Do You Have The Eye Of An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is not an easy road to walk upon. It’s filled with extreme pain and agony. Not everyone can overcome them and be successful; you need to persistent with your action if you want to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship becomes even more difficult when in the boring 9-6 job. When in the job you never have enough time for your entrepreneurial dreams as at many occasions you are already occupied with office work. You have to deal with a great amount of pressure and during this journey filled with pain and agony, some fall apart and give up on their dreams. While some stick to them and emerge victoriously.

There are a lot of small things that determine and play a very active role in your success. Some notice them some don’t. Let’s see what are they.

It’s Never Too Late To Start & Follow your dream

Follow your dream
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Many of the business legends that we know today started very late in their life. Be optimistic. When time passes you by, that doesn’t mean that you cannot start now, or you have invested that time doing something which is not part of your mission. No! Absolutely not.

With time, you gain experience and knowledge about numerous aspects of business. Sometimes in business for a given situation you may need to lay low and counter attack, now that come through experience. Your experience the most valuable asset you can have before starting your quest.

Create A Plan

Business plan
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This is the must in any case. When you have a plan to support your dreams, then the chances of getting off track are very few. So, it’s important to have a plan. Read about successful businesses, understand their case studies build your plan upon observations. Do not keep yourself away from the pool of knowledge. It’s as essential to fulfilling your dreams.

Love What You Do

I am sure that this sentence has been brought by many powerful names earlier, and even I am compelling you to do the same; it’s just the power and the meaning of this sentence that makes it unignorable.

Doesn’t matter even if you are into 9 to 5 job. Pick a task that interests you. That way your work will become play for you, and you no longer will be frustrated. But, if you have no choice what do you do then? You do what you are made to do with perfection.

Learn To Self-Promote:

Understand, you are the first face of your company. The way you present yourself in front of people determines your company too. So, when in the job you will discover numerous such occasions when you’ll have to self-promote yourself. Seize every opportunity to promote yourself but remember do not sound like a typical salesperson. Learn from people likes Steve Jobs, Sir. Richard Branson, etc. But always remember, you are not the brand. Your startup is what you are branding! 

Learn From People Around You

It’s said that learn what’s good about people, and they also say learn from your mistakes. But, here I am not saying you to learn from your mistakes, instead, learn from other people’s mistakes. Be a keen observer, see where other are failing, put yourself in their situation and think what’s the way out. When you learn from other’s mistakes, chances of you committing the same mistake are very few and more over if you happen to fall in circumstances you know your way out. This is where a job helps you.

Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Of all this is difficult. We, humans, have the psychology of staying in our comfort zone. Instead, put yourself in challenging situations where you’ll have to break every barrier. Because, when doing your thing you are always going to be encircled by numerous challenges. This is where many entrepreneurs fall, and many businesses stall. Pick an activity you have no knowledge about and is equally important for you to operate your business. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, get down and get dirty and emerge victoriously.


Not everyone can become The Entrepreneur, and it’s not made for everyone. People usually keep on complaining about their jobs but never understand what they can take out of their jobs. Every job teaches you some or the other thing; the only thing is

Practicing points mentioned above is not easy, but they guarantee that you’ll emerge as a successful person.

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14 thoughts on “Do You Have The Eye Of An Entrepreneur?”

  1. Everything is good and easy to do. Making plan and know about that what we love to do is became some time very difficult task because we like many things to do.

  2. Great Tips Through. I Like the Most “Love What You Do” Point, Which you have explained.I am reading your article since 10 minutes, and i found it’s very interesting. Keep rocking !

  3. I have been doing job since 2008 and during last four years, I tried to be an entrepreneur two times and even second time I went with some heavy investment, I also kept myself in my domain of interest but unfortunately I could never get success because what I believe that despite having solid business plan and investment, you need full focus and determination, can’t run the business while keeping job even if you have good team under you to look after your business.

    I agreed that we must learn from other’s mistakes but it doesn’t mean you will face the same in your new business venture so we have to be patient and should face every problem with strong mindset, never loss hope, always keep yourself ready to face any kind of risk.

    I have heard that “Business opportunities are like buses. There’s always another one coming” if you believe in it then no one can stop you to become an entrepreneur.

    1. Hi Sohaib,

      I believe I have covered your concerns too. I am sorry about your loss but let me tell you one thing you will succeed to your extent as I see you are persistent.


  4. Theodore Nwangene

    Great post Nehneesh,

    Just like every other good thing in life, Entrepreneurship is never easy neither is it a rocket science. With enough work, focus and persistence, anyone can do it.

    You just need to have a good sense of purpose and also know your ultimate WHY. With all these, you will certainly scale through.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Nayneesh,

    Great piece of information. You told lot of things in few words.!!

    I learned new things learned here …such as Self promote..I really like to do that in future…

    Coming out from comfort zone is quite difficult but I guess it is very important to get success.

    Can you suggest any book related to entrepreneurship?


    1. Hi Sourabh

      Though Nayneesh can recommend great stuff here but you must read this book “Rich dad poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki ….you will love this book.

    2. Hi Sourabh,

      As said by Sohaib you must read rich dad poor dad at least once. But apart from that do check out “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” & “Entrepreneurship”. Also, do follow Grant Cardone on every social channel that you can. He’s one of the best motivators’ on internet today.

  6. Nice Article. I learned many things from this post but Coming out from comfort zone is quite difficult. But to build an empire it is necessary.

    Thnaks for this article.

  7. I think we all have trust ourselves and wont get hesitate in taking the next step in our career.
    Very well written and explained. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Thanks for this post. To become an entrepreneur is not a matter of mouth making, but determinations and commitment to survive.

  9. Thanks a ton to everyone who have read, shared inspired and got inspired by this blog. I hope this piece of information will come in handy on your path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Stay inspired and stay happy.

    Cheers to all!

  10. Good post! I agree completely – it’s totally about the people. You will have
    to start feeling that people who work along with you are smarter than you –
    and if not, encourage them to become smarter.

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