How to Decide Great Domain Names for Your Business?

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How to Decide Great Domain Names for Your Business?

How to Decide Domain Names
When you are starting a business online, one of the major aspect of getting the word out is the domain name of your business. Think of the domain name as a name by which your business will be known online. Selecting the name of your domain is as important as naming your newly born baby and for lifetime baby will be known by that name. There are many thumb rules which you can follow to find a domain name which matches your business perfectly.

Back in the days it was hard to get a desire domain name as most of the popular and common words on .com, .org and other top level domain names were taken. In 2014 we have more options in terms of domain name extensions such as .guru, .mob, .co, .photo and so on. Depending upon your business, you can pick those domain name which matches your business. For example, you can also be creative and pick a domain name such as rather than

Though before you jump into that step, you need to think of name by which you want to be known online.

When it comes to selecting domain names for a company, you need to keep your brand in mind. Your name should be same as your brand name but like a smart name. If your company name is something like, Royaler Info Ltd, you can opt for or or (Subject to availability).

Keywords and name:

Select atleast 10 keywords that is related to your niche and 5 random popular words. You can take help of bustaname service to find the name which you are looking for. Bustaname, randmize your given keywords, and give you a list of all the available domain names.

Domain names:

As a newbie, you might find it very confusing which domain name extension you should go for. From my exeperience, you should try to grab .com domain first and if not you can pick a domain name extension from new gtLD’s such as .guru, .photo, .co and many more. You can look for new domain name extensions here.

Easy to remember:

Lets go back  to school. How hard it was for you to remember a name which is hard to type? For example: whoossaazt. Can you remember this name? Now look at my domain name: SHOUTMELOUD- Shout – ME – Loud. Do you see the difference? Think of a name which is easy to remember and easy to type. Specially try to avoid names which is easy to pronounce but might create confusion in spelling when you try to type.

Copyright Infringement.

Before you pick a new domain, make sure you not violating any existing brand copyright policies. For example WordPress doesn’t allow you to have a domain name with WordPress in it. If you do, get ready for an official letter. Though they let you use name like wp instead of WordPress.

Avoid Hyphen:

If you are creating a niche blog and looking to grab a keyword rich domain. It’s better to stay away from domain name with Hyphen in it. Earlier it’s easy to rank with domain name which has hyphen in it, but lately it’s become tough and if you have notivced current ranking system, you would realize that it’s better idea to look for alternative domain name instead of going one with hyphen in it.

Though people suggest that you should keep your name according to your blog niche and they justifies it well but for blogger who are looking for domain names with tech and blog like:

techtip, techblog, bloggertips and so on then do remember there are almost thousand of blogs and website already on the Internet. So Instead of going for it go for such names, it’s better idea to go for something which can become a brand for you in future.

Places to buy Domain names:

You can buy domain names from any of these domain registrar. ShoutMyDomain is my personal venture.

Anyways feel free to leave your own opinion regarding selecting a good domain name. Any extra tips and ideas will be much appreciated.  Also check out: How to select best webhosting plans.

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  1. jesse says

    Great Post.. is .info domain is good in seo term.. someone tell me .. .info is not optimized and not good in ranking..

  2. Sc0tt says

    I chose to go for a domain name that most likely will never be typed into a search bar besides me. I don’t have a specific niche necessarily for my site, as right now I have only been online for a week. Will I be able to draw traffic by having interesting content? I guess only time will tell.

  3. Web Address says

    Nice post, keeping the domain short is important for memorable purpose, however, long domain names also work well for the internet business, as they include keywords of your web site as Keywords are very important on the web!

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