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8 Very Useful Facebook Apps For Bloggers

8 Very Useful Facebook Apps For Bloggers

Facebook Apps For Bloggers

Facebook is astonishing social media platform for bloggers. It is one of the most effective source of traffic for bloggers. After Google it is considered as most busy website of the World.

Facebook has many application which add more value in internet experience. Most of people use it for fun, but bloggers use it for generating traffic for their blog.

Developers are working hard to make awesome applications for average internet users. Here I am discussing about those application which are used by bloggers to market their post effectively.

Social RSS

Social RSS is an application from which you can add your blogs, twitter and RSS feeds to your Personal Profile and Business Pages.


Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs is a famous facebook app. You can easily import your blog feed to your profile or fan page. It works on both. You can read feeds of different blogs and rate them.



Twitter is a nifty Facebook app.  You can move or sync your Twitter Tweets directly into Facebook as a status with the help of this app.



Yakket is an application that allows you to sync your Twitter tweets with your Facebook status. You can opt for only those tweet to sync which contains a particular keyword. It prevents to sync Twitter replies.


Social Tweet (formerly Social Twitter)

Social Tweet is another nifty application for Twitter lovers. You can tweet directly from your Facebook account. It also updates your Facebook status (optional).


Promotions For Fan Pages

Promotions for Fan Pages is a Facebook verified application for companies & agencies to run branded interactive promotions on Facebook Fan Pages.


Friendfeed Facebook application

Friendfeed is an app for Friendfeed lovers. You can update your status directly from your Facebook. You can also post your update to Twitter.


Facebook  Notes Application

Notes is a useful app for share your notes with your friends. It allows to tag your friends, also your friends can leave comments on notes.


So these are the most important apps for bloggers. Do you know any other useful facebook application. Do let us know if I missed something here.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

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  • jaganmangat

    thanx for the info [your social rss link is wrong]

  • Rahul

    i’m using almost all of them !! :P

  • Jaydip Parikh

    Some of them I had not used till. I think I should try them once.

  • Basant Singh

    Useful info. I was not aware of most of them.

  • Siddhu

    Nice article.. Was using a few of these, now will get a few more to use…

  • izzat aziz

    i still not optimized my facebook usage for blogging stuff.. but with this list of apps it really help my life easier. thank good stuff.

  • Anish K.S

    Networked Blogs , I am using this only.

  • Loudable

    Nice article Harsh and it will help many bloggers who are still not aware of these many apps for Facebook.

  • Muhammad Ali

    As always, the app selection and blog post is excellent.

  • loveish

    Facebook is one of the best way of getting traffic for your blog. Thats why bloggers love facebook. Great post harsh, you include all the useful apps of Facebook in this post.

  • Simran

    Almost every blogger who use facebook might be knowing about these tools but you have done a nice job by compiling all these at single place…


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