Google+ Project: The Social Network from Google

It’s been long time coming, and now it’s here, well almost. Google has officially entered in to the Social Networking game, again, by revealing this new service called as Google+, which basically is all your social needs at one place and social networking done right.

Google+ Project

I’m pretty sure many of you may have noticed a black bar earlier today, I had no idea what it was until I got to Google’s official blog. Google+ is their try at social networking, probably the last one, which brings along quite a lot of features and integrates everything in to Google. It’s like, expanding a car to turn it in to a limousine, so that everything will fit in and everything will be accessible from within. Google isn’t making any fuzz about this yet, mainly because it’s still only a project, not yet completed and only for some eyes.

What is Google+ all about?

Google  Project Icons

Google+ will try to make online social interactions far more easier and simpler. It’s not exactly a Facebook killer, will most likely never be, but if this thing catches on, it’s going to have a huge impact on a different kind of social networking style altogether. It’s not like Facebook, as the main idea of Google+ is not having 1000 friends. The main things that have been introduced in Google+ are Circles, Sparks, Stream, Hangout and Mobile. Google+ is Google and all it’s aspects with social networking. It’s not a product of Google, but it’s more of a project that will keep expanding and evolving if it doesn’t die.

Google+ Circles

Circles is one of the main aspects of Google+. This is where all your friends will be, but in groups of your choice. I know it’s a headache creating groups on Facebook, but on Google+ it’s actually fun, well it looks fun. You just drag and drop a friend, a Google contact, to a circle and name the circle. The interface is white, but are also filled with tiny animations that make it look good, so as to not make you bored. So, that’s circles, your friends, family, girlfriends, colleagues, special people, aliens and others in respective circular groups.

Google+ Stream and Sparks

Stream is nothing other than the Google Buzz information of your contacts, like a feed. Nothing spectacular, the same old Buzz feeling that you’ll most probably ignore.

Sparks on the other hand, is recommendations of things you like to do, your hobbies, areas of interest and things you like. When you come across something on Google that you like, you can add it to sparks for later viewing. People will know more about you by looking at your Sparks and start a conversation based on them, in case you aren’t a weirdo. It’s also a content discovery engine. For example if you’ve added a certain Spark, then Google will keep giving you the latest information on it and associate you with other friends in certain circles, you know, to start a conversation or better, a fight!! Your Google +1 topics will also show up on this making it more visible to everyone else. In short, sharing content with friends made easy.

Google+ Hangouts and Photos

This is one of the most interesting features of Google+. Hangout tries to thin the borders between two or more friends by making the start a group video chat. Yes, Google’s group video chat is known as Hangout and will most probably take down any other group video chat clients. It’s simple and really good, as instead of showing all the faces at once, it recognizes who’s speaking and brings them up on the center, to make it easier to understand what’s going on. You can just pop into one of your friend circles, say Hi and get on with your life or stay back and chat up.

Photos is another small addition, a Photo gallery with an inbuilt photo editing tool that makes editing and viewing, setting up galleries photo-tastic!!

Google+ Mobile

Google+ Mobile is for the mobile community, because everyone has a mobile phone. It’s main task is to make travel, sharing and being in touch with people better, through mobile phones. Google+ Mobile will be available in the Android market beginning now and brings along some interesting features such as Huddle, Location and Instant Upload.

+Huddle: This is more like a group messaging service for friend circles, is cross platform, that means you can chat from Android to iPhone to Space. You can keep in touch with all your friends, make plans and ask opinions from everyone instantly.

+Location: This gives the ability to add your location to a post and let your friends know where you are, so that they can come join you. It’s going to be pretty useful for stalkers, if all this becomes as famous as Foursquare.

+Instant Upload: It’s always good to store/upload your photos or videos on the internet right after you take them. You know, so you can share instantly and not have to go through the pain of uploading all the pictures and videos manually. Instant Uploads instantly uploads your images to Google+ and lets you share them in a jiffy.

That’s all the + that is there to know right now. We are not sure when this service or project is going to go live, but you can go ahead and download the Google+ Android app from the Android Market. We are not sure if Google+ is going to succeed or have the same fate as Google Buzz and Wave. Do check out our post on 4 Biggest Failures From Google.

How-to Get Google+ Invitation

At the moment, this is only a Field Trial and hence you cannot actually get any access into Google+, unless you get a Google+ invitation. You can sign up over here for Google+ invitation, but unfortunately the slots have been filled, so you may want to contact Google and beg for an invite if you’re really desperate.

Give us your opinions, thoughts, feelings, on Google+. Do you believe it can take on Facebook, or get as famous as it. Do you think people will actually end up using it?

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COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. Maninder @ says

    This new social networking tool from google indeed has come with lots of features but the stage facebook has reached is almost unbeatable. Its certainly won’t be easy for google to replace facebook in social networking domain.

  2. nik@technojourney says

    Really looking forward to this project, as I usually am with all of Google’s products. The one that got me least excited was Sparks, but if that has a history of my +1’s, it could come in handy.

  3. Gowtham says

    Nice post buddy..
    I think google +1 project will make a huge difference in sharing articles and its going to be a big hit.
    tks for sharing:-)

  4. Usman says

    Well a fabulous ideas by Google i would say. Google + will make user think differently about social networking

  5. Rajinder Singh says

    So, that’s circles is for girlfriends lol

    we i m very keen to use Hangout of google plus well it detects who is speaking and which will make hangout session more effective and mark zuckerberg must be worried and thinking some is there to take their place… :D

  6. MihirNaik.Com says

    hey buddy, Nice post and i think this google plus will explore some new areas of social networking… good..

  7. Kavya Hari says

    Google + is one of the good interaction with all social networking :) Thank you so much for given up your information on here :)

  8. Ifham khan says

    I think it will slightly kill fb because the feature are sounds too good Specially mobile and photo editing feature. btw eagerly waiting…

    • Andrew @ Blogging Guide says

      That should be expected and knowing Google I am sure quality is on top of their list.

  9. Randy Pickard says

    Having jumped onto the Wave and Buzz bandwagons at a fairly early stage, I think I’ll just sit back on this one and wait and see if it gains traction.