SEMRUSH Review : SEM Tool to Research Competitors Keyword


SEMRUSH Review : SEM Tool to Research Competitors Keyword


When ShoutMeLoud got hit by Google Panda, I had to completely changed the way I was blogging earlier. I realized, instead of just writing content for readers, I have to make sure my content is also loved by search engine. In this process, I started learning more and more about SEO, link building and this is like an ongoing process. I managed to recover ShoutMeLoud from Panda and then I realized SEO is something which we as a Blogger always ignored, thinking our quality content will be loved by search engine. But, if it’s true why our site got hit by Panda and why our content is not ranking on first top pages of search engine.

The question was what is one thing which I did wrong, which made Google panda hit my site. Answer, was right there in my analytics stats board and apart from thin content, I have ignored the importance of Keyword research. So, I digged down deeper and started learning more about SEO. Before, I move ahead with SEMRush review, which is one of the best SEM (Search engine marketing research) tool, let me tell you I’m more of a learner, and my knowledge of SEO is self learned with the help of hit and trial and learning from Pro’s and my mistakes. You can check my Blog consultancy Page, where I helped many pro-bloggers to learn SEO and recover from Panda.  Anyhow, if you are reading this, I believe you have basic knowledge about Keyword research and Onpage optimization. So, lets get start with review of this awesome search engine marketing research tool.

What is SEMRUSH – Hands on Review

In my process of learning SEO, I came across many free and paid SEO tools that includes Traffic Travis, SEOMOz, SPYfu and many more. Every SEO tools works differently and they have specific role to perform. SEMRUSH which is a free and paid tool to research competitors Keyword and also find the Keyword of any site, which is driving traffic to it. SEM is one of the most essential search engine marketing tool, that I believe every serious Blogger and internet marketer should have in their SEO tool arsenal. Let me get back to the history of SEMRUSH, which is a product from the maker of SEOQuake (Popular SEO addon for Firefox). At the time of writing, SEM Rush has more than 41,000,000 domains and more than 95,000,000 keywords in their database.

SEMRUSh helps you to find keyword of any Webpage or any Website is ranking for. Not only that, you can also find more statistical detail regarding that keyword and related keyword which you can rank for.  Sounds little confusing? For newbie, here is a screenshot which will justify why SEMRUSH review is essential for ShoutMeLoud Blogger and serious internet marketers:

Let me give you an example, of which is one of the popular Indian tech blog. You can try it with any site and a serious marketer can try it with their competitor site. What I need to do is, just add domain name at the top and here is the detail which I’m getting:




Now, let me explain all the fields of SEM Rush report page one by one:

  • Keyword: Keyword for which pages on is getting traffic
  • Position: Keyword position in search engine. In this example, I have selected Google US database (Default), you can change it to other locations too. You can also use Free Keyword monitor to verify the same.
  • Volume: Number of exact match queries for that Keyword in the local search. In this example, it is Google US. This data is taken using Google adword tool and I also verified the accuracy of the data.
  • CPC: Cost per click for ad (Average)
  • URL: Corresponding URL on which that keyword is driving traffic to.
  • Com: How a search engine marketing tool can be complete without competition check. This shows the competition of advertisers for that keyword. Lower the number means less competition and higher the number means, high competition for that term.
  • Results : Number of search engine results. Though, higher number doesn’t really mean that ranking for that keyword would be tough, but lower the number is, better it is.
  • Trend: This is one column which I find very interesting, as in order to find profitable keyword, we need to make sure traffic trend for that Keyword is not dying. This column, pulls up trend for that Keyword for last 12 months.

That’s not all, look at the left sidebar and notice the two column which interest me as a blogger the most. You can find top 200 organic Keyword for that domain and backlink report which gives the detail backlink report for any domain along with anchor text. Though, for me most interesting factor here is finding top keyword driving traffic to any domain. For a serious marketer or company, it’s top competitors keyword (SEOpivot) is what holy grail here.

Why You should start using SEMRUSh tool right away?

As a blogger, we work day and night to write posts to increase traffic to our blog. Though, what we miss out in between is targeted traffic. If you check your analytics, you will realize it’s only couple of blog post which is contributing maximum %age of traffic to your blog. Using SEMRUSH SEO tool, you can find keywords which is driving traffic to your competitor website and you can write quality content based on that keyword and get better position for target keyword in your niche.

Well, this data never scares me or should not scare you, as by the end there are many more factors which consist into higher ranking of your target Keyword.

SEMRUSH works best with PRO account (Complete report) but for a starter, who is new to search engine marketing research, you can always start with a free account and once you are accustomed with it’s feature (Which should not take time), you can upgrade to pro account for getting complete detailed analysis of your competitor website.

Sign up for SEMRUSH free account

I hope this SEMRUSH review helped you to find this awesome search engine marketing tool and will help your business to grow. Though, as I keep mentioning in my earlier article, all these SEO tools are useful for research and analysis, but by the end of the day it’s your hard, smart and quality work which puts you at the top.

As, I promised here is special 2 week complete free SEMRUSH Promo code  for pro account. 

Here is direct link to use this special promo code: Sign up free for pro account.

Quick question: Have you used SEMRUSH before? What’s your review of SEM Rush? Would you recommend this SEM tool to others or let it pass?

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  1. says

    before reading this post, i had no idea about semrush. finding keywords from competitor post/URl is graet idea, no onwrads before writing any post, i will do some research and find keywords of competitor posts’ranking for

  2. Satvika says

    Hi Harsh

    Like Danish, I am looking at primarily indian website for analysing keywords and other data around that. I don’t think SEMRUSH is the solution for it. Is there any other tool that you recommend?

    Look forward to your revert.



  3. says

    Thanks bro it was a great review on the tool. I was planning to purchase this seo tool, till now i was using its free version. After using the free version I found out it as very cool . Thanks for sharing the review with us.

  4. Joseph Nirmal says

    @ Harsh
    very well written about Semrush. Most of my friends recommend me to use long tail keyword pro. What’s your idea?

  5. Danish Wadhwa says

    Hi Harsh,

    My target audience of the website is primarily India, and i want to use SEMRush for it. While researching keywords on SEMRush i can’t see option for

    Is there a way to research for keywords in SEMRush for Indian Search engine, or can you suggest me some one best of all tool to research on keywords.

    Thanks in Advance!
    Danish Wadhwa

  6. Alexandre says

    Hi Harsh, thanks for this review.
    Seems pretty awesome this tool… Thanks for making me brainstorming about it for 1 h :)

  7. Amey says

    Hi Harsh!!! Nice article over here!!! But can you tell me how can we prevent ourselves from beating by our competitor?

  8. udit says

    Bro, what is the main difference between free semrush or a pro one?
    If m not wrong does the free semrush tools number of searches are lesser than the pro or there is some other factor please tell asap….

  9. Md. Shohidul Islam Robin says

    Really it is a good tool for checking goole position & other terms.
    I used it & obviously i used it next days.

  10. ved prakash joshi says

    Harsh – is there any way to get information about ranked keywords in india [ for indain websites]
    Any other tool?

  11. Gautam Doddamani says

    nice tool bro…i had heard of this seo software before but had never really tried it you said it gives us a good statistical data and lets us analyze which keyword to blog for before writing a post so that we get higher rankings.

    i am currently using joost de valk’s seo plugin for optimizing seo on my you think my site seo will gain a bump by using semrush in combination with wordpress seo by yoast or do you think is should deactivate yoast and activate semrush only??

    waiting for your response…thanks for letting us know of semrush :D

  12. rakesh kumar says

    I have Just checked this awesome tool and it’s result are just same as my Google analytics results , Thus i am sure the results of another website might be exactly same.

    Though we will be able to know the competitive keywords and other factors that help our competitor to excel. My question is- does this tool say to focus on the same keyword/key phrase that help our competitor to gain more targeted traffic.?

    • says

      This tool helps you to analyze keywords and many more details related to the Keyword. More over, when you are into a competitive niche and serious online business, understanding your competitor strategy, Keywords and backlinks will help you to create your plan better. As I mentioned, competitor Keyword, it’s always a good idea to target same keyword and outrank them…!!
      For example, in India Makemytrip and cleartrip are both used for online ticketing..And if one of them can find out what Keyword is driving maximum traffic to competitor, they can plan out strategy to outrank them…And this won’t only help in getting branding but also more sales and customers. And by the end of the day what really matter is who makes more sales.!

  13. jayaar says

    I really have to thank you for this article, Harsh.
    Actually, I had come across something related to this topic at the time when the whole thing was Greek and Latin to me. I left it there, of course, not realizing the importance of it. As you have mentioned we get to know certain things from our experience. Since recently, I have been trying to get details regarding this. Your article is timely as far as I am concerned.
    Thank you again.

  14. says

    I have myself few classified ads sites and I wondered why I was hit too (it’s just classifieds, there is by definition little content in it, everebody know that)? I thought “Google wants us all to be blogger now” but as you said, bloggers with good contents was hit too?! So moreorless, only few lucky one get benefit from it (I’ve seen some niche forums that increased there traffic by 500% from Panda day one without changing a thing). I might try SemRush, who knows, it might be the solution I was looking for…

  15. Shahid says

    Impressive one. And one question i have that “can we use keywords of other sites by checking on above ^^ tool..” or they have the copyright on that too.! Please let me know and yes one of the awesome post again.. you are becoming a Researcher in blogging..!!

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