How to find Best Domain Names for your website

So you are planning to bring your first step to Online marketing? Let me check what all you need: A nice platform like WordPress, Drupal, A Perfect Webhosting company and a catchy and best domain names to help you in branding.

How to Find Domain Name For Website

In this article I will share few rules and tips to be considered while choosing the name of the domain.  Before we start a website the first important point is selecting and buying a domain name. A bad domain name can hurt your blog in long run and most common mistake people usually do by starting any niche blog under their name. (,

Some handy and useful tips to grab best domain name:

Most of the amazing and short name domain is taken, and we are left with very few options. Before, we move ahead, let me tell you, it’s always a good idea to go for .com domain name, as it’s good for branding and for SEO. If you are creating a country specific site for example, grab .in domain. But, if your target audience are sitting outside India, go for .com or .org domains.

Now, this is from the SEO perspective, but one of the biggest advantage of a good domain name is branding. Don’t you think: Shout Me Loud is a good domain name, which is easy to shout and easy to remember? So, what all things you should consider to get best domain names for your next Website?

1) Be Unique

I will suggest you to not take any domain which is already very popular in your niche, Instead of that choose a domain name related to your interest and have some good keyword. For example if you planning to start a new tech blog, instead of going for generic name like techblog, techtips which is very common go for something unique like howtogeek, callingallgeeks.

Also, make sure you use Namechk to make sure your new target domain name is available on all major social sites, else time to look for another options.

2) Easy to write

The name of the website must be easy to write and must not contain “strange characters”. This is to exclude the possibility of typing errors and then the failure of your potential customers visit to absurd … that might end up at a competing site if you have not complied with the rule cited above.

3) Easy to pronounce

If you want a short name, you must be very creative. To be creative and strategic make sure that your domain name is easy to pronounce. If you Choose a domain name like and then pronounce it to any one then maybe he will misunderstand “K” as “C” letter & if you choose like then people may type it as which could be your competitor’s site.

So always choose a domain name with correct words Like & And if you choose an Easy to pronounce domain name then it automatically going to become an Easy to Remember domain name.

4) Too Long Names

Never Choose very long domain names like which is longest single word (without hyphens) .com domain name in the world. Because you can not make any one remember this domain and it also not contains any meaningful keyword.

5) Context

  • The domain name, and its extension should reflect the market.
  • If you sell products in Italy considered safe to register a website ending in .it.
  • If you sell products internationally you can consider buying one .com.
  • There are several available extensions: .net, .biz, .info, .org , etc. but we believe that the average user identifies the extension .com

I assure you that some people do not visit websites with different extensions (clearly mistaken) for fear that they can hide the information most ingenious scams.

Well, you followed all the rules and tips described …and now ?

Now you have in mind a series of names and variations on the name of your new website.
Unfortunately, most of the domains you have already registered, consider, for example, that today there are more free domains with the. Com composed of 3 letters
With the help of specific tools  try to find the domain name that is closest to those who have developed in the previous phase.

Here are some tips on possible changes to be tested in the case decided the name was not available:

  • add the location where is the activity (eg – not necessarily separated by a hyphen)
  • add the location of the target market (eg – not necessarily separated by a hyphen)
  • create acronyms ( for Multi Level Management)

Here are some more resource to get more info on buying best domain name for your site:

Other tips you want to add? Write them in the comments, may be useful to other visitors to the blog.

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  1. sangy says

    Sir, I want to move my blog from blogger to WordPress. Is it possible without buying a hosting?
    Is it possible to move my blog by moving to WordPress and then buying a domain?

  2. Bookgrove says

    this is very helpful and it’s just the right time for me cause i’m putting up a website soon. glad i bumped into this.

  3. Nihar says

    Great tips rajnish.

    But, when created my blog. i didn’t think this much. just put what came to my mind.

    I think sometimes that i should have selected some other domain name :)

  4. DiTesco says

    Solid advice for getting a good domain name. The problem is that today it is very complicated to get a good domain that is relevant to a niche and I found that using “two to three” keyword variations with at least 90% density is easier to register and can be a good choice. Consider whenever possible only TLD that end with .com, .net, .org and the new .co. Thanks!

  5. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    indeed , after buying a domain name (of course) these steps are essential , i know it’s complicated , but once you decided to go through this , organization has to be your key then these 5 or 6 tips Do help , the originality is on he top for me , well done you put it number 1 !! ! ; )

  6. Sujith-Techlineinfo says

    If you have a niche blog then the name of domain is important but we can see the sites with meaningless names are also doing the best in terms of traffic and popularity.

  7. TrangMoli says

    Nice to know theses tips, however I see that with the power of SEO, a really good domain names just give support to the traffic, not the main key of the success as the fact of none of good domain name is available till now :( how sad for the late

    • Rajnish says

      I think you are right it is very difficult to find a good domains now days but this is not correct that all the good domains are registered now.
      For example I registered last month only which is a good meaningful domain and its main keyword already in the search that is Tips For Blog.

  8. Shekhar Saxena says

    Well, domain name selection is really a complicated job.
    You have given really nice tips before selecting a domain name…. :)

  9. Keith Williams says

    I too agree that domain names are very important, eespecially in the branding world. I’ve been lucky in branding my Ferald characters. This a very useful article, good tips indeed.

  10. pdkamath says

    Hi Rajaneesh, helpful tips not only for a beginner but even for an experienced blogger. But a talented person who carries interesting and valuable stuffs to post in his blog can be very successful irrespective of following the above rules or not. In general your suggestions are be useful to a great extent.

    • Rajnish says

      pdkamath you have not written my name correctly ;-).
      But you are right that if you are a talented person & have good quality content then you don’t have to care about your domain much but if you have a good domain then you can get success more easily and earlier.

  11. Devesh says

    Hi Rajnish,

    These are great tips dude. Your writing style is really great.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.

  12. Kissie says

    Hey Rajnish, thanks for letting me know about this post.

    I shared it on a few networks, will Amplify it too. I think I did okay with my domain choice but I will consider this information for my next site to make sure I stay in line.

    Let me know if you write about installing premium WordPress themes! :-)

    • Rajnish says

      Thank you Kissie for sharing with your friends and sorry because I haven’t written any post about premium Themes installation but you may try the Harsh’s Thesis theme customization service if you are using Thesis or contact me if you just need help in installing Thesis or any other Premium themes.

  13. Eleazar | Entrepinoy Bank says

    In selecting for a domain name, I try to search for money making keywords (with 2-3 words each) in Google Adwords Keyword Tool. U sorted them and get at least two high-paying, high searches but low competition long-tail keywords. Then, I combined those two keywords forming 3-4 words domain name without the extension.

  14. Namit Gupta says

    The longest single word domain name is amazing. Earlier I thought you randomly typed some characters to give an example, but its a real domain. Really amazing buddy. Thanks for the info.

  15. Techfudge says

    Dont mind Rajnish but I am obsessed by reading the same tips over and over again.
    But still thank you for sharing these tips for those who haven’t.
    I like your writing style.

      • Bharat says

        Yeah rajnish.
        Even I’m too obessed.. But your writing context attracted me up..And I went on reading.
        Good job. :) Keep it up.
        All the best for future. :)

  16. Mani Viswanathan says

    Uniqueness is probably the most vital when a site becomes a brand / you can say it’s molded into a brand. A Unique name could go well with the SEO aspect too.

  17. Kimi says

    Hey Rajnish,

    Thanks for this tip. I admit i don’t have a relevant domain name :(

    But i started to blog when i really have 0 experience or knowledge about SEO.

    Thanks god my url has “blog” on it so it is not bad =D