3 Powerful Facebook Tools You Need For Blogging

Facebook Apps For Bloggers

Facebook is the astonishing social media platform for bloggers. It is one of the most effective source of traffic for bloggers. After Google, it is considered as the most busy website of the World.

Facebook has many application which add more value in internet experience. Most of the people use it for fun, but bloggers use it for generating traffic for their blog.

Developers are working hard to make awesome applications for average internet users. Here I am discussing those application which are used by bloggers to market their post effectively.

3 Powerful Facebook Apps Every Blogger Needs


postplanner Facebook app

Postplanner is a marketing app for Facebook. It let you schedule Facebook status updates for your pages. Postplanner is amazing when your Facebook reach is going down, and you need to increase the engagement. You can try this app for free, and later on upgrade to the plan you find appropriate for your need. I have been using it for two years and in love with the app.

Free Postplanner trial



One of the key rule of social media engagement is using right image. Along with that, your image needs to be of high-quality. ShareAsImage service is one which I use for my Facebook page, as it let you create high-quality images within minutes. You can directly share this images to your Facebook page with single click. I would recommend to grab one year license, which comes as a fraction of price.

Check out ShareAsImage

Facebook Debugger tool:

Open Graph debugger tool

This is one tool which you will be needing every now and then. Using this tool you can see how your article will be shared on Facebook. This gives a good idea of what images & text will be shared when somebody will share the article. Using Facebook open graph, you can control the title, text and image which is usually shared.  Do notice the column which says Time scraped. You can click on “Fetch new Scrape information” to see the latest data Facebook will fetch from your blog.

Facebook meta data

If you are using SEO By Yoast plugin, you can configure the settings under Social part of the plugin.

Check out Facebook debugger tool

This list was originally started with 8 Facebook apps, and in 2015 I had to to remove many apps which are of no use. I will be updating the list with more awesome Facebook tools which will help you in blogging. For now, start using any of the above-listed apps.

If you know of any other worthy app which should be in the list here, let me know via comments.

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    Nice article Harsh and it will help many bloggers who are still not aware of these many apps for Facebook.

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    Facebook is one of the best way of getting traffic for your blog. Thats why bloggers love facebook. Great post harsh, you include all the useful apps of Facebook in this post.

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