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How To Add WhatsApp Sharing Button On WordPress For More Traffic

How To Add WhatsApp Sharing Button On WordPress For More Traffic

WordPress Whatsapp Sharing Button

Few days back, I shared best Social media sharing plugins for WordPress, and most of these plugins are optimised for web-version of your blog. You must be aware of the fact that mobile usage is increasing every day and it’s important for you to optimise your mobile version of site for sharing and conversions. When it comes to mobile Apps, Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app in today’s date and I’m sure you must be having it right now on your phone. Have you ever thought of adding Whatsapp sharing button on your blog? Imagine what kind of immense traffic it can bring to your site as it will make sharing so easier. Your readers read an article and if they find it interesting they can quickly forward it to their friends/team view Whatsapp.

Before I share the way to add Whatsapp button on your WordPress blog, let me quickly share some interesting stats with you.

Popular Website Buzzfeed added WhatsApp button sometime back and now Whatsapp button is generating more share than Twitter share button. In a conversation with Re-code, Buzzfeed President Jon Steinberg added “Every time we looked at WhatsApp’s numbers, it blew us away“.

After all it makes complete sense as What’sapp sharing button on mobile phone works like “Email to friend” option and the difference is that it’s faster and happens in real-time. Undoubtedly it has power to make anything go viral too. Now instead of getting more into data and stats, lets look at the way by which you can add Whatsapp social sharing button on your blog. For this we will be using a WordPress plugin call Mobile share bar which lets add Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter sharing button on mobile site. What’s great about this plugin is; it shows whatsapp button only on iOS device, since Whatsapp sharing is currently supported for iOS only.

Using Mobile share bar WordPress plugin to add Whatsapp button-

Here is a step by step guide for you to use this plugin. For non-WordPress users, I have also listed down another method at the bottom to use with your website.

  • Download and install Mobile share bar plugin and it’s free. < Official Link>
  • After activating the plugin, go to Settings > Mobile share bar and configure the option. Everything is straight forward and you will have no problem configuring it.

mobile share bar WordPress plugin

You also have an option to add your credentials to shorten URL. I have already configured a branded URL on and if you want to do that, you should refer to this guide. (This is optional). Select the places where you want to show the share button on your blog. I have selected Homepage, Posts, Pages to show Whatsapp and Facebook button. Select the position of share button for your mobile site.

mobile share bar plugin settings

Click on save changes and clear your WordPress cache. It’s time to verify if it’s working or not, so open your iPhone and type your website address to see if it’s working or not. If you don’t have an iPhone, well you don’t have an iPhone, ask any of your friend to test your WordPress blog on iPhone and confirm it for you. Here is a screenshot of how it looks for ShoutMeLoud:

Whatsapp share button on iPhone

There are few more plugins that have added Whatsapp button feature and here are the list:

If you know of more plugins which now supports Whatsapp sharing button, you can let me know via comments. For now mobile share bar WordPress plugin seems to be the best option for any WordPress blogger to add social sharing button on mobile version of WordPress.

For non WordPress website:

For any other platform you can use this Whatsapp sharing button generator tool to generate code and add it on your blog. If you are a BlogSpot coder, I would love to see a contribution from you and share an easy way to implement solution with other Shouters.

The only limitation of this button right now is, it works with iOS platform only and I’m hoping to see Android support too in the near future. Overall, After Pocket button, this is the second new sharing button I’m trying here at ShoutMeLoud, and I will share my learning soon. I will look forward to your experience and traffic details after integrating Whatsapp sharing button on your blog.

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  • Rahul Nair

    A really good plugin Harsh. The Whats App share option is superb given that about 70% of the internet users in India are on Whats App. I also checked, it works on Android.

    Thank you so much for the share.

  • tamilarivoli

    its nice information to get new visitors via mobile & tablets. its helpful.


  • harsha

    How to add this plugin to blogger, whatsapp has great potential to drive traffic, i hope this will give new horizon to bloggers

  • Mohnish Deshpande

    Adding a Whatsapp Share button is going to be really helpful to increase traffic. Is there a Share to Whatsapp option in the ShareThis plugin?? And if so, how to configure it?

  • Mohit Kumar

    Woaw… XD
    This is interesting, i didnt knew that.
    WhatsApp sharing its something new for me. Gonna check this now.

    And i’ll try to implement it on blogger too.

    Thanks For Sharing This Post. Loved It <3

  • I. C. Daniel

    Get ready for the mobile world. Yeah… sure thing having an whatsapp sharing button is going to drive more traffic. Nice tip!

  • Rakesh

    Wow Thanks Harsh for sharing this plugin name with us. 70% My website traffic comes from mobile and right now i was dependent on facebook and twitter only. I am definitely going to try this plugin and let you know my experience.

    Thanks Once again awesome tutorial

  • Giri

    Thanks for the info. In India most of us are using Android only. If they released for Android also then will be great.

  • Swapnadip Chakraborty

    Wow harsh, Great news!!!! Glad to know that now I can share Whats app button on my wordpress blog. It is very popular apps of smartphone. We can able to send files through it. Thanks for sharing this plugin. It will definitely boost website traffic of our blog.


  • Dk Patel

    Hi Harsh,
    Whatsapp sharing is really cool and new for social sharing for Mobile user to share content.
    Apart from this sharethis Plugins also providing inbuilt feature of Whatsapp sharing. I added this on my site and Looking cool.

  • Niladri Chatterjee

    Currently I’m using Blogger and looking forward to upgrade to WP. Meanwhile I found this article. I never even thought about it! It’s fully logical though. Today, no one mails a link to friends, they ‘whatsapps’ them. So thumbs up to the plug in. :)

  • Ganeshkumar

    Wow!! This is great news. But disappointed too that it doesnt work for Android. Looking at the india market, where most mobile devices are samsung, I think android should soon jump into the picture.

  • Gautam Sehgal

    Your sharing is always commendable. I was researching on this since days but was on a wrong track. This is the reason why I link shoudmeloud in my articles. Surely going to use it on my blog, i hope this will increase traffic. Thanks for the wonderful article Mr. Harsh

  • Prem Krishnan P

    Wow was really helpful for me because i used to get lot of Mobile visitors than desktop visitors. With the Whatsapp Share Button still i can boost my traffic thats really great. This would be more helpful for getting mobile Traffic.

  • Rahul Kashyap

    It is really amazing plugin @Harsh and thanks you this tutorial. I will definitely try this plugin on my blog. It seem that whatsapp only work iPhone device. Am I right?

  • Rajinder Sanwal

    Hey Harsh! I think use of Mobile share bar plugin in our blog will certainly increase traffic. I will try this plugin. Thank you for sharing such an informative article.

  • krishnan

    Hey, this is the time to replace email to friend with whatsapp, Thanks for sharing such a good information for improving our blog traffic via mobile.


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