configure Facebook notes to automatically post WordPress post to Facebook and similarly Blogger blog post to Facebook.

Update: Facebook discontinued import posts from website some time back. Scroll to bottom to read updates status about Fb notes blog importing feature.

When you should not use Facebook notes to publish blogger to Facebook:

If you offer complete feed for your blog post, you should not use Facebook notes app to distribute your content on Facebook profile or Fan page. Reason being, when ever you share anything via Facebook notes, Google usually indexes it. Since you offer complete feed which is not working as a duplicate post, sometime because of domain value of Facebook, posts shared via Fb notes app, outrank your original content on your blog. So, I highly suggest you to use partial feed feature to publish your blog post.

In case, if you still want to offer full posts via feed, I suggest you to use RSS Graffiti app, which is one dedicated app to publish your blog posts on your Fb profile and fan page. Infact, after realizing post duplicate issues with Face book notes app, I started using RSS Graffiti app. Anyways, depending upon your choice you can use Fb notes or Graffiti app, but my recommendation would be Graffiti app.

How to configure Facebook notes to Auto publish blog posts on Facebook:

Follow this simple how to guide to set up Fb notes app to auto publish posts using blog feed. Be it, WordPress, Blogger or any other platform, if your CMS offer RSS feed, you can use this app to configure everything.

Login to Facebook and go to your Fb fan page.  Click on edit page at the top right, Click on Apps from left menu and search for Facebook notes app.

Facebook Notes

  • On the next page click on import a blog from right hand side and add your blog feed address and this will start publishing your blog post automatically.



Click on Start Importing and from now on when ever you will update your blog, your post will be automatically publish on Facebook Fan page.

I hope you found this tutorial simple and if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it via tweet or Stumble.


Sadly from Sep 30th 2011, you won’t be able to use Facebook notes to import blog feed on Facebook as added by official announcement here. So right now, best option is RSS graffiti app.

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COMMENTs ( 26 )

  1. Steven says

    How do I auto event to facebook ? Is there any tools or apps that does that instead of going into facebook and create it manually?

  2. Robert Butler says

    I have a better idea. Dump Facebook and use Google+. If you have a blog on blogspot (i.e. Google Blogger) then all you have to do is connect your blog to your Google+ page and you will automatically get the chance to post to your Google+ page every time to post.

  3. Shankar says

    Hi, I tried to bring my wordpress post into my facebook account. I have done everything as per your instruction. But in notes pages I not seeing any link like import blog.
    How can I do this?


  4. beverlybonne says

    I want to be able to make posts that are open for all to see. Haven’t a clew how to do it; but my estranged husband manage to do It all the time. Does anyone have any advice as hot to post and to where I need to navigate to post and create a blog? Anyone that can guide me The inf. will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

  5. Capiz Blogger says

    Thanks for sharing this and now it is easy for me to post my blog post to my facebook fanpage

    But still I am confuse! Could it be possible to add another blog let say two blogs for one fanpage?

  6. Anto dominic says

    Thanks for your harsh i struggled to update my post to my faebook fans page this article is really helpfull for me and i am damn sure that this article will really helpfull for the startup bloggers like me……

  7. Predabot says

    Thanks for this tutorial. But… I just tried this, and the new facebook doesn’t want to accept my WordPress RSS-feed as a viable import. What am I doing wrong? Suggestions?

  8. Jasmine says

    This is excellent. I have tried to locate the Notes application for quite a while. Facebook have got it buried deep! Your screenshots makes it easier to find!

  9. Shally Martin says

    Thanks for the info. I was searching for the info on how to get my post automatically publish to my page and I found yours.. Really thanks..

  10. Vandana says

    Hey – I have the opposite issue, By mistake I put wrong link on the facebook page of another blog. Though I have removed the Links on wall as well as the Tab, I still can’t see anywhere as to how to remove that link from the notes area! because all the posts are still showing if I go to EDIT IMPORT SETTINGS. I want to place a new RSS link and remove these old feeds placed by mistake.

  11. Ibrahim says

    Hello there. I did the trick today before reading your post but i have an issue i suppose. When i did this for the first time i got four posts on the newly page i created but after that whenever i update my blog i dont see any changes in the page… Whats the reason?? :( Its very frustrating i have tried a lot of things but nothing is working for me. The way this notes do it i love it but it just wont continue uploading posts on facebook every time i update my site or upload a new post. Help me out :((( Is it because it takes time to upload everytime or what? HELP PLZ

  12. Manimaran says

    Its really good trick. I tried it and working fine. Now I can see my sites feed from my Facebook.
    Thanks alot!

  13. josh909 says

    It seems that using the Notes app to create a tab for blog posts is relatively quick and easy to setup unlike many of the various other apps that promise to do the same thing.

    However I have found that most of my clients aren’t happy with the tab title being ‘Notes’, instead preferring it to say ‘Blog’ for ease of recognition by users. In these cases I’m using Networked Blogs.

  14. says

    While this is a great approach at updating your page automatically, the only thing that I would like to see is an option to automatically update your page with a link directly to the post. The Notes option will link to your note (which will then link to your blog post). I usually just go in manually and add it in as a link, that way when people click on it from the Wall, it will go straight to my site. Not a bad option though for auto posting!

    • says

      I agree with what you are saying Kikolani. Same thing I look for notes application on my facebook profile. That’s why I use networked blog application on my profile. Similarly you can try it for Notes application.

  15. Extreme John says

    Great post Harsh, I wish I had something like this available when I was putting together my small business Facebook Fan pages. Would have made life much easier that’s for sure, great post.

  16. Cebu Tech Blogger says

    This is exactly what I did for my fan page. A very informative post for those who just created their fan page and want to update it automatically.

  17. Jitendra Kumar says

    Hi Harsh!
    Nice that you finally included this information! I was wondering after creating my facebook page on how to automatically publish my blog posts on the page wall…I did some research and found this option. This post will surely help new bloggers….like always amazing… :)

    • says

      Jitendra Thanks for your comment and same thing happened with me when I created my first Facebook fan page. Most of the time I used to update manually and this takes lots of effort and most of time I used to forget to update it.. :|
      Thanks for notes application for making my and others life easier:)

  18. Anil Gupta says

    Really love this tip about facebook fan page. Before this I need to manually update my Fan Page with latest posts from my blog. But now they will be automatically publishing on my blog without any efffort.