Bye Bye Soul-Sucking Job! Welcome Full time blogging

Woot!! This blog post is probably going to change my life as I’m going to make one of the biggest decision of my career. Hello all, this is a boring post where I’m going to bore you about my career and I’m joining the league of Professional Bloggers. :)

I started Blogging 6 months back (late 2008) and my blogging journey so far is a never-ending learning experience. Every day, I learn something new and I’m like Damn! I never thought about it. And if you are up for learning something new, Blogging and Internet marketing is your thing.

My blogging history was like as an average blogger who stared with BlogSpot blog, moved to WordPress later and now implementing and practicing new ideas.  Well this sounds really simple when we are into part-time blogging but things changes when we take blogging as our only career choice. Before, I will tell you more about my decision of taking blogging as a full-time career, I believe you should know me a little:

Hi, I’m Harsh Agarwal, from New Delhi, an I.T Engineer by education and a blogger by profession.  I was working with Convergys technologies and now I have left my job for making a career in the field of Blogging. I know people will call it a madness because I left my job at the time of recession when people are desperately looking for a job.

Honestly it was a tough decision for me to leave my existing career path for starting a complete new career in the field of Blogging. It’s just been 6 months that I have started blogging as a part time activity, however, it was becoming difficult for me to blog and show my online presence along with my 12 hrs job.Harsh Agarwal

Finally I quit my job because I saw lots of opportunities for me in the field of blogging. I will say anybody who is into blogging has more opportunities to make endless money online. The only keyword to success is regularity, dedication and positive attitude.

Blogging is not an easy experience as you see it, running a maintaining blog involve lots of work that includes SEO, writing, managing hosting and promotion. When I started ShoutMeLoud, it was a technology blog but later I tuned into Blogging and Webmaster blog. The whole idea was to share my experience and things which I have learned over the time. Gradually, other bloggers started liking what I share and that gave me enough boost and confidence to decide about one of the biggest transition of my life.

It took me almost 2 month to decide, if I should take Blogging as a full-time career or keep it a part-time career. All the people I have consulted, they all have their opinion but here is one advice which I got from my friend & I would like to share it with you too:

“People who work in MNC, it’s their dream to kick their job and start something of own, but in your case, you are being gifted with something which you like and something which can be your career.”

Somehow, these words helped me to be sure about what I wanted and finally I decided to become one of India’s professional blogger.

Is Full time blogging for me or not?

I won’t comment on this until I see my progress. My only target is to provide quality articles and quality contents so that I can keep up the trust that I have built-in these few months, eespecially now, when Blogging is only source for my bread and butter I can’t afford to make any mistakes.

So I will make sure every article I will write, every piece of information I will give you will be based on research.

I’m always open to feedbacks and suggestions. You are always welcome to drop a mail at admin[at]

Moreover I will keep sharing my experience and the source from where I’m making money so that other people who are thinking of taking blogging seriously can take an example.

So am I going to blog only for money?

I started blogging because of my interest and passion. When I started Blogging, I didn’t even realize you can make money from a Blog. Making online money was a myth for me but later on I discovered that online business is gold mine for this era. Blogging is just a small part of it, there are many strings which are attached along with Blogging and I’m going to uncover it. Specially, affiliate marketing and search engine optimisation is something my area of interest.

Talking about, if I’m going to just blog for money, My answer: No. I blog because I love it. Money will be a driving factor as It’s the only source of income for me. As of now, I don’t have to try hard as  current traffic and my affiliate strategy is helping me make enough money to survive and if everything goes as planned, I will be integrating services like blog set up, SEO and may be blog consultancy in future.

I am not sure how this blogging career is going to change my life. My decision to take blogging as a full time profession may turn out to be a disaster but I might regret it later if I don’t try something awesome and independent as this.  Lets see what path blogging leads me to. For now, all I need is good wishes and luck from all the Shouters.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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  1. says

    I started blogging with free WordPress since 2011. Even my online friend is the one who made it for me. At first, I never think I was gonna make my site into a self hosted blog, did it near the end of last month.
    I think it was really late for me to do that. But it was unexpected even for me.

    Because I was unemployed, only sometimes volunteering. I started to manage my blog more often after upgraded.
    I’ve faced many obstacles along the way, researching, and learning till I got here.

    Still, because I have no income. Half of the reason, I’m doing it for the money. Am I wrong?
    But I can only make a penny, most probably because of country niche. You see, my blog was mostly used my native language. My country is Indonesia.
    I have many followers and views before I upgraded my blog. But now, my site still have a long way to catch up compared to before.

    And I’m currently still wondering. Is blogging my site can be considered as working? Because I’m doing what I love, it didn’t feel like working at all. It didn’t even bothered me at all when I’m blogging 8-9 hours on weekend. But I make almost no income from my not even one month self hosted blog.
    Maybe I was expecting a quick result. But that would be expected after you have no income for a while.

    As I’m wondering about that, I stumble upon your article here. Sorry for my rambling. Probably unrelated to the article. But I thought I need to let it out my feeling.
    thank you.

  2. says

    Harsh, you have taken the right decision. And now, you are reaping the benefits of your decision. Our economy has opened up decades ago and this has brought us umpteen number of avenues in various sectors like real estate, consumer durables, pharmaceutical etc. In spite of all the lucrative job offers from MNCs, we are still under perils of the uncertainty as we don’t have control over the forces that dictate the job market. In blogging, we don’t experience any such downtrend as this. This is what I have particularly pointed out in one of my blog post on taking up blogging as a career.

  3. subbareddy says

    I think you are one of the idol person for bloggers .Shoutmeloud is bhagavathgeeta for me .

    I earned some 1000 Rs/- from my blog lastmonth . Hope my blog also be on swing

  4. says

    hello Harsh,
    really it inspired me a lot towards blogging. i thought blogging for part time only and didn’t know that this much we can do in blogging thank you so much for inspiring me this much.
    i will be thankful if i will success in blogging as i am trying my best. :)

  5. Kasim says

    “I started blogging because of my interest. When I started Blogging, I didn’t even realize you can make money from Blog.”

    Are you serious about these lines? I mean if you took a decision to leave your JOB! and you didnt know that you are going to make money with blogging.. Then how the hell you were planning to get bread and butter? :D :)

    • says

      When I started Blogging back in 2008, It was part time work for me and I was working with Convergys. This was back in oct-nov 2008. I worked at Convergys for few months and was blogging along with it. In this time, I learned about Blogging basics and ShoutMeLoud started making money for me. In July 2009, I got my joining date from Accenture and I declined that job for Professional Blogging.

  6. says

    I have read this post first time when you have almost 20K followers in Facebook and cumulative many more in different social sites. When people read someone, he/she always keep relating with their own experiences and thus lose most of the sentimental quotient of the writer. Honestly, I read it closely only thinking about your new posts and the post you wrote 3 years back. I’m following shoutmeloud from last 2 months when I first read a news paper story in The Telegraph about blogging and other similar bloggers like you who excelled in tech blogs in India. Since then I follow your blog and find it very useful next to You have certainly work very hard to reach there where you are not dependent (apparently) on others for your finance. Cheers!

  7. Harsh Rathi says

    I am presently at the same stage when you wrote this article and who knows may be i too reach the skies because of my determination.

  8. Anil chauhan says

    Wish you a very pleasant and prosperous journey ahead in your career as a professional blogger. :-)

  9. John Bradshaw says

    Just found your article and wanted to say wahat a pleasure it was to read. I am encouraged because I too quit my Proffessional sales career to persue my passion of Blogging and Online marketing. I am actually stating my own business called Penguin Social Media Marketing- There is a huge need for small business in my local area Lakeway/Austin Texas for a honest reliable, and knowlagble firm to help business with their online marketing presence.

  10. Atul Bansal says

    I got emotional reading this.
    Now you think that you made a wise decision in leaving your job
    Your blog is proving you the required money
    All the best always dear :)

  11. AkashArora says

    All the best Harsh Agrawal for your future :) Really a very inspiring story for all those who wants to become Pro blogger.. Thanks for sharing

  12. Ankit Garg says

    Just came across the article from your fb feed.
    I am new to blogging, and am going through the same dilemma of whether to take this thing professionally or not.
    But reading this makes me more determined. You are my hero Harsh.

  13. Naweed says

    That’s excellent….You’re an inspiration for other bloggers. I think the reason success came to you is that you persevered. We all have to persevere!

    Thanks for this post and good luck!

  14. BLOGERCISE says

    Good luck with it, I imagine it easier to do living somewhere with a lower cost of living? $2000 USD wouldn’t even cover my rent here in London :(

  15. Zeesu says

    bold decision tough to do both.i also started blogging recently.till now i dont see it as money making strategy rather as fun way to connect to world.

  16. Neko Auto says

    Best of Luck Buddy
    and hey keep us updated about hows going on with ur blogging and online money making career, about ur decision to quit full time job. eager to hear about it frd.

  17. Kamal Hasa says

    Welcome to the full-time blogging world my friend.. I only wish you a lot’s of success. I am starting to think that we full-time bloggers should have a forum of our own to discuss the measures and the different experiences we gather in the course blogging..

  18. Sid says

    Congrats yaar awesome mereko time hi nahi milta kaam main saala 14 hrs per day kab blog update karu phir bhi chala leta hu…

  19. Nischal Shetty says

    Feels great to see someone take blogging so seriously and quit his job to take it up full time!

    Great going buddy and must say, really impressed with the articles you write. Regarding the bounce rate, don’t put it on the theme so much. More than that it’s the clever way in which you have place internal links on all your posts. Excellent!

    I myself have 7 tabs right now that belong to your blog so that confirms you sure know how to tangle readers in your posts ;)

    Would love to work with you someday!

    • says

      Thanks Nischal!!
      I started Internall linking as part of SEO and somehow it helped me a lot to take care of bounce rate as well.
      Though thesis typography helped me at the same time :)

  20. Team Nirvana says

    That’s a very daring move you have taken, I suppose.

    At this brink of recession, I suggest you should have adhered to your profession a bit more longer.

    Well, cant talk on this point because I am not aware of what your financial assets are and how long can you support yourself in the long run.

    But, anyway, would like to help out in any manner possible. Ping me when free. Lets talk business. I do have some ideas which we can discuss, create and monetize and make them work.

  21. PC says

    I am a Student and I am into blogging from 2 years. Its very hard to sail 2 boats at a time.

    All the best for the future and will be expecting more quality articles from you.


  22. Himanshu says

    Hi Harsh,i started my blogging carrier one and half months ago ,i am also doing job and i know how badly it impacts in our life to do blogging and job at the same time, i can understand your level of interest in blogging,i m sure you will go very far and very high. All the best buddy. Your blog is really inspiring for a new bloggers like me. Be in contact.

  23. Shashank Shekhar says

    I was very busy now-a-days doing lots of coding for my upcoming website….its pleasure for us “the blogging community” that a person like u who is so passionate and dedicating will give his fulltime to something we love a lot….everybody who is attached to me know that u have always been a sole inspiration for me…am so happy dude…may u establish many milestones in your journey….& finally congrats for ur NEW ALEXA RANKING………….

  24. AkYjOe says

    Hey dude

    I hope it turn out to be a wise decision for career and professional approach and objectives.

    Yeah, even I feel that there is scope in market related to S.E.O and Other Web Promotions. Working, as an IT engineer, I recently completed a project up with the S.E.O. and experience was just awesome. It certainly tends me more towards Online Services and Promotions now.

    Though impossible is I M Possible then there is nothing to worry about Bread and Butter. It is a wise decision, as India is Developing Nation, there would be the tough challenges and competitions, so just have face with true spirits. Good Going….!


  25. says

    @ Ramesh..
    Thanks for kind word…
    I have learned how to swim now I have to touch the end.. :)

    @ Sjeltru @Nitin
    Thanks bro..

    I just need such kind of words..and that will keep my gng :)

  26. Albert says

    Good decision. You got your freedom. Now you only the BOSS for you…

    If any fails never get tired… Keep or try to implement your Goals. We are the Great readers for your blog.

    All the best.

  27. Vasu says

    Great decision buddy!
    I am also thinking of online careers, Still i am left with 1 yr of study :)
    I have to see how things go
    Good luck for you!

    • says

      @ Vasu

      Since you are in college, there are more area of opportunities for you.. So utilize the time to the fullest…

      @ Shivanand Sir, @ Ravi, @Arpit @Stratos
      Thanks :)

  28. Shivanand Sharma says

    Good to know that you’ve decided to go full-time. All the best and keep up the good work!

  29. Deepak Jain says

    Hope your dreams come true..
    I wish you all the best.. :-)
    Looking forward for your research..

    • says

      @ Deepak @ Phaoloo @Harshad
      Thanks to all of you and supporting my decision.
      Will make sure, that I will never compromise with the quality of articles.