4 Best Aweber Alternative For Email Marketing

Selecting the right Email marketing software is a crucial step for your Email marketing success. Aweber is the leader of Email marketing software for bloggers and Internet marketers.  Top bloggers like Harsh AgrawalJohn Chow, Shoemoney, Yaro Starak are tremendously making use of Email Marketing to promote their affiliate product and services using Aweber. Harsh has shared a quick note on Aweber

Aweber alternatives


Harsh has shared a quick note on Aweber over here and let me quickly show you some of the feature of Aweber and later on I will share closest alternatives to Aweber.


Aweber was started eespecially for email marketing and to provide email newsletter. The process is simple and lets me quickly explain it for newbies. You sign up for Aweber, Create a signup form, place Email sign up form on your blog and start building your Email list. Now you have the complete control over your Email list, and you can decide when to send out new updates to your Email subscriber. Best part about Aweber is, it’s easier to understand the dashboard and work on it. What separate Aweber from others is the features and support offered by them.

Aweber has many useful features like:

  • 400+ ready-made newsletter templates.
  • Responsive Email templates
  • RSS to EMAIL options.
  • Traffic and Click monitoring.
  • Integration on almost any script.
  • Advanced HTML auto responders facility.
  • Android & iOS mobile app (Atom & Aweber stats)

You can take a free test-drive of Aweber for the first month which will let you send unlimited emails and create a list up to 500 subscriber. Once you have made a list of 500 email subscriber, the updated price would be:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 500 $1
501 – 2,500 $10
2,501 – 5,000 $30
5,001 – 10,000 $50

Well if you are looking for one suggestion, I would recommend you to start using Aweber for your email marketing.

Sign up for aweber

I’m also listing down others Email marketing software which are popular and consider as close alternative to Aweber. Do keep in mind, they are the closest alternative and not the best product like Aweber.

List of  Aweber Alternatives Auto-responder

This list is not in any particular order, and I have listed down the price and pros-cons of every alternative email marketing tool here.

1. MailChimp

Mailchimp Email marketing software

MailChimp is one of the popular options after Aweber. One of the reasons for mail chimp popularity is due to free account for initial 2000 subscriber and 12000 emails. Well before complete free Email marketing gimmick fool you, you should know that if you have a list of 2000 Email subscriber (Free plan), you will be able to send out only 6 Emails in a month. What good about Mailchimp is their modern dashboard and intuitive interface. Mailchimp also has an iOS app which is handy for iPhone users.

Mailchimp pricing:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 500 $10
501 – 1,000 $15
1,001 – 1,500 $20
1,501 – 2,000 $25

2. GetResponse

getresponse features

GetResponse is another popular solution for Email marketing and quite popular. GetResponse offers a feature-rich, cost-effective email marketing service that’s priced to fit your budget. GetResponse serves around 350,000+ of customers worldwide with its Email marketing services.

Check out their rates below:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 1000 $15
1001 – 2500 $25
2501 – 5000 $45
5001 – 1,0000 $65
10,001 – 2,5000 $145
25,001 – 50,000 $250
50,001 – 100,000 $450

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another best email marketing company and also they are best known for Online Survey and Event Marketing. Constant Contact has around 50 readymade email newsletter for their customers. Various beautiful signup forms and have a good migrating services provided to those who wants to use Constant Contact service in the future.

Check their rates below:

constant contact pricing

4. Campaigner

Campaigner is good if you have a short list of subscribers and you are running small kind of blog or business. Campaigner has 450+ readymade newsletter template for their clients. Campaigner is 20% cheaper rates to that of Aweber’s. Campaigner also has 30 days free trial.
Check their rates below:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 500 $10
501 – 2,500 $25
2,501 – 5,000 $40
5,001 – 10,000 $55

There are many more options for Email marketing software and one which could be listed down as Aweber alternatives. According to my research, these are the top alternatives which you can go for if Aweber doesn’t suffice your need.

Are you using any other Email marketing software which is an excellent fit for this post? Let us know via comments.

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COMMENTs ( 36 )

  1. Tony B says

    In it’s day aweber was a great tool – but it’s 2015 and CRM’s have evolved tremendously.

    I am a recent new convert from aweber to Active Campaign. Functions and usability with Active Campaign are IMO a far better and flexible option. Segmenting rules, follow-up, autoresponder are all included and a few other really cool features. The benefits are awesome if you just look at teh money saved compared to Aweber.

    The only way to describe the interface is ‘intuitive’,

    cheers for sharing Sagar but had to holla about AC :o)


  2. says

    AWeber and other autoresponders give their pricing in terms of number of subscribers. If one takes a package for say 500 subscribers and more come in, for example 5000, will Aweber cut off those from 501 to 5000 or will they simply bill one more for the higher number?

    Thanks for your responses.

  3. Prasad says

    I am seeing in Aweber even for 500 subscriber the monthly cost is 19$. Just need more information regarding the monthly premium for less than 500 subscriber.


  4. says

    I am having some issues with my network and that is affecting my getresponse account and I’m planning of moving another email marketing company. Which do you recommend I use please?

  5. Kevin says

    I manage email marketing for several clients. Constant Contact is good for the clients who do not want a custom template and need an easy to use template editing and sending platform. My Mail Chimp clients are ones who like an extremely customized template – they tend to be a little more tech savvy then the Constant Contact crowd. My self and two other clients are then on e-blasting.com because we like to do texting along side our email marketing. So each platform does have a specific demographic.

  6. says

    I only have experience with Aweber and Mailchimp. I use Mailchimp on quite a few of my websites–haven’t had a problem with them yet, so they get my vote.

    You provided nice info.!

  7. Tarun Singh says

    I will try MailChimp first because I will first see if my list increase by more than 100 subscribers. :)

  8. Stephen Malan says

    We use GetResponse and we love them. Easy interface, good flexibility in designing web forms or newsletters, etc. Good deliverability and pricing as well.

  9. Ahmed says

    Simply great!! I was lookinf forward to Aweber but price was an issue… now I can go for MailChimp ..
    Thanks Sagar…

  10. Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says

    Was trying to make my first mailing list. Was searching for aweber alternatives and found your post, Harsh :)

    Seems like people are recommending Mailchimp. I might give it a go :)

  11. Myra says

    I vouch for Mail Chimp, they have great features for the price of zero, up to 500 subs. Which for smaller marketers is plenty.

    But will also look into Get Response as I have a tiny (but profitable) list I can probably use them for.


  12. Chad Wilson says

    I consider Mailchimp as a good alternative for Aweber for it is free of charge to get a 0- 500 subscribers. But it is not a bad idea shifting to Aweber if you already have lots of profits to gain, it may be expensive but it is worth the cost.

  13. Chris says

    I know people who use these 4 and are happy. However, we wanted an integrated shopping cart and markerting email platform. We finally settle on redoakcart.com. If you want more than just email, you should check them out.


  14. Pritam @ Home based Jobs says

    I am using Aweber from the last 5 years and I have used GetResponse as well. I have not used other 2 services but I thing Aweber is the best with more than 99% delivery rate and so many great features.
    I admit Aweber is expensive than other services but if the subscriber list will grow, you will find Aweber is best.
    Just imagine you have got a subscriber lis of 25,000 and if you consider only 5 more conversions with the same list using Aweber as compare to others will be more profitable and I know this happens.
    You can also use Aweber as a replacement of feedburner and broadcast your articles in twitetr and facebook which you can’t use in other services.
    Pritam Nagrale

  15. Jens P. Berget says

    I’m using AWeber and I’m very satisfied, been using them for years. I agree with your list, although I don’t know much about Campaigner, and would probably add iContact instead (if it was my list).

  16. dan keller says

    I started using mail chimp a couple of months back and I love it. So easy to use and it is still free for me for now. I am close to breaking the 500 subscriber mark but not there quite yet. I think I will continue with them even when I have to start paying.

  17. Swamykant says

    Hi Sagar

    Before reading this article, I only knew Mailchimp & Aweber. I was looking for an alternative. Thanks for the information ..

    What about Feedblitz ??

    • Sagar Rai says

      First thing, thanks for the appreciation.

      Secondly I had never heard about feedblitz before, otherwise I would have mentioned it on my article

  18. Shanker Bakshi says

    Nice :-) , but it should be like ” 4 cheaper Aweber Alternative for email marketing” because being cheaper to any other product dose not make you a best alternative. Aweber is by far the best in the business.

    Good price comparison up there.

    • Sagar Rai says

      To send 100k email at once, you can use Aweber and any of the 4 alternatives that mentioned above. Go to their respective homepage and click PRICING to see their charges for 100k emails.

      And you can’t send 100k from your cpanel due to bandwidth limitation. Yes you can send few emails but not in 100k’s…. If that was possible almost everyone would have done the same instead of paying for any of the services mentioned above.

  19. Sammy | Free Home Business says

    Hi Sagar

    Thanks for sharing this info. email marketing is certainly very useful and powerful for affiliate marketing.

    You mention that Get Response is free for 100 subscribers. I thought they are free for only 10 subscribers and after that you have to convert to their $9.95 plan. Correct me if I am wrong…

  20. Michael says

    Hi Sagar

    Nice article and very timely too; I’m in the process of deciding which e-marketing service to use.

    Thanks for sharing.


  21. Devesh says


    Great Post. These are great alternatives. I’m using Mailchimp on one of my blog and it works awesome.

    Another great alternative is icontact.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.

    • Sagar Rai says

      Thank Deevesh .

      BTW icontact is also a good alternative since my article covered only 4 best alternatives, I couldn’t mention about icontant. Otherwise icontact, vertical response are also best ones.

  22. Blake @ Props blog says

    Since I can’t edit my last comment, I also was curious if the delivery rate is as good for Mail Chimp and Get Response. I know Aweber is godly when it comes to delivery rate.

    • Sagar Rai says

      Mailchimp is a perfect alternative for Aweber. And best part of Mailchimp is they charge FREE for 0 – 500 subscribers .

      So you can register and try their service and if you are satisfied you can continue their paid service.

    • Chris Clayton says

      Blake, i use mailchimp and usually get a 99% delivery rate when i use their inbox inspector tools. They have numerous tools that help get your emails into the inbox of your subscribers. [mailchimp is perfect if you dont plan on sending 100 emails per day]

      When they released their free plan i did get abit worried the delivery rate might go down due to spammers abusing their system, however it hasnt seemed to ruin it.

      Would love to say the same about Get Response, but too be honest – i have never used them.

  23. Blake @ Props Blog says

    I ended up canceling my aweber because I wasn’t using it much and my blog went idle. I lost about 30 subscribers because it didn’t make sense to keep paying for a service I wasn’t using.

    I’ve picked up some free time to start blogging again, and I want to get my mailing list going. MailChimp and Get Response both look like good ones since I don’t really want to pay for anything if I’m not using it (and under 100 subscribers, I’m probably not using it)

    Do you know if either of them have a max for the number of subscribers?