Meet The YouTube Stars Making $2000 Plus Per Day

In my previous post I told you how to get YouTube partnership, now I am introducing you the YouTube Stars earning more than $2000 per day. At number 1 position lies RihannaVEVO channel her yearly income as YouTube Partner is $912500 (Rs 4crore) per year, she used to upload her music videos. 2nd position is acquired by Volkswagen Channel, daily earning of this channel is $2100, so yearly income is $766500 (Rs 3.5 crores) per year. 3rd position is grasped by JustinBieberVEVO channel , with daily income of $2000 per day, so yearly income is $730000 (15 comments)

How To Become A Youtube Partner and Show Ads in Your Video?

Video blogging is becoming popular and YouTube is one of the favorite site for other to host their videos. Do you know you can make money from videos which you are uploading on YouTube by using YouTube partnership program. More over by becoming a Youtube partner you will get more detailed insight of your uploaded videos. When you search online  "how to get youtube partnership ?" Some people will say that you need that much of  subscribers or that much of  total upload views, but the real facts are You can easily get youtube partnership when you (24 comments)