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    How Much it Cost to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

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    Everyone knows that hosting your own blog is a costly affair and this question comes to everyone who just started with Blogging or plan to start with their own self hosted blog. How much it’s going to cost to create a self hosted WordPress blog. In this post, I will point out some of the cost which is involved in the process of set up a WordPress blog.

    wordpressseo How Much it Cost to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog?
    Cost to starting a self hosted WordPress blog

    WordPress is one of those platform, where you can start at minimal cost. WordPress software is free and you can download it for free from WordPress.org page. Though, there are some requirements like a domain name, a hosting space which you have to pay for. after that it depends upon your requirement, how much you wish to spend on customization, SEO and other factors.

    If your interest is just to start a blog on WordPress, you can start with minimal cost of $60 for an unlimited hosting and domain with Bluehost and Dreamhost. You can learn about all such hosting which is best for WordPress here.

    Domain: Cost: $10

    This is the first thing which you will be shopping. Having a domain name is like a giving an address to your new website. You need to make sure that your domain name should be brandable and if not, at least keyword rich. One should prefer domains in order of .com, .org or .net.  Domain typically cost this much from different domain providers: (.Com domains price)

    Here are some guide from the past, which will help you in selecting domain name:

    Webhosting Cost: 56-100$

    This is one major investment that you will be doing in the process of starting your own WordPress blog. I will never suggest to compromise with the quality of Hosting. You should try to get reliable and affordable Webhosting. For a new blog, shared hosting are recommended and here are some of the recommended WordPress hosting along with price for 1 year.

    • Hostgator: $56 with coupon code Shoutmeloud25
    • Dreamhost: : $69 with coupon code SML50
    • Bluehost: $83.5 (Bluehost coupon code)

    Setting up cost: (Free [DIY] or $99)

    There are many tutorials and resources available on Internet which will help you to set up WordPress blog. But if not, here are some of the tutorials which is written by me and you can use it to install WordPress and set up your blog:

    If you find doing all the above and many other things as little techy, you can always use our WordPress service. You can also refer to our WordPress guide page for more WordPress resources for a newbie.

    WordPress Theme cost: (Free to $86)

    From my experience, the toughest task is to get the theme of your choice and which is good in terms of speed, price and functionality. There are many free WordPress themes, but they miss out some of the important aspect of premium WordPress theme. If you are looking for low cost solution, I would suggest try Elegant themes or Theme-junkie. Though if your budget is little high, you can shop from WooThemes or Templatic. In case if you don’t want to compromise on SEO terms, try Thesis theme.

    WordPress SEO: $0-$1000

    This is something which you will be paying if you wish to start with a professional blog. Many WordPress services offer free SEO optimization while you set up blog for them. Though if you wish, you can always hire a 3rd party SEO company who can do off page SEO optimization for you. Though price depends on your budget. For a newbie bloggers, I would suggest, just follow SEO guidelines for WordPress and start blogging. Make sure you don’t miss out any essential elements of on page SEO optimization.  The best idea would be self learning and try out.

    You can take help of my Free WordPress setup service to enjoy a SEO optimized WordPress blog.

    WordPress Premium plugins: ( $47-$200)

    One of the major benefit of WordPress is a great list of free plugins that you can find at WordPress plugin repo. But, there are many plugins which are available at some cost. Technically you might not need it as a newbie bloggers and with low investment. But if you don’t have any investment issue, you can always grab some of the premium pluginswhich will help you to boost your on page SEO optimization. Though both the plugins I suggest for serious bloggers and one who have already started making money with blogging, can consider buying premium plugins. I personally use, EasywpSEO and SEO smart link plugins on my blog and I believe they are worth your investment. You can find a list of other plugins which I use at ShoutMeLoud here.

    Now let me figure out minimum cost for a self hosted WordPress blog where you will be doing everything of your own:

    • Basic Set up with Free Theme:  $70
    • Basic set up with Premium Theme:  $110
    • Professional set up with custom Thesis theme: $399
    • Professional set up with premium stuffs: $499-$1499

    As a newbie blogger, one can always look at the basic set up with a premium WordPress theme. Do you have any other question regarding setting up WordPress blog and it’s cost? Do let us know.

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    Thanks Harsh For this Information, It will help newbies, When I was new blogger, and want to migrate from blogger to wordpress, I asked the same question on a site but did not find the right answer at that time, But your post will help new fellows.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your comment and I know what such information meant for newbie bloggers. I remember I was searching for same info when I was moving to WordPress.



    I feel initially one can be away from Theme cost and think of investing on theme after the blogger get well averse of blogging platform.


    Sanjan Bikram

    Currently same questions are arising in my mind finally u have wrote the article on it. Thank u very much Harsh.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I’m glad Sanjan that you find the post useful.


    Adesoji Adegbulu

    Harsh… This is well explanatory. It will help newbies budget ahead for a blog that would be of benefit to them.




    hey harsh , if someone is looking for a cheap paid host then unlimitedgb.com is the best one , as i have hosted my site there for just 20$ / year plan…… Hope this information help others , thanks… :)



    Good post on cost breakup. It is always better for a newbie to start with the minimum possible cost and gradually expand as per the traffic growth and hence revenue.



    It’s really not expensive to start a self hosted Wordpress blog, in fact, it is so cheap especially when you use coupon codes to get instant discounts! Really, these days everyone can setup their own hosted blog!



    It’s a good ‘practical’ guide for any one who wants to start a new or migrate to WP self hosted.


    Tho Huynh

    For me, it takes only 9.99 to start your self-hosted Wordpress Blog
    Domain: Namecheap – 9.98$
    Hosting: 0.01$ for 1st month at HostGator (Or you can sign up Hostable account for FREE)
    Wordpress Theme: 0$ – Some beautiful themes out there like: Obscure, FreemiumTheme…
    Plugin: Instead of investing your money on Expensive Plugins, you can try other free ones with affordable prices



    Nowadays starting blogs became very easy, lots of competition in hosting so we can get hosting at cheap prices, personally I recommend to go with JustHost for first year, because of 50 off with coupon.


    Baby BrownFox

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been using Canvas theme from woothemes, it works great. I’ve looking into Keyword Winner, hope you could write a short tutorial about it. Thanks.. more power..



    Great post and you have considered everything that a blogger have to pay for. But you can cut-off the prices if you want. Domain+Webhosting costs only about $42 in Just host. Setting up of a wordpress blog is a very simple task. Just do read some nice tutorials and you can do it yourself. Premium theme from elegentthemes are great and cheap. I recommend to use them and there are a lot of GREAT free themes outta there. You need to keep an eye on it. For the SEO part, if you are somewhat experienced, you can cover almost major parts without a pro. But you can hire one and ot won’t be a lose at all.

    So if you do like this, you can easily start a Wordpress blog for about a $100 budget. Just to cheer up the newbies who want to come to WP :) … Don’t get upset after reading the calculations……You can cut it down to a great extend, if you want to ………. Just to let you know it :)


    Zero Cost Business

    I think for a newbie who does not have enough budget, domain and web hosting are enough for expenses. You can find good looking themes related to your niche for free and plugins like Platinum SEO or All in One SEO take care of most aspects of SEO anyway. Other than that, it always helps that you are aware of SEO and learn more about installing and promoting a blog.

    If you are blogging for business, it is better to know about selecting a niche, keyword research, how to get organic search rankings for your keyword, etc before selecting a domain name and web hosting.

    Ultimately, it is always a question of time against money. If you are not willing to spend money, you have to spend time.

    Considering that, building a business is never really free or even cheap.



    so if I am just starting out what is the total cost for self hoast blog for basic setup premium theme?


    Md. Ibrahim

    Hi Harsh, thanks a lot for this great post. I am a new blogger, running WordPress on Byethost free hosting. As I am a newbie I’ll spend money on domain & hosting later when I’ll earn some money from my blog. But my question is, is there any risk to continue blogging on free hosting like Byethost?


    Harsh Agrawal

    @Md. Ibrahim :
    You should read following three articles, which will clarify all your doubts:
    Let me know if you still have any query after this… :)


    Nilantha Jayawardhana

    Really amazing and useful post.

    When someone begin to blog, he think that how much I should spend for my blog. Every newbie have this same question. Total cost of his/her depends on his/her blogging purpose.

    Thank You harsh. You explain about the cost of self hosted WordPress blog. Definitely, this is really useful post for every newbie who hope to start professional blogging.


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