How BlogSpot Users can Prepare for WordPress Migration

BlogSpot WordPress MigrationBlogSpot is one of the best Blogging platform to start your Blogging career, as it’s free and you don’t have to pay for anything like hosting images or premium plugins and tons of free themes are out there. Though, over the time when you get more accustomed with Blogging, you would realize BlogSpot is not an ideal option for your Blog future for many reasons:

  • You have less control over SEO of your blog.
  • You can lose your blog anytime as Google holds the right to delete or ban any BlogSpot blog for violation of their rules.
  • BlogSpot is not accepted by many advertisement networks (Ex: Buysellads)
  • Moreover, have you seen any A-list blogger using BlogSpot blog?

Now, the hard part is making a shift from BlogSpot platform to WordPress platform. For newbies, getting started with WordPress is like a Rocket-science and understanding some of the basic necessity of WordPress like (Webhosting, cPanel, FTP) sounds like technical task. So, the question is: How to deal with new WordPress shyness and get ready for moving to WordPress.

How to prepare yourself for making a shift to WordPress:

Let me start with the story of my blogging career:

When I started blogging, I also started with BlogSpot like many of you and I find it the right approach, as you have nothing to lose and to be a newbie you will end up making lots of mistakes. With a free blog, you not only learn the basics of blogging but with 0 investment, you will end up losing nothing in terms of money.  Later on, I moved to WordPress and I had to learn many new things about using WordPress dashboard, accessing WordPress files via FTP, using cPanel to install WordPress, WordPress Robots.txt, .htaccess file creation and many more thing. And it took me time to learn all thing and over the time, I made lots of  silly mistakes and learned from them. Now, after 4 years of Blogging, I always smile when I look back and thank myself for the decision I took.

The only reason for sharing this story is if I can move to WordPress anyone would. I was not a born blogger, and no one is, so with little early preparation and with the little practice you (BlogSpot blogger or any other platform blogger) can start with WordPress. Now, lets straight away get to the point and understand what all you need to do to understand WordPress basics:

First of all self-hosted WordPress blog ( requires you to install WordPress in your Webhosting and domain. I have already covered a detailed guide on WordPress Webhosting for beginners and create a page for some of the best shared hosting for WordPress, which will help them to understand WordPress hosting basics and pick some of the best host.

Also, remember a professional WordPress blog requires investment in many ways and I have already covered it earlier, which is worth a read for the beginner: How much it cost to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

This will give you a basic idea of the cost involved in setting up WordPress blog.

All the above-mentioned resources are just to educate you about basic WordPress requirement, but my whole motive here is to make you ready for WordPress with zero investment.

Get WordPress Locally:

That’s one of the best zero investment learning curves for you. You can install WordPress on your desktop using many methods. One of the easiest method for Windows user is by using InstantWp software which is free and very easy to use.

If you are on Mac, you can read my guide on How to install WordPress on Mac using Mamp, which is again easy to follow tutorial.

Get Blog:

Although there is a huge difference between and blog. In easy to understand way, is a free product like BlogSpot but lot worse than BlogSpot, as it offers many limitations like you can’t use your ads, theme change limit and plugins limit. The only good thing about blog is, they are free, and there are free resources to learn using it.

You can create a free blog and get used to using WordPress online. There will be few differences, but with blogs, you can easily get accustomed with WordPress dashboard and WordPress post editor.

Use Youtube for watching WordPress Videos:

Youtube is full of free WordPress training videos, and everything which you need to learn about WordPress is just a search away. Simply search for anything like:

And you will get many results. My suggestion is to sort the result according to published date, as you may not want to learn stuff for an outdated or old version of WordPress. You can always check the current version of WordPress on WordPress official page here.

 So you learned WordPress basics, What next?

Minimum cost to start a WordPress blog is the price of hosting and a domain. Though, if you are still not ready to make that investment and want to Install WordPress, setup WordPress, try out plugins, use FTP to access files and much more stuff, you can use a free Webhosting company like :  and try WordPress for some time. My suggestion would be: Limit free hosting for testing purpose and don’t use it for creating your final project. Use it to learn various how to’s of WordPress and when you are ready move to next step.

So, now you have learned WordPress, which will usually take 10-15 hour depending upon your learning skills, now you are ready to move to WordPress and get yourself into the list of WordPress blogger.

Now, you can head over to my WordPress guide, where I have covered all the basic and advanced tips, tutorials and guides for the new user to get a WordPress Blog. To help you more, I also offer free SEO optimized WordPress setup, which will help you to get a WordPress blog for almost free. There is a little catch here, but I’m sure when you will read it, it will now disappoint you.

The only hard part here is, preparing yourself for making the shift, as you will be dealing with a new Blogging platform after BlogSpot, Tumblr or any other you are using. But, as I mentioned, learning WordPress is fun and with above tips and your learning skills, you can easily learn WordPress with zero investment.

If you still have any query for WordPress, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. says

    Dear harsh,
    i am new person for blogger. i started my blogging journey since 4 months back with blogspot.i tried word press alsobut i have confusion by working with word press.i have no visitors for my blog even i wont lose my confidence….please check my blog and suggest me some thing that wants to be modified. Thank you

  2. Priyanka Dey says


    Well, I personally find blogspot much easier faster and user-friendly than wordpress. Also, I had tried shifting to wordpress but I realised my followers cannot be transferred to my new blog- for eg the Google Connect followers. Moreover, the import looks extremely robotic and finishes any scope of a personalised approach.
    Also, I find a lot of good bloggers on blogspot. :P

    • says

      Why you concentrating on Google Connect any more? That one is already depreciated… You should rather focus more on growing your Google plus page follower…
      BlogSpot is not bad and it’s a good place to start with… But again when you have a chance to drive a BMW, why would you still stick to a Maruti.. ;)

  3. says

    Well explained, but even the small kid bloggers have started using WordPress. A valuable information is that Amit Agarwal started his blog only from a Blogger account. Blogger has been root cause for all pro bloggers isn’t it.

    • says

      I agree Tushar…It’s always a good idea to start with BlogSpot when you have no or little knowledge about Blogging. Even, I started my journey on BlogSpot and later moved to WordPress.

  4. says

    i totally agree with Harsh
    now a day blogging is taken so widely school and college going students have blogs in wordpress
    gone are the days when professional used to have WP and newbies blogspot

  5. Gilbert Samuel says

    I love the way you highlighted your steps, though I’ve not used blogger but I fell in love with wordpress on my first day of using it.I’ve not been able to start blogging due to educational reasons but I’ll start hopefully on january hopefully by then I’ll be more exposed to wordpress. Time to go through your tutorials

  6. Nishant says

    nice explanation harsh, but i personally think that gone are te days when blogspot was for beginners. if you dig a bit deeper into blogger you will find it kinda more interesting to use.

    and yes wordpress a professional CMS but you have the example of of labnol a few years back when it was on blogger it was at the top and now when it is on wordpress it is at the top. also spiceupyourblog of paul crowe is a great example of blogspot success.

    • says

      No doubt BlogSpot is a good platform but when it comes to BlogSpot vs WordPress, WordPress platform certainly gets an edge. No doubt, there are many good blogs on BlogSpot platform, but most of top blogs and popular blogs are on WordPress. Even labnol, eventually moved from BlogSpot to WordPress as it offers more scalability, features and control.
      Recent SEO addition on BlogSpot platform is remarkable but it still lacks the kind of flexibility we get on WordPress.