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Google Webmaster is an amazing tool and if you are a serious blogger you should never avoid Google Webmaster tool. From SEO perspective it’s a life saver as it gives you complete detail about your site in Google search engine.

Webmaster tool offer many tools which will let you analyze your blog completely and you can work on that to make your blog ranking better in search engine. Remember search engine optimization is a gradual process and doesn’t happen over night. Some time it take weeks, months to get proper search engine ranking. I will not be taking about backlinks and other strategy for your ranking, instead in this post I will be sharing about how you can use best free SEO tool call Google webmaster tool to optimize your blog for search engines.

Here I’m sharing few tips which will help you to make most out of Google Webmaster tools:



This is the first thing which you need to do. Generate a sitemap of your blog and submit it to Google webmaster tool. This will eventually help Google to crawl your site effectively and more over you can keep a track how many links are being indexed by Google.  If you have not submitted your sitemap till now, go ahead and submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

Webmaster settings:

webmaster-settings Webmaster settings enable you to configure some important things like Geographical target. If your blog or service is limited to one particular region configure it for that. For example one of my client WordPress blog is for Australian kids fashion, so I configured her blog Geographical target as Australia. Same goes with your blog or service. If your blog targets Globally, leave it as it is. WordPress take care of www and non www, though I suggest use Google webmaster tools to configure this settings as well. Crawl rate depends on how often you update your blog. I always leave it on Google, though if you update your blog many times a day or once in a week time, you might like to play with this setting as well. Read: Set your preferred domain setting using Webmaster tool.

Manage Google site link for your site:


Some time back Shoutmeloud got site links and if you don’t know what are site links read here. Site link are the pages from your site and website which Google find useful and from my experience pages you link the most define your site links. Some time Google add less useful posts or pages like disclaimer and privacy policy as site link. In this case you can use this feature of webmaster tool to configure your site links. You can’t add links to be included into your site links from here but you can always block unwanted links.

Top search queries:


When it comes to maintaining your search engine ranking and improving it, finding the top ranking keywords is one of the crucial part. Search queries feature of Google webmaster tool, will show you which keyword you ranking for, your Google position and link to the post. They recently revamped this and added post link and search engine placement feature.  You can use WordPress plugin like SEO smart link to auto link such keywords to maintain your ranking and also try to push posts on second page to first page in search engine. This is so far one of the top feature which you should be using now.



Ranking for right keyword is more important than ranking for wrong keyword. If your blog is about shoes and you rank for keywords like shirts and trousers and you are on first page, such traffic is useless. Google webmaster keyword tool determine which keyword they found while crawling your site.

If you are ranking for wrong keyword, your strategy should be find the cause and try to show the related and useful keyword to search engine.

There are many other tools like website speed, internal links, crawl errors which are equally important. I suggest you should spend some time inside your Google webmaster tool today and come back with your queries. Lets make a good discussion thread about SEO using Google Webmaster tool.

Also let us know which tool under Google webmaster you find most useful ?

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  1. Khushal Rao says

    Great Article Harsh, I found ‘Disavow Tool’ the most important tool in Google Webmaster as it helped me to remove poor Backlinks from my blog.

  2. Andy Winchester says

    Thank you so much for the info , but i submit my full sitemap and when the indexing complete it says : 2400 page submitted 129 page indexed
    Can you help me with that?

  3. Gowtham says

    Yet another great post:-)
    Google webmaster- a great way to help optimize site for particular keywords.
    We can also use google analytics to see users information and the keywords which lead them to your blog…
    Thanks :-)

  4. Joynal Abedin says

    Unfortunately, I used to give more emphasis on Analytics than Webmaster tools. This in depth explanations and comments really make me think once again about Google webmaster tools deeply.

  5. Sammy | Best Home Business says

    I use the keywords feature of Google webmaster tools and I have found it to be pretty useful feature. Knowing which keywords you are ranking for and which ones are sending you the most traffic is very useful data.

    Another useful data that is given is the number of impressions for each keyword and the CTR. That way you can also understand where visitors are attracted or not attracted to your website after seeing your title and description.

    That way, you can take remedial measures if necessary.

  6. MazaKaro says

    Nice article but your title must be check your stats by using Google Webmaster Tool instead of “Search Engine Optimization of Blog using Google Webmaster Tool” since here from this tool search engine optimization is not goin on….it just shows our stats

  7. DiTesco says

    I have been using Google’s Webmaster Tools heavily as I think that there are a lot of good information in there to improve your website. I particularly pay attention to the new “search queries” feature and the “Crawl Errors” part of it. It is always good to take a look to see if there some problems you have to fix while Google crawls your site. Great.

    • says

      Crawl errors are one of my fav part of Webmaster tool as it offers me enough insighe if any plugin or my robots.txt is cheating on me ;)
      Thanks for your comment DItesco.

  8. Nabeel says


    Great review of Google Webmaster Tools.

    I sometimes use it to check backlinks, though I find yahoo site explorer to be a better method to check backlinks.


    P.S.Typo in post:

    “If you (your) blog or service is limited to one particular region configure it for that.”

  9. tushar says

    nice article harsh….infact i realized i was using google webmaster tools for very little things and you have explained that this can be used very effectively…..thanks bro

  10. ZerviDesk says

    In the case of a software company which wants to target users from all countries which is the best option ?

    Should I select the checkbox at all ?


    Select the dropdown box as “Unlisted” ?


    Should I select it as “United States” ?

    You explanation was not lucid that’s why ?

    • Basant | Techno-Pulse says

      I had the same confusion a few months back. I searched through Google resources & Internet but I didn’t find any satisfactory answer. Then I did some sort of experiments by selecting the check box & selecting United States, Unlisted & India at different point in time.

      IMO: If you are targetting a global audience, Don’t select the check box.

  11. Mani Viswanathan says

    Good article harsh..webmaster tools are pretty important. Though newbie bloggers often tend to use Analytics much more & avoid Webmaster Tools which is wrong. Hope this post will make them realize

    • says

      Mani Analytic and Webmaster tools are two different thins. Analytic is for your stats and other stats analysis, where As name suggest” Webmaster tool” is for webmasters and provide in depth detail of your site.
      Thanks for your comment.

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