What is Blog Bounce Rate & How to Decrease Bounce Rate

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What is Blog Bounce Rate & How to Decrease Bounce Rate

We keep talking about increasing traffic to our Website but one factor which most of the time we miss out is user engagement and user behavior. Post panda world, all these factors matter a lot, and a site getting 10000 hits a day but all visitors leaving after visiting one page only, doesn’t sound like a quality page/site to me. Today, we will be learning about bounce rate which is a analytic factor to determine how readers are taking action after reading your post. Are they moving to other pages of your site or they jumping away to new website, close your page, type a new URL or burning their computer (Pun).

Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a great measurement for the success of your blog. Maintaining a good bounce rate is very tough but not impossible. I will share few working tips here, which worked for me to decrease bounce rate of my website and it should work for you too.

What is Bounce rate for a blog:

Bounce rate is the best way to analyze your blog’s visitor’s activity. It is the percentage of visits, when a visitors lands on your blog post and leave the same page without visiting any other page. There are visitors who bounce soon after landing on your blog post. It’s up to you how you welcome visitors to your blog and attract to other blog’s pages also.

So, let’s get some facts straight here:

  • Lower your bounce-rate, better it is.
  • High bounce rate is bad for your Website
  • Exit rate and bounce-rate are two different things

Here is a nice presentation which explains difference between bounce and exit rate:

This wiki article, explain how you can calculate bounce rate in simple words:

B.R = View/Entry

  • B.R: Bounce rate
  • Entry: Total people landed on page
  • View: People viewed one page only.

So, lets do simple calculation and understand how it works:

Suppose this post gets 100 visits and 50 people leave the site after viewing the page. It could be anything, starting from they moved to other site, close the tab or any reason, they don’r browse other pages. So B.R for this page would be :

B.R: 50/100 = 0.5 or 50% B.R.

Strategies to decrease Bounce rate:

If you are using Google analytics, you can quickly login to your site dashboard and check B.R for particular time frame. If you have made any design change in near past, I would suggest to compare bounce-rate before and after design change.

decrease bounce rate

Using Zero Bounce WordPress plugin:

I discovered this WordPress plugin in January 2015 and I was surprised why someone never thought of this smart plugin. Zero bounce plugin is proven to be one of the best for any kind of blog with high bounce rate. What this plugin does is: When a visitor land on your blog from search engines or Facebook and hit back button (Prime reason for higher bounce rate), you can redirect all such visitors to any page of your choice. Here is a quick video demo of this plugin which you must see:

A good idea is to redirect them to one of your landing pages or something similar. There are smart ways for niche affiliate websites to increase their revenue using this plugin, but I will talk about it in some other post. For now, this is one plugin that I highly recommend for your blog and you will see great result with it.

Download ZeroBounce WordPress plugin

Design and load time

First impression is last impression, it goes for blogging also. When a visitor lands on your blog, the first thing he notice is your blog’s loading time and design of your blog. If you promote your articles on social media, make sure that your landing page don’t take much time in loading otherwise you might lose your new visitors. Design is another aspect of attracting visitors, go for smooth and professional theme.

When I switched to Thesis WordPress Theme, SML bounce rate reduce to a great extent. That’s the time I realized the importance of typography and neat and clean layout. After I changed Shoutmeloud design and bounce rate again increased, after determining lots of typography and post formatting issues, Shoutmeloud bounce rate is close to 75% at this moment, which is not great but with the variation of topics here (Blogging tips, SEO, WordPress), I’m quite alright with it for now.

Recommended reading:

External site opens in new Tab:

If you have understood, what does bounce rate means, it’s no brainer to understand how important your visitor should stick to your site. Now, almost all popular Web-browser offers tabbed browsing and it’s a good idea to make all extrenal Website link should open in new tab instead of yours. A case study by Uxmoment, explains the science of opening sites in new tab and why it’s important for your Website.

So, in short when you are linking to any site (Wiki, Youtube, or any external site), select the option which says open in new tab, as shown in above screenshot.

Easy to read articles

There are many bloggers who don’t write articles in points. If you won’t divide your articles in parts, it will be more like reading a newspaper and others have to read line by line to get the idea about your article. Other bloggers and visitors land to your article because they need solution for that topic, they don’t have time to spend on reading line by line.

Make your article scanable and easy to read for your visitors. Try to give a style to your heading (H2, H3, H4) , and use it to make your content scannable. This will also help you to drive traffic via social media sites.

Related posts

Showing related posts helps a lot, as once a reader is done reading the article, he wants to read more about the similar topic. Think, what kind of action do you take after reading any article. There are many WordPress Plugins like Yarpp, Similar posts which works out of the box and easy to add related posts.

My placement idea for related posts is after posts and showing related posts with thumbnail has an extra advantage as it increases the CTR. One suggestion which I would like to give you is, start showing related posts based on category and tags, as more closely posts are related, it will encourage more click.

One thing which will bring big different and will also help you to increase the time on your site is write related topic to your most viewed pages, which helps a lot.

Easy Navigation

Your blog should be easy to navigate from one page to another. Visitor should not get confused about the blog’s navigation. If they won’t get what they are looking for, they will surely leave the blog.

Search box and relevant links

It’s always recommended to have a search box which is easily visible by visitors. Visitors always prefer to search for articles they are looking for. If you want to decrease your bounce rate make sure that you link only relevant articles with each other. Irrelevant articles might irritate your visitors and they will leave blog soon.

Internal linking:

This is one factor which helps a lot to let your reader stay more into your Website. Try to interlink your blog post as much as you could. Have you seen Wikipedia SEO strategies, you would realize they add lots of internal links within a page. More over, it also helps in boosting your search engine ranking if you are doing it with anchor text technique.

If you are using WordPress, you can use plugins like WordPress insight plugin to find related post while writing blog post or use SEO smart link premium to auto inter link post with your desire Keywords. This is one highly recommended tip to decrease bounce rate of any website. More over, this will also help in better avg. time on your site and make readers browse more internal pages.

Nice blogging is another great factor, which will help a lot as readers will find more related and similar topic. Lets take a guess, would you prefer to read about forex or taxation after reading this post? .

Bounce rates shows how many visitors likes to read your blog article and find your blog interesting. Thus, make sure that you use above strategies to decrease bounce rate of your Website. If there is any other tip which you want to share, I’m all ears.

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  1. says

    Despite many people think that Content is king, but I believe that the design plays a more important role. If you can amaze visitors with your design

  2. Annamalai Nagappan says

    I agree with you.My website is new and i was looking for such kind of tips where one can decrease the bounce rate.I think if i follow all these tips definetly i will decrease my bounce rates.Thanks a lot.

  3. rakesh kumar says

    The best tips for me was to open every external link in another tab and easy navigation of your collected information.

  4. John Mak says

    Harsh that’s an excellent informative article! My bounce rate is not that bad but I have to lower it! It’s the connection between the audience and the blog! Very important to know what’s going wrong… Thanks for sharing!
    John Mak

  5. Barzrul says

    Bounce rate is one of my biggest problem right now. There were ideas I did think to changes my blog but this article make me realize there are more I can consider. Thanks for great tips.

  6. Samir says

    The link-within widget and a very light theme seem to be working just fine for me. Though this blog is new and most of the visitors are first timers, they visit almost all of the pages!
    Searches haven’t quite worked out for me though.

  7. Shaswat Patel says

    Thanks for such a excellent tips, as a Blogger I have to agree that Blog should needs related Post option which is best way to decrease your bounce rate. I have new blog and my Bounce rate is lower from 92% to 68% within few days and it daily going down.

    I would also agree on interlinking system, where we can redirect readers to particular page by giving link within post!

    Thanks for great tips.

  8. Ankit says

    Agree with your landing page point, Landing page plays an important role in everything whether it is normal blogging or affiliate marketing. It is important! As landing page would be directing all your traffic.

  9. Tinh says

    Internal linking is also a great way to reduce bounce rate. Try to link back as many as possible to our related posts or old posts that push readers to read them. This can also be good for ranking. That is my experiences, your suggestions are awesome too. Thanks

  10. TechOfWeb says

    me just dying hard to decrese my blogs bounce rate. Its right now 60%
    I wud say rather bounce rate is less tahn tech blogs and more of general news blog from my exp


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