How Google SERP Position Affects Your Blog Traffic

Just ranking for a Keyword on the first page of Google doesn’t mean that you are getting most out of it, as the real competition is on what position you are ranking. There are softwares like Free Keyword monitor or Keyword position checkers which will help you to check what position you are ranking at and work on improving on it.

According to the latest study by chitika , the first search result clicks receives twice the second, and three times the third. According to data gathered in searches of Google, the first results received for 35% of clicks, the second on 17% and third 12%.

But above all that the biggest leap of visits to appear from the first page results to the second. The pages at #10, the end of the first page of results, gets 143% more visits than the first result of the second page #11.

Google SERP position and traffic

The first position receives double traffic than the second

Obviously these data confirm something we’ve known throughout the years, SEO Rules!! and why is it important must be at the top of the web search results. Now we all know that if you are not ranking on first page of Google, you are hardly getting any traffic. Below image shows how much traffic first page of Google gets and how it decreases significantly when you move to next page:

Google traffic for first page

3 Ways to Improve your Search Result Page Position ?

1. Write Guest Posts at a High Authority Blog :

This is the best way to get a high value backlink which is worth many low quality ones, and quick backlinks. Also use it to direct it to landing pages or a sneeze page like the one Harsh recently wrote (85 Killer Blogging Tips: Idiot Guide For Bloggers). This ways you will gain readers and google love to all the linked posts.

2. Interlink Posts in Same Category :

May be this post is interlinked too much (all because Harsh has written alot of good posts to link to). Linking to older posts, editing older posts to link to new ones etc, not only helps better readability, but improves the way the google juice flows all over your site, eventually helping to to gain higher position in serps.

3. Edit Old Blog Posts :

One of my favourite way to improve Keyword ranking of an existing page is by improving the content. Needless to mention, I take care of Keyword density and Keyword optimization to improve the position better.

Basically its all about adding more content value and quality links to the Page you want to improve in search engine results. Check out SEO checklist.

What do you think is the best way to Increase your search engine ranking?


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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Nerdr says

    I guess the percentages are for pages with only the basic text links. Google now shows images next to some search results, fo rexample Google plus articles. These image links have a super high click through rate even in lower positions.

  2. Tushar says

    cool and useful tips bro…i have also understood the importance of writing the guest posts and now i am a frequent guest blogger

  3. Suneel says

    I didn’t understand the chart completely when I came across it on Chitika. Now, I got the complete picture of it.

    I always forget the point of Interlinking Posts. I need to do that regularly from now onwards.

    • says

      I never understood why seo people always told us to Interlink Pages in a website… but after an year in this…I get it… interlinking is the key.

      The better we know how to distribute our google page ranking juice to other pages the better rankings we can achieve…

      In fact if there is any high converting page (affiliate, adsense etc) then one might consider focus build more links to that page…

  4. Rahul says

    This looks like chitikas ctr. Nothing new, top page get large amount of traffic as compared to others. Hence more traffic more ctr.

  5. Rajeel says

    Man, This is a great tip to know … I hadn’t even thought that there will be the change of this much visitors when we come down in search engine results .. from today onwards i’ll try to enter atleast one page up than my oresent rankings ..

    • says

      Yeah… shocking… I though people clicked on the Attactive Titles in result pages …. but I guess people trust google more than title…

      You see thats you “how to” forums get so much traffic… even if they don’t have proper title…. they manage to stay in the top 3 becoz of the trust factor with google…

  6. Vivek Krishnan says

    Hi Debajyoti,
    Awesome stats on the topic. It is a good insight into how much a single position in the SERPs matter.

  7. Shiva says

    You are right Debajyoti, the search engine ranking is one important factor that can determine traffic. Thanks for including the tips for increasing the rankings to :)

    • says

      Yes .. in fact this report by chitka.. show that … just a 1st in google might be not enough…. one has to take care of the position too for particular sets of keywords.
      In fact a huge traffic (quality) difference is there between the top 3 and the rest 7 in serp… and that creates the difference for the sites in the pages.

      And like I said before One backlink from a well followed blog does wonders.. not only it boosts rankings of the linked pages … but it also improves your trust factor with google.