How to Make More Money this Holiday Season?

Make Money in Holidays

Are you running an advertising campaign for a certain item? There is no better time to be aggressive on your marketing efforts than this time of the year. With the major shopping season getting closer, it’s time to gather your team and work on an effective ad campaign. Whether it’s Black Friday or Christmas, follow these simple tips to make sure you get the most out of your advertising this holiday season:

1. Check your analytics data

Most of us don’t realize that our analytics program holds very important insights about historical data. This data can be effectively used to get a better understanding of what keywords and search/referring traffic your site received last year. If Black Friday sale is what your are trying to target, look for keywords related to these terms and project the traffic increases and conversions your received within that time period.

2. Create special landing pages

While most companies tend to create banner ads (on the home page) or create email campaigns, it would be even more helpful to create a special landing page for that holiday season. For example, create a page that lists all black Friday deals and tailor the content to this specific event. Make sure that the landing page location on your server is static and won’t get deleted afterwards especially for reoccurring seasons such as Christmas and black Friday. Doing so will definitely get the page indexed in the major search engines and your page will get ranked for many long tail keywords that might be helpful for that specific holiday season. When creating your landing pages, make sure that the title, Meta tags and content are optimized for keywords related to that holiday season.

3. Get involved in Social Media Sites

Social media has evolved in the past couple years. Recent studies have shown that Facebook has reached more audience that Google and other top-notch sites. Make sure you get your message heard via social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook this holiday season. Large companies such as Amazon and Bestbuy have taken full advantage of this by creating a unique tab within their Facebook account where they feature their recent deals and promotions. If you currently aren’t participating in any social media site, you will be missing a lot of opportunities.

4. Start ahead of time

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your campaigns launched. Start ahead of time especially if it is the first time you are creating your landing pages because search engines needs some time to get your page indexed and ranked. Also, many online surfers start to check out holiday deals ahead of time and having your campaign up and running will give you an advantage over your competition.

5. Promote your page

Once your campaign and landing pages have been created, it’s time to promote it. One of the best ways to do so is to contact other sites or forums and ask them to feature your holiday deals. Most sites won’t have any problem doing so because it will give some value to their visitors. If you have marketing budget, try to create a PPC campaign to get fast and instant traffic to your pages. Be aware though that going after competitive keywords without adequate account set up will result in poor performance. So, make sure that your PPC campaign is well optimized and many negative keywords have been added to prevent money budget depletion.

So what’s your plan for making money this holiday season? Are you planning to promote any special affiliate program this winter?

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